Bona Fides Association and AAUMa are looking for 2 volunteers from Poland or residents, to join our European Solidarity Corps project “PRE-SERVING: Preserve the Madeiran heritage through Voluntary Service” in Madeira Island, Portugal, in order to value the cultural and natural heritage of Madeira and support Madeiran tourism. To apply please fill this application form: and send your Curriculum Vitae to the following emails: and

Location: Madeira Island (Portugal)
Deadline: Application CLOSE
Duration: 9 months
Mobility period: December 2020 to August 2021


With our project, we aim at:

-value the cultural and natural heritage of Madeira;

-support Funchal and Madeiran tourism as a source of enrichment for this land and as a European heritage (this sector contributes 20% to the region’s GDP every year)

-attract more local and foreign tourists and educate them to the relevance of the Madeirian island;

-promote active citizenship and local action for the environment and the historical and cultural heritage of Madeira;

-offer a guidance and direction to people interested in exploring the beauty and history of Madeira;

-giving a sense of responsibility and guidance to two youngsters from Poland;

-welcome them in a new environment, making them understand the importance of preserving nature and historical\cultural heritage at a local, national and international level


-make some research on Funchal and Madeiran attractions, history, culture, climate and environmentprepare innovative and personalized tours for local and foreign tourists

-develop and create material for the guided tours and promotion material to attract participants

-perform guided tours in English and Polish for foreign visitors\tourist

-propose new tematic tours around the city and island, according to their interests and inclinations

-prepare climate-related tours to raise people’s awareness on the importance of preserving our climate and environment

-assist other volunteers and Association’s members in their guided tours

-adapt the guided tours according to the age and category of participants (kids, teenagers and youngsters, adult people, elderly people, EU\Non-EU citizens…)

-contribute to organize, plan and implement events, workshops and conferences on various topics at Madeira University (eg. artistic exhibitions, musical events, cultural

-prepare virtual tours about Poland and its treasure, with a special focus on Polish cultural and historical sites, its environment, climate, natural beauty and its imrpovements in its care for climate (and what is still left to do for it)

-participate in AAUMs’s team meetings to brainstorm about new working and operational methods to raise people’s awareness on the proposed topics and on the need to be active in their community

-help in the translation of documents and informative pamphlets or books about proposed topics in English, Polish and any other language spoken by the volunteers

-be active in keeping and innovating the Hosting Association’s social channels and website (on Facebook, official website, instagram…)

-participate in a photo session to promote the project objectives, results and attract participants

-promote ESC and Erasmus+ projects

-participate in parties and events organized by and for students at Madeira University.


-For the project in Portugal, we are looking for 2 Polish volunteers 18-30 years old (both Poles and foreigners legally living in Poland), The participant is interested in Portugal culture and wants to spend 9 months in this country

-The Participant is open to people from different countries and cultures and different age

-The Participant is motivated to develop his/her oral and written skills

-The participant is open to new ideas and is willing to initiate, develop and implement his/her own activity ideas.

-The Participant wants to spread Portugal and Polish culture


-ACCOMMODATION: The volunteer will be hosted at the University Residence, located in the historical centre of Funchal, inaugurated in 2009. It follows the Portuguese Legislation in terms of safety and offers a modern and comfortable environment. The residence has over 31 double rooms and 45 triple rooms equipped with a private bathroom, free Wifi in the common areas, two kitchens and a laundry room. AAUMa has also acquired various pieces of equipment in order to make the stay of the volunteers more pleasant, such as mini-fridges, cooking utilities and cleaning equipment. In terms of location, near the Residence (5-10 minutes walking) the volunteers can find pharmacies, a private clinic, a supermarket, post-office and other useful institutions.

-FOOD: Volunteers will be able to either order lunch through the host organization or receive the equivalent amount of money. The hosting organization will also transfer a monthly amount of money to cover the dinner and breakfast of the volunteers.

-PAYMENTS: The host organization will open a bank account for each volunteer. At the end of each month, the host organization will transfer the pocket-money and the food-money related to the next month, in order for the volunteers to be able to plan ahead and manage their budget at their own will.