forliThe Bona Fides Association is looking for a participant for „FONDAZIONE OPERA DON PIPPO ” project. The applications (CV and cover letter) and applications should be sent to:, and YOUTH@CSSFORLI.IT . In the title of the email, please write: „EVS in Italy application”


Location: Forli, Italy

Deadline   :  30.01.2019

Duration   :  5 month

Mobility period: 01.02.2019 to 31.07.2019

The volunteer will carry out her/his service in a Daily and Residential centre which host adult people with disabilities, carrying out support activities in everyday life. The tasks of the volunteer will consist in:

-Support in the activities of the daily centre. She/He will choose one of the creative workshops (leather, sewing, mosaics, embroidery, ceramics, etc..) and help the staff and the disabled people in the creation of little objects which can be sold during fairs, Christmas period and in occasion of the annual feast organized by the Fondazione every June. The volunteer will help professionals in doing exercises of psychomotricity (helping disabled people to move and taking care they do not hurt themselves) and speech therapy (supporting them with pronunciation and training the mechanisms of voice).

– Support in the activities of the residential centre. She/He will help people with disability in their everyday life and collaborate with the staff to improve their social abilities (living together, eating manners, tiding up…), and other recreational activities (walking, drawing, dancing, etc.)

– Support in individual or group trips, The volunteer will support the social workers in the daily transports of disabled people (taking them to the centre from their home) but also in landscape visits (mountains, countryside, seaside, …) and in small trips in groups (to local fairs, market , etc.)

What we are looking for in a volunteer?

-it’s preferable that the volunteer have a strong interest in people with disability;

-some knowledge of the Italian language, or a strong will to learn it;

-it’s preferable that the volunteer have a driving licence.

The volunteer’s role within the receiving organization will develop gradually but she/he will always be a support figure for the staff: Since Don Pippo manages a day and residential centre, both in the same building, schedules and tasks of the volunteer may vary according to the planned schedules of the two facilities.

The volunteer will be in service for 6/7 hours per day, that is 32-35 hours per week. The volunteer will have two consecutive days off per week (normally Saturday and Sunday) and two day holidays per month to be used according to the volunteer’s needs but always to be agreed with the supervisor.

However, since the tasks of the volunteer are linked to the leisure activities and free time of the disabled it may happen that they are asked to participate to activities during Saturday and Sunday; in these cases, the involvement of the volunteer will be agreed at least a week earlier other free days in the same week will be chosen.

In the same organisation there will be 2 EVS volunteers, they will live in a flat with 2 bedrooms next to the receiving organisation and will have a single room, they will share the kitchen and bathroom. They will be given a bicycle to move freely in the city. In the same city there will be other EVS volunteers and international students.