Have you ever have the feeling that you were born in the wrong place and your real home is somewhere else? I feel like that every time I come back to Italy. Also this time Italy has welcomed me in the best possible way. Anyways, in what other country can you eat pizza using your hands? In what other country should not you put mozzarella in the fridge? In what other country can you make an Aperitivo with your friends? Obviously, only in Italy!

These rules apply also in Turin, the capital of the region of Piedmont. Although I have always preferred the sea rather than the mountains I really like the breathtaking panorama of Alps, which I see every day on my way to work. However, to be completely honest, the place in which you are, does not count that much as people who surrounds you. In my work place, that is Institute for the Deaf of Turin, I have met really fantastic people. It should not be surprising since everyone who helps others is amazing: the staff of the Institute really takes care of everyone in need. Thanks to their support, deaf teenagers and adults can actively participate in social life, having at their disposal the support of a group of qualified interpreters. What is more, Institute organizes various daily activities for deaf with mental disorders and learning difficulties. Moreover, the organization manage a center of daily care for elderly people. As if that was not enough, the sign language courses, open to everyone who is interested, are also organized by the Institution. All these activities are very precious as they serve for the realization of the most important goal: to foster the inclusion of people with disabilities, especially those with sensory impairment, in the society! Being physically disabled myself Being disabled myself, I am particularity devoted to stimulating solidarity and equality ideas between people of various nationalities, social backgrounds and abilities. Thus, I am really happy to spread these ideas, while working with people who shared my beliefs.

As soon as I have heard as terms “the general linguistics” or “Chomsky theory” for the first time in the office, I got convinced that I was in the right place: work in the linguistic department of the Institute gives me an unique possibility to put in practice the linguistic competences gained during the University Studies. It is incredible how much satisfaction the practical use of the knowledge, which so far was a pure theory, can give you! At this point I am pretty sure that I want to relate my professional carrier with the field of translation. On the other hand, during these months I had also a possibly to get to know better the world of Erasmus + projects which seems to be really fascinating so I guess I will have to reflect on my future for a while.

What I know for certain instead is that thanks to my European Voluntary Service:
 I have made new friends from different counties with who I spent fantastic time, sharing views and experiences

 I have met my friends from the South of Italy who showed me the different side of Turin (the creasiest one)

 I have met the biggest fan of Vasco Rossi in the whole Italy
 I have sung out loud “Baby Shark” with the children of my neighbors
 And most importantly, I have met and I have had a quick chat with a great Calabrian singer, Brunori Sas! It was one of the most wonderful moments in my whole life!

These months which I spent in Turin have remembered me how important is it to always find an occasion to take a break, to enjoy every little moment of the day. A banal coffee break can become a beautiful ritual, during which you have a chance to meet people and more importantly to talk with them. These occasions make my days in Turin really special. In the meantime, I have realized that I am a truly night person: every morning I struggle to get up.

For this reason, I drink coffee often and willingly. The Italian coffee is definitely my salvation! And you? What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and go for your adventure!