imagesStowarzyszenie Bona Fides i ormiańska organizacja Benevolent Union for Polish Cooperation “Polonia” poszukują wolontariuszy na zaakceptowany projekt EVS w Erywaniu.
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Organizacja przyjmująca: Benevolent Union for Polish Cooperation “Polonia”
Deadline: 15.04.2018
Daty aktywności : 15.05.2018- 14.05.2019

Benevolent Union for Polish Cooperation “Polonia” NGO was founded in 1996 in Armenia. Our organization is a member of the Coordinating Council of the Office of the President’s Administration of Republic of Armenia on the issues of National Minorities in Armenia.

The main aim of our center is to create and maintain the connection of people with Polish origin with their homeland. Here, in our foundation people can get acquainted and learn polish traditions and habits, religion and language.
Already 10 years there is children’s chorus, dance ensemble.

As of today 250 people are registered in Polonia. Mostly they are polish or have polish origins.
Polonia being non-commercial organization does not hire employees. The core of the organization are 20-30 members – President, her assistants, editorial staff, young activists and other interested people who are willing to take part in Polonia’s activities and contribute to the achievement of its goals and mission. They are all working on voluntary basis.

The main activities of the center are:

  • Publishing a quarterly magazine “Till we are alive”, “Poka mi zhivi” “Póki my żyjemy” on three languages – Russian, English and Polish.
  • We create and maintain contacts with other communities, will conduct cultural and educational work
  • On a daily basis from 6 to 8 language groups are organized to learn Polish, English and Romanian. Each group is having classes twice per week.
  • Our center participates to all the events organized by the Union of National Minorities in Armenia.
  • We also organize different meetings, concerts, workcamps; celebrate solemn occasions and other events.
  • To bring together young representatives of different national minorities of Armenia

Volunteer’s tasks

The volunteer will work 5 days per week (approx. 30 hours) and will have weekends off.

The working hours will be 12:00-18:00 in Polonia office.


  1. Assistance in the publication of the quarterly, including writing articles in a language most convenient for the volunteer within his/her powers, typing and design of the issue;
  2. Assistance in organization of classes, learning games, quizes, competitions and preparing visual training aids;
  3. Support and active participation in conferences, meetings and summer camps organized by the national minorities of Armenia;
  4. Assistance in set-up and operation of Polonia’s website within his/her powers;
  5. In case the volunteer has any musical or scenic training, participation in the activities of our choir, including training of the choir members, music accompanying, staging  and direction.

Any initiative taken by the volunteer will be highly appreciated, besides the volunteer will be gladly involved in any activity of Polonia as he/she wishes.

During the project the volunteers will develop and improve the sense of responsibility and entrepreneurship, as in Hosting Organisation they are always independent in what they do, though never alone. It will be a good possibility to get acquainted with another culture, different from theirs, learn the language of the country, meet people with different backgrounds. All this will enable the volunteer to improve also their language skills and for some of them it will be a chance to teach their language to the locals.

Recruitment (organisation-specific)

There are no gender, age, or any background requirements for the selection/recruitment of volunteers. The volunteer should be interested or have some experience in working with minorities and in addressing the problems the community might have. The language requirement also exists for the volunteer: they should be fluent in Polish and have basic knowledge of English. Having Russian language skills is also considered to be an asset.

All interested volunteers are asked to fill in the application form (unique for all the host organisations supported by HUJ) and send it to HUJ.