Ciao a tutti and nice to meet you!! 😊

Here we are Demetrio and Michele. We come from Italy and we belong at the ESV team for the year 2020-2021 in the city of Katowice and these are our first impressions and feelings here in the city.

Our mission in Bona Fides is to promote tolerance and solidarity with the aim to fight racism. However, if you want to know more and follow our activities on our journey, continue to follow us on the facebook and instagram pages of Bona Fides. You will be able to get a better idea of ​​our goals and participate in some of the activities we promote.

So, if you want to know how the life of the volunteer is, and our first feelings and impressions about this interesting Polish city you should keep reading!

I come from southern Italy and I am a psychologist. I am intersted about this area because I think that if you know yourself and other people better, you will be able to achieve the maximum happiness in inclusion and to share your cultures. In Italy and in the world we have not lived an easy period. I was supposed to arrive in Katowice on March 15th but I couldn’t do it due to Covid-19. In these six months my desire to start this path and give my contribution in the fight against racism, prejudices and stereotypes has increased. I am happy to take this jouney together with all the members of BonaFides who from day one did their utmost to make us settle in the best possible way in this city full of splendid different cultures.

We all belong to the same world!


I left Italy on the 10th of September, but arrived her on the 11th, my travel was long and suffered because it was on the bus and I have reached the city about the first hours of the morning. When I hopped off the bus I went to my future home where I found the other volunteers that were already there for over than a week. I felt part of a group, together we have hang out, ate and went to work, it was as we were in a family with everybody his own space but also a house to share.

Since I am 18 years old and I just finished high school is my first time living abroad and alone, it has been really a good luck to found these people really different from my type of person but who can also share some thoughts, idea and who live at the same way.

Volunteer in my opinion is to give my time to help the others but also to help myself, in understanding, growing and living. Spending time not paid for the others is a richness to ourselves to feel better and more useful. Starting from the reason I decided to came here: I was confused about in which university I would like to study and I would like to change city and environment so because of what I required I decided to begin an EVS project.