Location: La Hoya (Elche), Spain

Duration: 10 Months

Mobility Periods: 1th October´20 – 31th July`21

Deadline: 15th January

Bona Fides Association and ACD La HOYA are looking for Polish volunteers, or residents in Poland, to join our 4 different long-term projects in La Hoya (Elche), Spain. The projects have several topics, such as Youth, music, sports or workshops, in many fields like languages, among others activities. In order to apply, please send us your CV and motivation letter to the following emails: iryna@bonafides.pl, mariachiara@bonafides.pl and acdlahoya@gmail.com


1th October´20 – 31th July`21 

Activities related to the aspect Youth:

• Collaborate with the youth worker in the organization 

• Various talks at schools of la Hoya to give information on activities and recruitment of young people. 

• Help and support in the activities of youth and adults. 

• Promote group activities with young people, through different games. 

• Cultural activities with young people. 

• Environmental workshops for kids. 

• Workshops at the school of la Hoya in the afternoons. 

• Support in the inline skating (Kids, adult, youngsters) 


• Help and support the teachers in the music lessons during the mornings in the school. 

• Different workshops about music.

• Promote the activities and workshops in the community.

• Help and support different events related to music.

For us, this project and volunteers will be a good supply of creativity, new activities for the organization, cooperation, inspiring, enriching existing activities, contribution to the partner organizations, provide new knowledge and tools, approaches, ideas.

We will also give value to:

-At least basic knowledge of Spanish, speak and understand skills (There will be interviews with the selected volunteer)

-Knowledge and experience with music and also to play some instrument. Also suggestions, visibility, impact , broadcasting and new cultures that volunteers bring to the community.

The conditions for the place: The project will take place in the rural area of La Hoya (Elche) which has a population of 2600 inhabitants, La Hoya is located in the rural countryside term of Elche, 150 km from Valencia and close to the Mediterranean Sea. The project is a European Solidarity Corps service of 10 months in which will do in the association activities focused on Youth and Music. We are searching for a volunteer for this Project.

PROJECT 2: Sport and New Technologies

1th October´20 – 31th July`21 

Project related to sport, new technologies , rural areas , training and partnership activities.

Volunteer’s activities: 

-Support in the activities of the youth center, specific activities , workshops , courses, outdoor activities and activities that he/she propose . 

-Support during activities in school with kids , crafts, sports , workshops, etc. -Promotion of Volunteers in the High School of La Hoya and different activities throughout the year.

-Participation in activities of associations in La Hoya throughout the year in different areas (sport , environment , health, culture). 

Sport area of ACD LA HOYA:

-Helping the coaches in the afternoons with the football teams.

-Different articles and materials for the web page and social media of ACD LA HOYA, create videos, dissemination activities, materials , articles , pictures , etc.

-Making different videos to promote La Hoya, activities of the organization and ESC.

We will also give value to:

-At least basic knowledge of Spanish, speak and understand skills (There will be interviews with the selected volunteer)

-Knowledge and experience with some editing programs (Movie Maker, Final Cut, Pinnacle, Sony vegas,…)

PROJECT 3: Europa en el Área Rural V, in the school “La HOYA”

1th October´20 – 31th July`21 

Volunteer’s activities for this project: 

– Cultural and linguistic activities (Europe Day Promotion EU Presentation of his country and other European Union) 

– Games and extracurricular activities (English, storytelling, table games, computer, chess, sports, workshops, crafts) 

– Basic conversations in English – Storytelling in English 

– Help in the freetime before lunch schedule with different activities. 

– Support and help at events during the year (Christmas, Carnival, Easter, of course, International Days) 

-Different cultural events and activities in the school. 

-Help in the events, activities of ACD LA HOYA during the year. 


The volunteer will be accommodated in La Hoya with other 3 volunteers with all the equipment for the 10 month CES life, we will provide pocket and food money.

Some important aspects:

Participants between 18 – 30 years old wanting to work primarily with children, youth and community, extracurricular activities, sports, workshops, etc. Good humor, joy of life, respect, tolerance and solidarity attitude. Curiosity, desire to learn about anything necessary to encourage participation, adaptability and learning, desire to learn and share of participatory experiences.

-Ideal to have at least basic knowledge of Spanish, speak and understand

The conditions for the place: 

ESC project held in La HOYA, from October 1, 2020 to July 31, 2021. Work topics will be related to children and youth of the (Association of the parents in the school of LA HOYA), new technologies, cultural diversity, music, sport, art and youth participation in rural areas. It will be develop the activities in the school of La Hoya, focus in afterschool activities.

PROJECT 4: Europa en el Área Rural V, in the school “LA MARINA”

1th October´20 – 31th July`21 

For this project, the requirements and activities are the same as the previous project in the school “La HOYA”, with the only difference that the volunteer’s project will be held in the school “La MARINA”.