Location: Ramincu Valcea, Romania

Duration: 12 months

Mobility period: 01.07.2020-30.06.2021


Bona Fides and  Asociatia de Tineret Raise your Voice are looking for Polish, or resident in Poland, volunteers to join us in the long-term ESC in RAMNICU VALCEA, Romania to participate in the ESC project related to promoting the social entrepreneurship, social inclusion and equality among marginalized young people. In order to apply send your CV to mariachiara@bonafides.pl and iryna@bonafides.pl and fill out the form.


Volunteering provides important learning opportunities, because involvement in voluntary activities can provide people with new skills and competences that can improve their employability. This is especially important at this time of economic crisis…
In the European Union, almost 100 million citizens of all ages invest their time, talents and money to make a positive contribution to their community by volunteering in civil society organizations, youth clubs, hospitals, schools, in sport clubs, etc. Volunteering is an active expression of civic participation which strengthens common European values such as solidarity and social cohesion.


1. Non-formal activities in order to support the marginalized young people from six Roma communities and young people who are in probation service.

2.Activities that will promote solidarity, human values and active citizenship.

  • Co-organizing summer kindergarten. Within this activity, which is implmented by ATRV in partnership with Valcea County Board of Education, the volunteers, together with the ATRV qualified personnel/trained staff, will go to the roma communities and will inform the parents about the summer kindergarten. They will also inform the parents about the advantages/benefits of the summer kindergarten and about how important is for their children to attend kindergarten before starting school, 1st grade. In this summer kinderdarten, the volunteers will organize interactive and recreational games for children (sport games, music and drawing workshops -40 Roma children will benefit from the activities of this project.
  • Co-organising ”second chance” activity in Roma communities.


-18-30 years old
-Polish residents; – Young people ready to spend 1 volunteer year in Romania.


The volunteers will work 6 hours / day from Monday to Friday. Their schedule will be organized as follow: preparing the activity. 

10.00-13.00: Social activities

13.00-14.00: Lunch break. 

14.00-16.00: Activities.

The volunteers will have 2 days off every month, will have days off according to Romanian legislation and will have holidays according to the university year 2020-2021

The volunteers will be accommodated in three apartments rented by ATRV in Rm.Valcea city.  The apartments are equipped with central heating, water, TV cable and internet.  The kitchen is fully equipped.  The houses have 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms,2 kitchens and living room. 

 To feed, the volunteers will receive a fixed amount at the beginning of each month, amount which will allow them to buy aliments and cook themselves.  Also at the beginning of the month, all volunteers will receive a fixed allowance (pocket money).  The local transport will be provided free of charge for the entire ESC period by ATRV.

The volunteers will receive monthly 240 euro (90 euro as pocket money + 150 euro money for food).


Volunteers involved in this project will be awarded with a Youthpass certificate at the end of this EVS stage, which will describe and validate the experience of non-formal and informal learning acquired by each volunteer during their EVS stage period. The Youthpass certificate will be considered a process of awareness, reflection and documentation of learning during the different stages of the project.