ESC Newbies in Katowice!

Hello everybody or maybe we should say… Cześć wszystkim! 😊

Hello everyone! We are Angela and Gisella, the new entries in the ESC team in Katowice! We just arrived to the city a few days ago and we wanted to share our first feelings with you!

We are coming from Spain and Italy, and we are going to spend the summer here continuing the project Solidar ciak with the volunteers that have been involved in the project since September. The team welcomed us in a great way and explained us all the projects and activities they have been doing on the topic of spreading tolerance and solidarity among Polish people.

Interested in hearing about our first impressions and feelings on our arrival in Katowice? Keep reading!

I was doing my Erasmus in Wroclaw when I read about the project Solidar ciak on Facebook. I decided to come to Katowice because I wasn’t ready to leave Poland yet, and I thought this project could allow me to experience Poland in a different way compared to my Erasmus experience.

For now I can say I was right! In Katowice I can perceive very different vibes than in Wroclaw, and the project the team is working on is giving me very interesting insights on the perception of racism and discrimination in the Polish society. From my part, I will do my best to contribute to the project in a meaningful way!

There is always something new you can learn about pretty much everything, and I can’t wait to discover more about Polish culture and Katowice! 

Gisella Guglielminotti.

I left Spain with mixed feelings, anxious yet excited; I spent the last year in my small town, surrounded by family and friends, but inside, I knew that I needed to go abroad to live a new adventure, and this volunteering project looked to be the perfect way, even if it scared me.

Since I arrived in Katowice, I have been fascinated by the people, the multiculturalism we are surrounded by and the good vibes among volunteers; it all made me feel like home from the first minute.

I hope this experience will help me to improve and even rediscover myself, to live a lot of incredible experiences, to travel, to know Polish culture and, above all, to share this experience with the people around me.

Angela García.