aahacedor-la-aldeaBona Fides Association and Imágenes y Palabras, Cultural Association are looking for volunteers to join their European Solidarity Corps project in El Hacedor, La Aldea del Portillo de Busto (Burgos) Spain. To apply please send the QUESTIONNAIRE_short filled in, as well as your CV and cover letter to the following emails: mariachiara@bonafides.pl,k.zychowicz@bonafides.pl Please, write in the titleESC in El Hacedor Spain”. 

  • Location: El Hacedor, La Aldea del Portillo de Busto (Burgos) Spain
  • Duration: 3 weeks
  • Mobility period: September 28, 2019 – October 20, 2019


In this project, we are searching for 12 volunteers for a period of 3 weeks willing to live and work in an isolated village in Spanish mountains, with interest in artistic creation and ready to share their lives temporarily with volunteers, coordinators of the project, artists and other visitors of El Hacedor.

This short-term project should be seen within the context of the anniversary of the 20th birthday of our cultural association, we are celebrating throughout the year, but will culminate in the presentation of 3 giant artworks in the open air.

The artworks will be developed by different artists and the volunteers will help them with its realization during their stay. Various artistic techniques will be used: painting, sculpturing and installation, all in the open air.

The artworks will be presented to the public with a festive opening.

During the project, volunteers will also have other tasks, related to the organization of daily life in rural areas, such as working in the vegetable garden, preparation of a chicken shed, … and they will visit other rural initiatives in the surrounding villages, in order to get a more complete picture of the opportunities life in rural areas nowadays offer.

The cultural association Imágenes y Palabras, in permanent search of cultural activity and diversity in the rural areas of northern Spain, uses cultural action as a method and a tool to fight against depopulation of small villages. The association has been active in the region, in the field of arts and culture, over the past 20 years.

We wish to organize this activity with the help of international volunteers of the European Solidarity Corps to enrich the experience on a cultural, artistical and linguistical level.


Ready to work in a group and create artworks together with local artists. Prepared to live in rural areas in basic conditions and willing to work physically with enthusiasm. Interest in:

– rural areas
– arts
– group creation


Volunteers work and live in El Hacedor: the base of Imágenes y Palabras. Its located in La Aldea del Portillo de Busto, a small hamlet in the North of the province of Burgos (Spain). Volunteers will be lodged in our hostel. The size of the village within the huge, empty surroundings make coexistence during daily life a very intense experience. Independently of what volunteers learn during work on a practical level, the experience is social and human, is of respect and confidence, appreciation and values and, undoubtedly, intercultural and creative.

Description of the organization:
Imágenes y Palabras (cultural association) is constantly creating cultural and artistic activities in rural areas, in villages and towns belonging to the Province of Burgos,
ever since its foundation in 1999.
The main characteristic of the activities initiated by Imágenes y Palabras is its wide variety. However, they are brought together in their unique invitation to ‘create’, both in terms of ideas as well as artworks. In this way, the activities have become a true stimulus for artists and a call for active participation from the public. They are ranging from contemporary art exhibitions, scarecrows competitions, film viewings, creative workshops for children, concerts, seminars, book readings – in other words, all activities that in one way or another relate to Culture and Society.

The Group Workshop and Cultural Centre “El Hacedor” based in the village of La Aldea del Portillo de Busto form the headquarters for Imágenes y Palabras since 2009, a creative space and a meeting place. Together with the extensive workshop full of tools and materials, meant for artistic production, there is an art gallery (150m2), a sculpture park (3.000 m2) and a hostel where artists, students, volunteers, members of Imágenes y Palabras and guests can stay, both individually and in groups.
In the workshop, artists of different backgrounds can produce and exchange ideas. The sculpture park is mainly dedicated to the figure of the scarecrow (Encantapájaros – “charming crow”) and open to interventions in the environment. Imágenes y Palabras guarantees a continuous programme of exhibitions in the art gallery, especially suitable for group exhibitions of all kind of artistical expressions, which also gives space to other types of activities such as film shows, music, theatre, poetry recitals, dance, performances, … – hence any proposal conforming with the aims of Imágenes y Palabras.
Imágenes y Palabras offers a place to (inter)national volunteers and students of different universities, both insdide and outside Spain, that fosters creativeness and allows youngsters to develop new skills. This way, Imágenes y Palabras guarantees ongoing activity in the project, in the context of the depopulation that our area suffers from, especially within the younger generations. Since 2002, more than 150 young people
from all over the world have lived in La Aldea del Portillo de Busto for a period of time. We believe it is vital to include young people in projects taking place in rural areas. This involvement will help raise the attention for the actual problems of small, almost depopulated, villages, most notably occurring in Mediterranean countries.
La Aldea is located in the middle of the Natural Parc “Montes Obarenes”, at 900 m above sea level in an area of great interest in terms of its landscape. https://goo.gl/maps/3ukYcNWYv2T2 Furthermore, it is strategically placed at a crossroad, which sees many neighbours, holidaymakers and visitors pass through. The number of visitors with a demand for culture and quality leisure slightly, but considerably, increases.