flaga hiszpaniaStowarzyszenie BONA FIDES i organizacja ASOCIACION JUVENIL INTERCAMBIA z Hiszpanii poszukują wolontariuszy na 2 projekt EVS w Maladze.

Oprócz wypełnienia odpowiednich fomrularzy online, dokumenty (CV i list motywacyjny w j. angielskim) należy przesłać na adres: natalia@bonafides.pl. W tytule wiadomości prosimy wpisać PROJEKT 1: ASOCIACION JUVENIL INTERCAMBIA lub PROJEKT 2
SANTA MARIA DE LOS ANGELES EVS 2017 w zależności na który z nich aplikujecie.

Termin nadsyłania zgłoszeń: 10/12 marca 2017W treści maila prosimy dodawać poniższą informację:
Sending association:
Bona Fides Association (Stowarzyszenie Aktywności Obywatelskiej Bona Fides)
Acronym: SAO Bona Fides
ul. Warszawska 19
40-009 Katowice
PIC: 947802812
EI referance number: 2013-PL-100
EVS coordinator
Natalia Podbielska


Zgłoszenia: specjalny formularz online wraz z CV ze zdjęciem i listem motywacyjny w j. angielskim prosimy wypełnić do dn. 12 marca.

Receiving and coordinating organisation: ASOCIACION JUVENIL INTERCAMBIA
Location: Malaga, Spain
Deadline: 12/03/2017
Start/End: 01/09/2017 to 31/07/2018
Duration: 10 months
Contact Person: Marisa Prolongo – principia@principia-malaga.com

Project Description
Principia is an interactive science center characterized by promoting scientific and technological dissemination to a wide public in a pleasant, practical and attractive way, but maintaining accuracy in contents. It is interactive as there is a manipulation of objects forcing the visitor to think, reflect and experience, encouraging to hear and investigate oneself the scientific basis of the natural phenomena of the world around.

The museum is linked to the education world, so that its activities have a distinctly educational scope, being a good resource for teachers and students concerning teaching or learning of science. Actually, over 80% of visits are school groups at all educational levels, although the public hosted by this museum is the most diverse: adults, disabled, associations of various kinds, etc.

Volunteer Profile
We are looking for enthusiastic an open-mind volunteers who love science, with a receptive attitude to share experiences and ideas and with a positive attitude and specially, with motivation and initiative to develop his/her own personal projects into the activities of Principia. Goog communications skills, both in Spanish and English, will be needed .

We would like to lodge volunteers who really want to learn, experience and develop personally and professionally.
Volunteers should enjoy dealing with visitors as they have to help them to interacting whit scence exhibits.

How to APPLY:
If interested in this project, please fill in the application form (https://form.jotform.com/62452385256964) and attach your CV, motivation letter and Photo. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for a Skype interview on the 27-31 of March. The deadline for applications is 12.03.2017.



Zgłoszenia: specjalny formularz online wraz z CV ze zdjęciem i listem motywacyjny w j. angielskim prosimy wypełnić do dn. 10 marca.

Project Description
The volunteer project covers four main work areas: social and cultural activities, linguistic exchange, cultural exchange and raising awareness about environmental issues. All this is based on the joint commitment with the environment and community. The framework educates the youth as participatory and creative individuals, in the broader construction of the non-violent, just, equal and respecting human rights society. In addition, the objectives are to promote and integrate the value of interculturalism, appreciation and respect for diversity, raise environmental values and adopt attitudes that promote sustainable development.

This project is carried out CES Santa Maria de los Angeles, the centre for secondary education in the city of Malaga. This city is situated in the Southern Spain in the autonomous community of Andalusia. It is a cosmopolite coastal city of a warm climate and has an important cultural diversity. Our Association is founded for the youth who come from different social classes, cultures and geographical locations. Our area of influence extends to the Carranque region, an area with a middle low socio-economic level, and where our Association has an important influence, both by its openness and by the activities it promotes.

The hosting organisation wants to take the European reality in its classrooms and they think the best way to do that is having volunteers from different countries. The volunteers will become a point of reference for the students who will realise that living and working abroad as a volunteer is a great opportunity. Moreover, the volunteers will show the European diversity and how rich it is.

Finally, the volunteers will have some specific tasks such as:

  • to do presentations about the country and the culture
  • to give non formal English and/or German and/or French lessons to students and organize English conversation groups with teachers
  • to collaborate with DACE (Departamento de Actividades Culturales y Extraescolares) on cultural activities in the school
  • to update social networks such as school blog, web-site, facebook, etc.
  • to organize some workshops for students to develop international partnerships: Erasmus, Leonardo, Youth in action, etc.

We offer volunteers the following:

  • Gaining experience in useful skills for their professional future. The EVS provides skills and experiences, increases job possibilities and gives the chance of doing different jobs, so a choice is possible.
  • Learn new skills. The EVS enables new challenges, know new people, new perspectives and ways of living which may encourage volunteers to reconsider their world perspectives.

We expect volunteers to participate in:

  1. the cultural activities organized by the school
  2. the coordination of international activities
  3. the workshops or excursions organized by the school
  4. some community and local events
  5. English Club and/or German club and/or French club
  6. intercultural exchange meetings
  7. Youth Information Point

Basic Info
Receiving Organization: Escuela de Formación Profesional Santa María de los Ángeles, S.Coop.And.
Venue: Málaga (Spain)
Start: 05/09/2017
End: 05/07/2018
Duration: 10 Months
Deadline to apply: 10th of  March
Contact person: Marta Ramos – mramos@santamariadelosangeles.es

We will just take in consideration responsible, motivated and passionate application forms!

The profile of volunteers will be in accordance with the following personal and social skills:

  • Personal:
    • Motivation and interest for this type of volunteering project.
    • Ability to adapt to different cultural and social environments.
    • Commitment and responsibility to the objectives of the project.
  • Social:
    • Be able to work and animate a group.
    • Good communication and leadership skills.

For this process, we will develop a form of skills and attitudes that will guide us throughout the process, and help us as a tool for the selection of candidates. We also plan to conduct Skype interviews with the volunteers in order to get to know them better, and equally for them to know us.

Please send us detailes of your sending entity/organization.

How to Apply
Use the link  to send us the the application form with your CV, a covering letter and a presentation/motivation video (3 mins max).

Deadline: 10 March 2017
Skype Interview: 20-24 March