Bona Fides Association and Sevilla Acoge are looking for volunteers from Poland or residents in Poland, to join our European Solidarity Corps project in Sevilla, Spain in order to promote equal rights and to raise awareness in society about the new and complex multicultural reality. To apply please send your Curriculum Vitae and Motivationbal Letter to the following emails:, and

  • Location: Sevilla, Spain
  • Duration: 11 months
  • Mobility period: March 2021-February 2022


Sevilla Acoge intervenes in a multicultural environment. Therefore, the presence of volunteers from other nationalities of EVS is in tune with the objectives of the Foundation, as it provides a greater intercultural dimension to our project. Furthermore:

  • It is an opportunity to joint work between volunteers Spanish and European ones.
  • It strengthens the European dimension of the project to make contact with similar organizations in Europe.
  • The europeans volunteers will serve as positive referent to young migrants living in Sevilla.
  • Volunteers have the opportunity to work in Sevilla Acoge, a highly experienced organization as far as intervention among people of different cultures is concerned. Learn to live in a multicultural
    working environment and meet people from other customs, values, etc..
    Actions that executes Foundation Sevilla Acoge daily seeks achieve social change:
     Welcoming immigrants.
     While respecting cultural identity.
     By promoting equal rights.
     Raising awareness in society about the new and complex multicultural reality.
     Creating integration links, neighborliness between migrants and spanish
  • B1 level of the Spanish language is required


□ Support and collaboration with educators, mediators, technicians and volunteers of each center in their daily work, conducting planned activities and contributing to the socio-cultural and employment integration of migrants that participate in our intervention.
□ Participation in the planning and evaluation of activities.
□ In all tasks the intercultural dimension is present, as much among members of the work teams at each center, as between the beneficiaries of the activities.
□ Diversity and balance tasks will be foreseen.
□ All tasks for volunteers provide gradual responsibility. Will always have guidance and support in the case of specialized or delicate tasks, as is the case acting with families and single women.
□ Volunteers will always be able to share their personal concerns, their knowledge, their skills, their own initiatives.
It consists of 35 hours per week, which includes the hours of cultural and language training, mentoring, team meetings or regional meetings of EVS. Volunteers will have two consecutive days of rest, although depending on the workplace these days of rest won´t always be Saturday and Sunday (some weekends there are activities of various kinds, especially leisure time activities with youth). They will have 20 days of vacation that will be placed in accordance with the tutor, when not interfere with the proper functioning of the centers.

Devices and activities that volunteers may join are:

Reception and Orientation Center “El Puente”

It plans to add two volunteers. This center is the gateway for beneficiaries to the Foundation. “El Puente” (the Bridge) Center develops two basic activities: counseling, advocacy, training and guidance of people for employment, social, educational, health, cultural needs, etc., also hosts
Codevelopment Service, specializing in identifying, formulation, monitoring and evaluation of international cooperation and co-development projects in the countries of origin of migrants residing in our society (have developed or developing actions in Bolivia, Senegal and Morocco).
The front desk of the Reception Centre and Orientation is an area of particular importance, as it is the first contact that benefiaciaries receive when they come to the organization with different problems and needs. People working in this space, as much employees as volunteers, have an
extensive experience in the reception and orientation of migrants, know all the services provided by the Foundation and other community resources that may provide the city of Seville.
From the Codevelopment Service we consider a cornerstone the idea that migrants themselves are actors of development in their countries of origin. For this reason, contacts and visits are permanently made to communities and social organizations of these countries, from a perspective of codevelopment (not cooperation of economic development, but joint growth of the two communities, the origin and the receiver).
 Support persons performing primary attention in Front Desk.
 Assist in implementing group activities of information.
 Accompaniment of beneficiaries in different managements and resources.
 Participation in workshops of legal advice, integration, job search, self-orientation or other training activities that are scheduled (own initiative or beneficiaries demand).
 Identification and diagnosis of co-development projects.
 Project formulation, presentation to calls for helps, fundraising.