Tyrol Austria 6Bona Fides Association and Jugendzentrum Yunitare looking for volunteers to join their European Solidarity Corps project in Tirol, Austria. To apply please fill in the application_form and send your Curriculum Vitae and motivation letter to the following emails:  mariachiara@bonafides.pl, k.zychowicz@bonafides.pl, and office@yunit.at.  Please, write in the title “EVS in Austria”. 


  • Location: Tirol, Austria
  • Deadline: 28/08/2019
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Mobility period: 01/10/2019 – 30/09/2020


  • Youth center “Yunit” is looking for one volunteer who is motivated to enrich the youth work team of “Yunit” in the town Schwaz (Austria) for 12 months!
  • The target group of “Yunit” are youngsters between 9 and 18 years, coming from different social, economic or cultural backgrounds. The young visitors come from the town of Schwaz and from surrounding villages and spend their leisure time in and around the youth center. They are supported by youth workers and can talk to them about their interests or problems.
  • The youth center “Yunit” offers a variety of indoor and outdoor activities and games – for example the Youth Café, a party room, a small garden, girls’ room, lunch opening, pool billiard, table tennis, Xbox, TV, Airhockey, DJ workstation, internet access, cooking possibility, concert and music facilities, workshops and different punctual activities etc.
  • Also, young people who have problems or difficulties can seek support or advice from the youth workers or can just spend their time at the youth center.
  • Be aware that often it is difficult to motivate the youngsters for engaging in activities. Openness and patience are very important assets. From the challenges you can also learn a lot about yourself!

The coordinating organisation of this project is POJAT, an umbrella organisation for youth centers in Tyrol, Innsbruck. POJAT coordinates 5 volunteers in the region of Tyrol. The coordinator is ready to answer open questions and to prepare the EVS project with the hosting organisation, the selected volunteer and the sending organisation! POJAT will link all volunteers during the ESK and support all along the project.

The coordinator is Martina: office@pojat.at (send your applications to the host, not to Martina!). More info: www.pojat.at


  • Being part of the “Yunit” team in the daily work
  • planning and organising youth leisure activities and events together with youngsters and staff members
  • doing simple bar work
  • being creative and bringing in own ideas into the project via workshops and so on
  • taking part in regular team meetings
  • bar work at our live concerts (every second month, mostly Rock Music)
  • The service is around 30 hours per week
  • Taking part in activities/workshops
  • Taking part at trainings (On Arrival Training and Mid Term Training)

The volunteer will work five days a week, around 30 hours a week including the German course. The free “weekend” will be on Saturday and Sunday. The volunteer will have two holidays per month in addition to the weekends.

The volunteer will be able to learn a lot during this service, he or she will have an interesting role and gain valuable experience and skills in working with youngsters. The volunteer will learn a lot about the youngster’s situation, their topics, language, personal situations and problems. Furthermore, the volunteer will get to know the work of youth workers and the challenges. Also the volunteer will be given free space to create, try and implement his or her own ideas.

The role of the volunteer will be working along with our employees and youngsters. The volunteer will be encouraged and accompanied to support the youngsters to tackle tasks themselves, so that the young people can discover their potential and abilities. The volunteer’s work will be guided by our professional employees. We welcome new and creative ideas, which we believe add new perspectives to our organisation.

Examples for such creative ideas are: creating a country-specific week with special meals or events, baking Christmas cookies, doing an artistic project with the youngsters, healthy cooking day, playing a big game in nature to make the youngsters spend more time outside…


We are looking for an open-minded and communicative volunteer who wants to collect a lot of experience in youth work with youngsters. We expect that the volunteer brings in high motivation for the project and is interested in the target group. Moreover, the volunteer should have a stable personality, in order to be able to work with youngsters.

We would be happy to host a volunteer who

  • wants to get to know youth center work and participate actively
  • wants to be part of a motivated and creative team
  • wants to meet other volunteers here in Tyrol
  • is interested in youth leisure activities, youth culture and youth-related issues
  • is open-minded, friendly, enthusiastic, creative and communicative
  • shows active interests in sports (climbing, swimming, football, etc.) or creative activities (dancing, music, photographing, handcrafts) and/or indoor games (billiard, table tennis, card games…)
  • is motivated to learn German (and some Tyrolean German dialect) ✓brings her or his own culture and interests into the project
  • wants to be independent and can live on his/her own
  • is ready to volunteer for 12 months starting in October

We can ONLY accept volunteers in this project who do not require a visa or residence permit for 12 months in Austria.


The volunteer will live and volunteer in Schwaz in the Austrian region Tyrol. The volunteer is provided with an equipped flat with internet access close to our organisation. She or he will have a one room apartment as well as a kitchen and bathroom. The volunteer lives alone and will get food money and can handle it independently. The volunteer has to accept the house rules of the hosting organisation.

The infrastructure with trains and buses is easy and quick and the volunteer will also have a bicycle. Innsbruck, the capital of the region Tyrol, can be reached within 25 minutes by train. The volunteer gets the “Tirol ticket”, a public transportation ticket for the whole region, from our organisation.

The volunteer will receive a German course according to his/her level of German, offered by a public education institution.

This project is funded by the EU- programme “European Solidarity Corps”. We will be informed about

the approval in July. The volunteer will receive food money and a monthly pocket money of Euro 150. The ONLY financial contribution that the selected volunteer will need to make is to pay a small share of the travel costs if necessary (there is a lump sum budget).

The volunteer will have regular meetings with her or his mentor and with the hosting organisation, to talk about the wellbeing or about the project activities.

In the hosting organisation the volunteer will receive orientation and support for the activities from the main responsible employee and from the entire team.

The coordinating organisation POJAT will hold a regular group meeting with all volunteers in Tyrol in order to share experiences, give support to one another and to stay connected. Also, there are regular free-time activities organised for the volunteers. At the end of the project we will evaluate it together with the volunteer and look at what he or she has learned and which competences he or she has gained and as a result the volunteer can fill in the Youthpass certificate. The volunteer will get to know other volunteers from various countries and will be invited to participate in monthly free-time activities, organised by young Austrians.