ukraineBona Fides Association and NGO Nashe Podillya are looking for Polish or residents in Poland to join our ESC project “YouthInSight” in the field of media, youthwork and community development, in Ukraine. To apply for this opportunity please send us your CV and motivation letter to: and

Location: Vinnytsia, Ukraine

Duration: 10 months

Mobility period: September 2019 – June 2020

Deadline: As soon as possible

“YouthInSight” is a project with youth and main performers of the activities in the field of amateur media production and media-related non-formal education. The project is framed into what is called the “Intercultural Youth Studio” started in Vinnytsia, Ukraine.

Vinnytsia is the largest city in the historic region of Podillia, in west-central Ukraine. It has a population of more than 370,000 people, and an active community of youngsters, who throughout the last few years have shown the tendency to be actively involved in new initiatives and challenges. In fact, the city is known as “The Students’ City of Ukraine” due to a large number of students who study at the many universities based in the city.


After organizing a motivated group, the volunteers, as potential leaders, will take care of: 

– Video production on social, intercultural, youth thematic together from audiovisual sector, media outlets and journalists. The volunteers will be engaged in all stages of the video production: from development of the idea to its realization inside the CORE WORKING GROUP, with partners: script-writing, filming, staging, editing, sharing, etc. Our current local partners in this are: the local gymnasium in Vinnytsia, local communal TV channel, etc. Task of the volunteers will also be looking for new partnerships according to their interests and ideas

“Media Lab”: communication platform of the “MISTO ZMISTIV”; CSOs network aimed at raising acute topics in the community and looking for solutions through round tables and media interventions

MOZAЇKA intercultural bulletin of Vinnytsia: textual outlet aimed at fostering intercultural dialogue in the community and stimulation of international understanding in Vinnytsia. Here the volunteers will be “community journalist”: exploring the community, meeting with heroes and taking interviews, compiling the text and editing, later sharing of the magazine on-line

PHOTO Club: a place for gathering photo enthusiasts to experiment, practice and discuss photo art. This a regular event held in partnership with our local partners (youth centres, co-working spaces and etc. Here the volunteer will be managing the followers of the club, providing ideas, assembling programmes…)

Code Club: meeting of IT-activisits, freelancers, programmers and web-designers for informal discussion on topics of modern Informational technologies and for interpersonal sharing. Here the volunteers will be moderating the discussion, looking for practical assignments…

Cinema club: a place for meaningful discussion\activities about life topics after watching cinematographic pictures.

– Collaboration with the MOVERS & SHAKERS amateur English speaking theatre troop and engagement in theatrical performances as a means to carry messages of European values as solidarity, tolerance, non-formal-learning.

– Realization of the annual festival of amateur media production “Youthinsight”, a place for sharing between the amateurs of media production on community-level together with international participants. The programme of the event is composed of numerous elements among which are open spaces, photo exhibitions, theatre performances, music concerts, poetry reciting…



– Leading of the Polish cultural clubs on the basis of the youth centre. This is the place for youngsters and other people to meet and discuss on the topic of the Polish culture, practice Polish language, integrate the volunteer in the local culture. The volunteer will moderate meetings, promote the community, spread Polish culture

Promotion of youth mobility and non-formal education. The volunteer here will be assisting to the host organization during presentations, seminars for youngsters; will be answering questions to local followers of the organization on the topics of the volunteering, Erasmus Plus programme, other European instruments of youth development, etc.


– We are looking for two (one boy and one girl) Polish volunteers or residents in Poland between 18-30 years old.

– Not needed any particular professional skills nor previous experience in media production, but strongly interested in this field, with a lot of creativity and personal initiative, since the project will give them room to realize their personal ideas through multiple media-related activities. 

– Moreover, we’d like them to be interested in the field of event management, organization and implementation.


The “YouthInSight” project puts forward three grounding aims that are pursued through diverse activities by the members of the core working group of the “Intercultural Youth Studio” during annual project cycles. These aims are:

1)Training skills like ICT, media literacy, team-work, project and event management, stimulation of the sense of initiative, and empowerment of youth in the audio-visual/media sphere.

2)Disseminating ideas of media materials on a larger scale and promotion of amateur media production, self-expression of participants through the produced outputs.

3)Build-up of intercultural dialogue and spread tolerance and open-view among Ukrainian youngsters.

For this annual cycle the “YouthInSight” project puts forward the following short-term objectives:

1)To enhance the non-formal education process around the participants of the project, engage more followers into the project locally and build-up opportunities for their topic-related skills growth

2)To build on the thematic directions of the media production by youth and stimulate sustainability of process

3)To produce a number of thematic outputs at hands of the project participants including the holding of the traditional “Youthinsight” Festival of amateur audio-visual production

4)To engage participants into cultural sharing in and outside the hosting community. The paramount vision of the Studio is to bring about a format of community media where engagement of enthusiasts and non-professionals enlivens the informational exchange locally and allows civic participation at the grassroots level.

Therefore ESC volunteers will: 

1) develop media literacy and using of modern communication means including: editorial decision making, production, video-making, audio and screen-text-related-skills, information literacy, goal setting, self-reflection, learning outcomes, self & peer assessment, documentation—design & blogging, self-initiative, iteration, pipeline creation, rapid prototyping, critique & reflection, context mapping, user experience, ideation, risk assessment, risk mitigation…

2) develop creativity, imagination and artistic expression, self-initiative, 360-degree view

3) raise intercultural awareness, negotiation skills through intercultural dialogue, develop their team-working, listening skills, conflict resolution, making & receiving offers, trust development, managing roles & responsibilities, body awareness; client management; documentation; research…

4) develop their foreign languages competences and oral and written communication skill, expression of ideas—written, drawn & spoken (gaining knowledge of Ukrainian and improving also their English).

5) develop their event planning, organization and management skills for projects, activities and events.

6) all these abilities will contribute to participants’ more progressive, dynamic lifestyle, open-mindedness, self-actualization and contribute to the improvement of leadership skills

7) become more independent, mature, wise and autonomous in managing their time and money and in general their life abroad.


Flat. Volunteers will be accommodated in a fully-equipped-flat with other volunteers or members of the Hosting Organization each having a separate room, up to 3 volunteers in one flat. The flat is near transport routes leading to every part of the city and to the office. It’s all the necessary facilities: kitchen, bathroom, washing machine, furniture, Internet connection.

Office. The Hosting Organization is located in the centre of the city, near the central park where it is possible to have a walk or do physical activities. The office has a working place for volunteers, internet connection, office equipment. Each day the office of “Nashe Podillia” is visited by up to 4 staff members who can help volunteers with their daily questions. “Nashe Podillia” is close interconnected with the NGO DC Pangeya Ultima (Sending Organization from Ukraine) and many members of DC Pangeya Ultima come to the office for the common activities and meetings. The volunteers will be provided with the support from the coordinator, supervisor, mentor and other staff members in own practical situations.

Some useful links and videos from previous projects:

– FB Page of Intercultural Youth Studio:

– FB Group of YouthInSide:

– A separate web-blog dedicated to the project:

– The biggest of the off-line events is the “Youthinsight” festival on amateur video production. Here you can watch the video from the 2017:

– The “YouthInsight” team got involved into contests organized by the European Delegation in Ukraine, British Council, contest of EVS videos for the Paris environmental summit in 2015 etc. Here are some of the examples: