fb574e23-9ead-4294-91d4-b7e88a7297abStowarzyszenie BONA FIDES i organizacja hiszpańska Associació PROSEC poszukują wolontariuszy na projekt EVS w Lleida.
Zgłoszenia (CV i list motywacyjny w j. angielskim) prosimy przesyłać na adres natalia@bonafides.pl oraz erasmusplus@promotorasocial.net/ prosec@promotorasocial.net (dokumenty należy przesłać na wszystkie adresy mailowe).

Termin nadsyłania zgłoszeń: 03 kwietnia 2016

Do wiadomości w treści maila prosimy dodawać poniższą informację:
Sending association:
Bona Fides Association (Stowarzyszenie Aktywności Obywatelskiej Bona Fides)
Acronym: SAO Bona Fides
ul. Warszawska 19
40-009 Katowice
PIC: 947802812
EI referance number: 2013-PL-100
EVS coordinator
Natalia Podbielska

Kolejna propozycja projektu związanego z pracą z dziećmi i młodzieżą w Hiszpanii. Do działań wolontariusz należeć będzie praca w tzw. Open Centre polegająca na animacji czasu wolnego.

Organizacja przyjmująca i koordynująca: Associació PROSEC
Miejsce: Lleida, Hiszpania
Termin nadsyłania zgłoszeń: 03/04/2016
Start: 22/05/2016
Koniec: 21/12/2016
Czas trwania wolontariatu: 7 miesięcy
Ilość dostępnych miejsc: 1

Project Description:
The PROSEC association is located in Lleida, in the autonomous community of Catalonia, in Spain. It has a population of 137,387 and is the capital of both the province that shares its name and of the Segrià region. In Lleida, as in all Catalonia, there are two officially recognized languages, Spanish and Catalan. Catalan is the customary language of the region and that spoken by the majority of the inhabitants, though Spanish is also widely used and understood by everybody, as it is the second language of Lleida and of the autonomous community as a whole. The economy of the town is based around the services industries sector, followed by industry, construction and agriculture.
The PROSEC headquarters are found in the historic, old-town area of Lleida. This is the area with the highest concentration of immigrants and ethnic gypsies and the majority of the inhabitants are people with very little disposable income. In recent years, thanks to the
promotion of rent-controlled housing and the revitalization of local businesses, the area has become a favorite for the emancipation of the younger age-groups.
The town has good communication infrastructures and is well connected by road and
motorway. Regarding public transport, Lleida has an important train station that connects it with Barcelona (the capital of Catalonia), Zaragoza and Madrid by means of local, regular and high-speed trains. Lleida is 156km from Barcelona and the two centers are well connected, Barcelona being just a one-and-a-half hour train journey away.

Profile of the organization:
The association Prosec was created in 1987 once analysed the situation in the Historical Centre of the city of Lleida and seeing that it was necessary an intervention with the young and boys, mostly of etnia gitana, with few possibilities through the education in the free time.
At present, Prosec develops projects in the field of the formal education through the Unities of Escolarización shared (UEC) for boys/ace, teenagers and young with difficulties to follow the school rhythm normal. Apart from the complementary formation, they are offered cooking and technical maintenance workshops, where they can use their social abilities and develop their creativity. Also develops projects in the field of the no formal education through two Open Centers, educative intervention in the street and sportive actions, to offer to the diverse users alternatives of leisure and free time. Finally offer a pre-labor training and facilitate the insertion of these collectives in worthy jobs, fitting to their abilities. It is carried out by means of labor courses such as workshops schools.

Proposed activities for volunteers:
The association provides opportunities for volunteers in the following areas:
– In the Open Centers, where the aim is to provide educational activities for children, adolescents and young people from the historic town centre of Lleida. There are two Open Centers, Casal Compania and Casal Remolins, which are open from 4.30pm to 9.30pm, and the user group consists of boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 16.
– In the Centers for Cooperative Education (CCE), where the objective is to provide a regulated education service for young people who have difficulty keeping up with the normal school rhythm. In addition to remedial training, they will also attend cooking and social-skills workshops where the creativity of the students will be encouraged.
The association has three CCEs, two of which are located in the neighboring villages of Les Borges Blanques and Almacelles, roughly 20km from Lleida. The opening hours are 9am to 2pm and 4pm to 5pm, three evening a week, and the user group contains
about 12 young people between the ages of 14 and 16.
Placement of each volunteer will be determined once they have been selected and before their request is presented in order that they become engaged in activities that are most suited to their abilities and in which they have the most to offer. This process will always be carried out via, or in conjunction with, the organization that provides the volunteer.
The association will also be offering Spanish language courses in conjunction with the language department of the University of Lleida. If this option is not available, however, the volunteers may attend classes taught by a qualified Spanish teacher. If they should so desire, the students will also have the opportunity to learn Catalan. Within the association, the principle role of the volunteers will be to participate in the preparation and carrying out of all the activities of the centre.

These tasks may me itemised as follows:
– Attendance and participation in activity-planning meetings, suggesting new ideas and activities.
– Active collaboration in preparation of the Open Centre’s activities.
– Participation of activities for both children and youths, such as excursions, crafts, basic schoolwork, or sporting activities in the centre itself.
– Promotion of cross-cultural activities, such as workshops dealing with countries of origin, cultural aspects, etc.
– Maintain a field diary. In other words, keep a record of everything that occurs during their active participation in the various activities.
– Attendance at the daily reviews which will be held after activities, outlining problems that were encountered and new proposals to improve the service.
– Voluntary participation on all special activities carried out by the group, such as solidarity campaigns, weekend excursions, field trips, etc…
Aside from the aforementioned activities, the volunteers may participate in the design of projects of transversal motivation or in exceptional activities, such as culture workshops and popular or seasonal celebrations (carnival, Christmas, Easter etc.). In addition, they will partake in the daily activities of the centre itself, such as revision of the educational exercises carried out by the centre’s users.
It is worth mentioning that the services provided by the volunteers are not substitutes for either current or potential jobs, as the maximum number of employees determined by the administrations have already been assigned in all the centers where volunteers are engaged.

Profile and selection of volunteers:
Prior to selecting the volunteers, each of the interested candidates must have already sent us a curriculum vitae and a letter of presentation. On reception of these letters, each candidate will receive a reply including current information regarding the number of available positions and the specific selection date.
On the day of selection, the person in charge of EVS, in conjunction with those responsible for the centers, will perform the selection according to the aforementioned criteria. All volunteers will be informed, whether or not their request has been accepted. Likewise, there are no limitations for collaboration with organizations in charge of recommending volunteers, though special preference will be given to those organizations that operate in similar areas to ours. It is also essential that the organization has personal knowledge of the volunteer who they are proposing for EVS with our association.