Location: Monte Grimano Terme, Italy

Duration: 4 months

Mobility Period: 2/12/2019 – 4/04/2020

Deadline: as soon as possible

Bona Fides Association along with Officina Creativa Montefeltro are looking for Polish volunteers, or residents in Poland, to join our short-term project in Monte Grimano Terme, Italy helping in socio-cultural activities of the town, in places such as library and schools, and in organizing laboratories and events for the local community. In order to apply, please send us your CV and motivation letter to the following emails: iryna@bonafides.pl, mariachiara@bonafides.pl and arcs.youthquake@gmail.com


The strategic project “Youthquake” EVS, coordinated by ARCS Arci Culture Solidali ONG, was born in 2016, when a wide area of central Italy was affected by a sequence of earthquakes. This caused the loss of human lives, houses, economic resources, social infrastructures and damaged the rich historical and artistic heritage of this region.
The name of the project, Youthquake, combines the words youth and earthquake, the two principal elements involved. Through the energies and competences of the young European volunteers, the project aims to contribute to the social, economical and physical reconstruction of the affected areas.


The cooperative society Officina Creativa Montefeltro, established on 31 October 2013, is composed of a group of young people from the Montefeltro area who have been working for years in the fields of culture, tourism and promotion. The professional figures available to the cooperative range from
experts in design, translators, experts and art historians, web technicians, computer technicians, graphic designers, marketing experts, text editors, librarians, youth policy experts, researchers. The purpose of this service cooperative is to work in the fields of tourism and culture, through collaborations with public bodies and private entities, with the aim of designing, carrying out research, organizing, managing, promoting events, cultural sites and tourism.


  • medium level of English
  • positive predisposition to work in an intercultural group
  • flexibility
  • problem solving


The volunteers will be involved in the socio-cultural activities of the town, in the library, kindergarten and elementary school for the children linguistic assistance, laboratorial activities of the Auser association and event organisation with the Pro-Loco association.


The following points of the list are granted by the European Union for each volunteer joining this project:

  • Flights (roundtrip) up to 290 Euro
  • Food and accommodation
  • Private insurance
  • Pocket money: 4 euros per day
  • Italian language online course
  • Support of a tutor/mentor for all the duration of the project
  • Youthpass

The volunteers will accommodate in a shared flat in Monte Grimano village; the hosting organization will provide to give a monthly food allowance.


The Montefeltro, placed among the hills of the Marche region, is blessed by the great richness in historical, cultural and environmental terms. On the other hand, the young inhabitants are experiencing more evident problems of isolation, since this is an internal and geographically limited zone with a huge amount of rural and mountain territories. It has also a low demographic density and difficulties with communication, as it is relatively far away from the main urban centers.
However, it is a highly productive territory with important industries in various sectors like wood/furniture, plastic, agribusiness and small and medium artigianal and commercial factories.
Moreover, numerous social, entertaining and artistic activities take place here, which keeps the youngsters from leaving away by giving them the possibility to participate in the events as organisators, designers and the main consumers. This makes them also responsible and aware of their own capabilities. These young people are doing their best to keep the public spaces alive and vibrant and they are achieving this with the help of various Associations nearby.
Therefore their awareness increases and they develop the concept of an active citizenship and entrepreneurship.

You can find attached here the PDF for further information

The European Solidarity Corps (ESC) is a part of the European Program called Erasmus+.

Erasmus+ is open to all young people, and it is a program created by the  European Union for mobility inside and outside EU borders, to promote non-formal education and intercultural dialogue, and to support all kind of youngsters regardless of their level of education, of their origins and their cultural background.