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Location: Karlsruhe, Germany

Duration: 12 months

Mobility period: 01.10.2020 – 30.09.2021

Deadline: 15.04.2020

Bona Fides and The Kreisjugendwerk (KJW)  are looking for Polish, or residents in Poland, volunteers to join us in the long-term ESC in Karlsruhe, Germany,  to participate in the ESC project related to supporting daily activities with Kids. In order to apply send your CV and Motivation Letter to and and


The”Kita Polyglott” is a bilingual day care centre located near the forest of Karlsruhe. The centre welcomes 40 children in the age of 2 month s to 3,5 years. 0pening times are Monday-Friday from 07 : 00 – 17:30 hours. The main focus of the day care centre is the biling ual education. The centre offers two biling ual German/English groups and two German/French groups. The child ren have a daily breakfast and lunch .
A various program for the Children is offered . Besidesplay in g together, they can experience themselves by playing and working with art and colors, doing sports, be in g curious in experiments and natural science s, by playing theatre or by doing handicraft s. The children are al ways accompanied by the educators. The main goal is that the interests of the children are being supporte d by the educators and the volunteers. Additional excursions to Museums, the City, parks or playgrounds and cooperation with other institutions take place. The day care centre is open to alI chiIdren, no matter what nationality or social background they have.
The Child ren meet for breakfast and lunch in the Kita, where you’II sup port them as wel I .
The day care centre “Kita Polyglott” has a long-term experience in worki ng with local volunteers in its organisation. The team which is m ixed of d ifferent nationalities, offers an exciting working area for European Volunteers.
The Tasks of the volunteer is to support the educators i none Group of Children in their daily activities, to support the kitchen (preparing, cleaning breakfast and lunch), but as welI to start their ow n Project with the Children .


The volunteer will support the daily activities with the Kids , as well as  special activities , such as: sports , experimental activities , role playing , builsing and construction and arts. Depending on the ow n in te rests of the volunteer he/she has the possibility to initiate an ow n Project/Workshop, such as doing handicrafts, cooking, presenting their home country,… The vo lu nte e r will also supportthe preparation and cleaning of breackfast and lunch for the children and he/ she has to support the housekeeping activities . The volunteer has to work 34 hours in the Kita.
Additionally the volunteer has to support the coordinating organization with the intercultural activities, such as the Livin’ Culture Project. He/She shouId participate in activities of the Jugendwerk a round 4 hours a week. The volunteer has 24 hoIidays. The kitas are closed some weeks in December and in August.



….creative and open-minded?
…interested in working with children?
…interested with anything you can show or share
with others? (Music, sports, art … everything is welcome)
…a responsible person?
Do you have a lot of new ideas for fun&educative activities?
Do you already have some German language skills?
If yes, then you are a perfect candidate for this positi on!
Don’t hesitate to apply, this family is waiting for you!


The voIunteer wiII be accommodated in a house with six more ESC
voIunteers. The voIunteers share kitchen , bathroom and a common room.
There’s no own sleeping room for everybody but we have a rotating system
so that everybody can have his/her own room for sometime. Besides
there’s also a room where guests can be accommodated.
The volunteers will get a card for the public transport, so they can go for free with tram, train and bus.

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