Bona Fides Association and ARCS Arci Culture Solidali APS are looking for volunteers from Poland or residents in Poland, to join our European Solidarity Corps project in Italy in order to work in the field of Social Agriculture, inclusion, disabilities. To apply please send your Curriculum Vitae and Motivation Letter to the following emails:,, and

  • Location: Pian di Pieca (San Ginesio- MC) and Sant’Angelo in Pontano (MC), Italy
  • Deadline: Open
  • Duration: 25 days
  • Mobility period: 15 July 2021- August 2021


The activity focuses on Social Agriculture as a source of solidarity and inclusion. Anffas Sibillini works
according to social innovation principles of community-based welfare, social and environmental sustainability.
The activity involves the participation of 13 volunteers for a period of 25 days in the area of Monti Azzurri in
the Italian province of Macerata, in contact with disadvantaged people and their local community.
Volunteers will join a group activity of solidarity and knowledge of the “different”, in contact with young
people with intellectual and cognitive disability in post-school age engaged in Social Agriculture project of
The Garden Tribe. Social agriculture has as its aim social inclusion and the mobility wants to offer an
important opportunity for exchange between different people for origin, culture, opportunities.
The group will be composed by 9 Eu volunteers and 4 italian volunteers with special needs supported by 2
accompanying persons. The group will make experience of inclusion and promotion of the different abilities
of each, the ANFFAS users who usually are the addresses of the solidarity activities, in this activity will be part
of the group and will give their contribution to the community.
Volunteers have the opportunity to experience social agriculture; learning its reason, its meaning and
its modalities. One of the relevant aspects on which social agriculture focuses is the empowerment of
communities, to which the volunteers are called to contribute by improving their knowledge of the
“different” and promoting activities of awareness raising of the local community, with a focus on the
importance of solidarity at different levels, from the local to the European.
The project is in partnership with Il Salto, a little farm of the area that works according to the principles of
organic and regenerative agriculture. Il Salto is also the willingness to reach new socio-economical models
with the intent to create a different life, oriented to reconnection with nature and with oneself and based on
an approach of active and joyful community. It is located in Sant’Angelo in Pontano (Macerata).
Volunteers will support Anffas and Il Salto in the project activities.

Volunteering activities

To cooperate with the social workers in the activities of The Garden Tribe (farm work, social work
with people with intellectual disabilities, communication)
• To contribute to project design and implementation with activities that they can suggest and lead
• To support the work of local socio-cultural activities through knowledge visits.

• To participate to Social Agricolture workshop (theory and practice)
• To participate to “Photografy for Solidarity and Inclusion” workshop
• To work on the development of their individual learning process. Storytelling is highly supported and recommended.

Volunteers will have 30 working hours and 2 free days per week.
They will be supported in the development of their learning process by a tutor who will organize group or
individual meetings.
Recreational activities, through the methodology of non-formal education, are also provided during the
mobility, in order to encourage sharing and exchanging between volunteers.


• Good physical conditions
• Willingness to learn through experience
• Willingness to experience rural life
• It would be better if the volunteers have already had experience in the field of volunteering and
social work and if they have digital skills
• It would be better if the volunteers have Italian basic knowledge.
• Sharing of democratic and solidarity common values.

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