The Bona Fides Association and the Spanish Colectivo GENTES Association are looking for a project. The Applications (CV, cover letter and the application form) and applications should be sent to: mariachiara@bonafides.pl, k.zychowicz@bonafides.pl and erasmusplus@colectivogentes.es. In the title of the email, please write: „EVS in SPAIN– application „ 

Location     : Úbeda, Jaén

Deadline    : 10/02/2019

Duration    : 8 months

Mobility period:  AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

Volunteer’s profile: Volunteers we would like to host must be available for the whole project duration. For this reason, applicants who want to postpone the start or end before the due dates will not be considered.

We are looking for dynamic, creative, communicative and proactive persons able to face challenges positively.

Very welcome are volunteers who match  the following characteristics:

– Sport lovers

– Independent users of Spanish language

– Good communicative skills

– Commitment to social volunteering

– Sociability

– Adaptability

– Transversality

– Responsibility

– Ability to work in team

– Skills in graphic design

– Ability to gardening

We hope that whoever applies for this project has a great desire to contribute and learn, as well as the will to create relationships based on equity, mutualism and commitment.


– implement strategies for planning, preparation, implementation, evaluation and visibility of results

– organization of social events with the aim of reaching an ever increasing number of young people

– prepare training actions and workshops based on non-formal education methodology in order to develop pro tools and techniques

– organize talks for the promotion of social volunteering and the European Voluntary Service

– prepare a monthly newsletter (for example, including the calendar of volunteer activities, events)

– development of participatory leadership and tutorial techniques based on a non-formal education style

– collaborate with the public administration to promote a greater multicultural dimension of public services

– organize activities to encourage active youth participation

– collaborate with organizations that work with youth groups to raise awareness  of the Erasmus + program and its benefits, especially in terms of skills acquisition and improving employability

– help young people who are interested in participating in an Erasmus + project from their own experience and knowledge

– contribute to the maintenance and adaptation of the municipal shelter that is going to become the international volunteer house

– Enjoy the project as an opportunity for the personal development of the volunteers involved.

Volunteer’s tasks:

– info sessions for the promotion of social volunteering and European Voluntary Service in youth center  and schools

– information about Erasmus+

– social events to attract young people and encourage their participation in local activities

– creation of posters and flyers for the diffusion of information about all the events promoted by the Youth Center of Úbeda

– activities in the local library

– language exchanges

– intercultural and language workshops for young people

– collaboration with non-profit entities

– sports activities

– workshops and activities for immigrants

– help to start up the international volunteer house

– start up of the organic garden

What to expect –  learning outcomes:

– non-formal education methods and techniques to work with young people between the ages of 13 and 30

– learn about the opportunities  offered by the Erasmus + program;

– improve knowledge of the European Union as well as its institutions and the rights of European citizens

– develop participatory leadership skills

– analyze and define communication strategies with activities directly linked to the project objectives

– explore linguistic tools and uses of Spanish and English mainly but also of other languages

– learn to work with young people

– improve skills in youth work

– discover and use strategic  tools for the dissemination and exploitation of Erasmus + results (DEOR)

– learn to cooperate and coexist  in a multicultural environment

– learn to solve personal and cultural problems through mediation

– learn and create a work environment based on equity, respect for diversity and environmental commitment

– develop strategic and long-term thinking through the planning and execution of personal project and EVS activities

– become more self-sufficient, socially  committed and exemplary citizens

Remember that you are the only one who can decide how, when, why and what you want to learn. We will facilitate your learning process but efforts and willpower will have to come from you!