Bona Fides Association and  Istituto Sordi Torino  are looking for 1 volunteer to join their European Solidarity Corps project “Go beyond your limits: strengthen the position of people with disabilities in society through inclusion”  in Torino, Italy in order to help people with disabilities, work with translation, organise events and activities.  To apply please fill in the application form and send your Curriculum Vitae to the following emails:, and  Please, write in the title „ESC in Torino, Italy ”.

  • Location: Torino, Italy
  • Deadline: OPEN
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Mobility periods: April/May 2021 – April/ May 2022


Our volunteers will actively participate in the everyday life of the Institute and the activities organized. More precisely, the volunteers will participate in activities organized in terms of daily centre in the Institute, such as:

  1. Italian Sign Language course;
  2. Assistant lecturer during the English and Italian courses for deaf foreigners organized in the Institute;
  3. Cooking classes with the guests of the Institute, the majority of them with disabilities;
  4. Gardening course with the guests of the Institute, the majority of them with disabilities;
  5. Assistance in the daily activities of the Guest House (hosting a small group of deaf people) and of the retirement home (hosting a group of seniors), for example: helping with serving food, cleanings, tidy, company to seniors);
  6. work in the administrative department: offer physical and intellectual support to the Hosting Organization to give a contribution to the development of the Institute itself;
  7. linguistic department: provide translations, check translations of reports and documents, relating commentaries about meetings and conferences, working on the blog of the Institue;
  8. educational and organizational department: support in the organization and implementation of inner events, meetings, trainings and conferences of the Institute,
  9. do-it-yourself activities (the volunteers are encouraged to develop their personal activity or course)
  10. The volunteers will be offered to be mentors and offer guidance for youngsters participating in activities hosted by the Institute (including deaf and disabled people).

Practical arrangements

. All expenses related to the accommodation (rent and consumption) will be covered.

-The volunteers will receive monthly pocket money together with money for food.
Travel arrangements:
The trip to go and to come back at the beginning and at the end of the project is covered.