imagesThe Bona Fides Association and the Italian organization “Cantiere Giovani Cooperativa Sociale ONLUS” are looking for the  The EU Flyover ”  project. The Applications (CV and cover letter) should be sent to: and In the title of the email, please write: “EVS in Naples, ITALY- application”

Receiving organization: Cantiere Giovani Cooperativa Sociale ONLUS

Location   : Naples, ITALY

Deadline  : 31st January 2019

Duration  : 6 months

Mobility period: 2 options: 1) 01.10.2018 to 31.03.2019 OR from 01.04.2019 to 30.09.2019


The Association: The Volunteering project Flyover EU is promoted by LESS IS Onlus and Cantiere. LESS – Center  for Studies and Struggle Exclusion for the Development of  Southern Italy – Social Enterprise Onlus works since 1999 in Naples Prevent social exclusion and marginalization, promote active citizenship and foster the full achievement of migrant identities . It works in a region that hosts 19,083 refugees and asylum seekers, including 1396 on the territory of Naples and its province.

The project:
The EU Flyover project pursues the following objectives:
• Promoting among the participants, refugees, cinematographers, and communities, the common values of freedom, tolerance and respect for human rights. In the same way, promote and participate in the development of people;
• Increasing the competences for young participants;
• Actively supporting participants in the acquisition of knowledge, skills and competences, in order to improve their personal market, both in Europe and abroad;
• Strengthening the competences of the participants;
• Increasing the awareness and understanding of young people involved in foreign
cultures and countries, offering them the opportunity to build international networks and links, becoming active participats in this society and develop a sense of European identity and citizenship.
• Working for the creation of a wide social and cultural consensus regarding to the importance of the integration of migrants, Improving the perception of their presence in the local and European context;
• Promoting the development and exchange of good among migrant communities of Naples, Italian and European associations involved in the protection of migrants and the
local community, in order to reduce the problems related to the social and cultural
integration of third country nationals;
•Strengthening the social role of migrant communities, by creating training opportunities that can support active citizenship behavior and encourage migrants and local communities to plan events and initiatives related to socio-economic needs in the
metropolitan area;
•Strengthening the reach of LESS at international level in terms of results and relationships;
•Increasing the skills and international dimension of LESS, in order to offer activities and
programs that respond in the best possible way to the needs of individual participants,
inside and outside Europe.

Tasks\Activities of the volunteer:
Volunteers will support LESS operators in the following areas and activities:
1. Support in reception centers – laboratory activities and social-work integration.
The volunteers will support the operators in the procedures of: first reception of the
beneficiaries in the centers; individual interviews; accompaniments for the handling of
the files. They will also support the team in the design and implementation phase of the
following workshop activities: theater, photography, music and dance workshops from
the world, environmental education and recycling, language and self-entrepreneurship.
2. Design and partnership-building – Communication and event organization.
The volunteer will support the operators in the following Design and Communication
activities: designing and writing the project, researching and setting up partnerships,
identifying funding sources, organizing events, producing information documents in
The project includes two different flows of volunteers. Two volunteers will arrive every
six months. The first set of volunteers will arrive from 01 October 2018 to 31 March
2019, and the second set will arrive from 01 April to 30 September 2019. Volunteers will
assist LESS operators in the following areas and activities:
1. Support in Reception Centers- activities
Workshops and social-work integration. The volunteers will support the operators in
diverse procedures: the first reception of beneficiaries within the centers, individual
interviews, and assisting in handling files. They will also support the team in designing and implementing the following workshop activities (in order to gain a comprehensive
experience volunteers will use many methods and approaches addressing integration
while still improving and customizing all activities):
Theatrical workshops with experimental techniques to favor the freedom of expression
for the beneficiaries. This will allow for interaction and intercultural communication with
people from the local community.
Photography workshops aim in raising awareness of reality through photographs, while
fostering a deeper connection between migrants and Italians.
International music and dance workshops will allow for the sharing of similarities and
differences through the common language of body and music. This will be a unique
opportunity to learn the history, traditions, and culture of the countries of origin.
Environmental education and recycling workshops aim in promoting care for the world in
everyday life, and sharing a greater awareness on the effects of one’s actions on the
surrounding environment.
Language workshops (English, French, and other languages native to the volunteers)
that volunteers can integrate themselves by inserting modules relating to their native
languages. Therefore, the beneficiaries within the courses will have the opportunity to
acquire linguistic skills that will be useful for living and working in other European
Self-entrepreneurial promotional meetings and job guidance through training courses
that enhance professional skills of the person. Also looking at the beneficiaries’
background and personal experience. The development of competencies and
qualifications is an important key for the entrance into the European and Italian
2. Project planning and partnership building – Communication and event organization
The volunteers will support the operators in the area of “Project planning” in the
following activities:
Identifying sources of financing; project design and analyzation of needs; composition of
projects; research for European partners and the constitution of partnerships;
administrative help related to the preparation and directing of projects. The volunteers can help to improve the activities in the area of project planning through the contributing
of the volunteers’ own experience and knowledge and creating partnerships with
institutions in their home countries.
The volunteers can support the area of Communication in the following areas:
communication and organization of awareness-raising events with the involvement of
foreign partners; production of informative documents in English; improvement of the
competences and activities in the area of Communication through the contribution of
volunteers’ own experience and knowledge. These activities contribute to the
achievement of project goals, which the volunteers will participate in conjunction with
LESS. Through the participation and the contribution of the participants, LESS can
strengthen its range/reach and attraction on an international level by promoting the
formation of partnerships and the exchange of competences. In addition, LESS
supports the creation of a broad social and cultural understanding about the importance
of the integration of migrants and the improvement of how they are perceived in Europe.
An understanding and improvement can be created through the testimony of the
volunteers when returning back to their home countries.
As for the participants, they will acquire key competences through participation in
project activities, in particular:
Volunteers will be strongly encouraged during the learning process and supporting of
operators in the first reception procedures to suggest possible improvements through
their personal background and specializations. Using their skills, volunteers, for an
example, can add modules to language workshops relating to their native language and
create partnerships with organizations from their countries of origin. While bringing in
their own skills, volunteers will also gain new useful skills for their future career.