• Copy of Testo segnapostoBona Fides Association and LOGO jugendmanagement are looking for Polish volunteers or residents in Poland to join the European Voluntary Service project in Kapfenberg, Austria. To apply please send your Curriculum Vitae and cover letter to the following emails: mariachiara@bonafides.pl, k.zychowicz@bonafides.pl  and jurate.kudarauskaite@logo.at.  Please, write in the title “EVS in Kapfenberg”or “EVS in Haltegriff”.
  • Location: Kapfenberg, Austria
  • Deadline: 22/09/2019
  • Duration: 9-12 months
  • Mobility period: 10/2019 –09/2020


In ESC project Haltegriff – assisting youth in their work and life training a volunteer works with teenagers both in their work training as well as in their living facility. The target groups are teenagers at risk of social exclusion, who cannot live at home. The teams are helping teenagers to obtain work skills as well as support them in their daily life.

 This project gives a possibility to learn about different aspects about social and pedagogical work: the volunteer is assisting teams in work training and supports teenagers during their workshops, where they are learning practical job skills, also, s/he support teenagers in their home (living facility) and helps the to deal with various situations. The volunteer can also participate in free time activities and outdoor days.


The volunteer will support the trainer team in different tasks.
Job training:
▪ Preparation of training sessions and participation in training sessions, assistance for trainers;
▪ Visits of companies who offer internships for youngsters (getting to know the Austrian labour market);
▪ Participation in meetings with teachers and schools (getting to know the Austrian school system);
▪ Participation in the regular team meetings;
▪ Participation in meetings with social workers (getting to know Austrian social system)
▪ Planning of leisure time activities and implementation.

Living facility:
▪ Assist team in social skills training (observe the behaviour of youngsters, give feedback, fill reports and motivational system);
▪ Assist youngsters in their daily tasks (motivate and help them to cook, to make their duties, etc.);
▪ Participate in outdoor activities and excursions (e.g. hiking, skiing, outdoor education).
The volunteer has the possibility to bring in his/her own ideas. The team of Haltegriff is very open minded for new ideas. According to the interest of the volunteer, he/she can develop workshops for the youngsters, conduct sport sessions, organize sessions, etc. The volunteer will be supported by the task related mentor to realize his/her own project ideas

The teenagers are not able to take a lot of possibilities to learn, to travel, to experience Europe. Volunteers are helping to bring this experience to them. We would like the volunteer to bring his/her cultural background, to introduce his/her home country, his/her interests. This may enrich lives of the teenagers and help them develop opener perspective on life.
Moreover, the volunteer can learn a lot from both teams: He/she can gain knowledge about youth behaviour, education systems, group dynamic process, social work and psychological support practices. Therefore, this position best the people who are in interested in education, social work, psychology, criminology, prevention work and related areas.


  • Has interest in pedagogy, social work, psychology, criminology, preventive work or related areas (might be suitable for graduates who want to gather valuable experience)
  • Has at least basic German skills (from our experience, it is necessary to speak German to get in contact with teenagers; also, the volunteer can learn much more and integrate in a town easier, if s/he already understands the language);
  • Is older than 20 years old (target group are teenagers 15-19 years old).


The volunteer will live in his/her own apartment. The host organisation will provide a monthly ticket for public transport for the region Bruck/Mürzzuschlag. If requested the volunteer can have a bike as well. The volunteer will either have breakfast and lunch in the canteen or get a daily rate 9,00 €. The money for self-supply will be given according to the schedule of activities.
The pocket money is 150 Eur/Month.

For ADDITIONAL INFORMATION have a look on info pack or check website  https://www.haltegriff.at/

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