VOLUNTEERING IN PORTUGAL  Location: Oeiras, Portugal  Bona Fides is looking for 3 participants from POLAND who are interested in working in communities like schools, foster homes, immigrant organizations, youth centers, senior daily centers, institutions for people with disabilities.

Bona Fides Association and ProAtlantico are looking for 3 volunteers from Poland or residents in Poland, to join our European Solidarity Corps project in Portugal and have an opportunity to work with local disadvantaged group (refugees, people with disabilities, seniors, and children). To apply please fill application form and send your Curriculum Vitae to the following emails: joanna.budny@bonafides.pl and anna@bonafides.pl.

  • Location: Oeiras, Portugal
  • Deadline: As soon as possible
  • Duration: 4 months
  • Mobility period:  May 2023 – August 2023


The ideas and the aims of the project are:

-> Offer a support to the development of the local community thanks to the involvement and engagement of our volunteers in local activities and realities, in direct contact with local people.

-> Make people with fewer opportunities more confident about themselves, their abilities and passions, make them feel part of a society that doesn’t refuse them, but instead needs them: we would like them to feel useful and willing to participate in their community life through a civic sense of active participation.



  • – Accompaniment of clients to medical services and official services, always with a technician.
  • – Accompaniment of users in cultural activities and knowledge of the country / region (eg. visits to museums, participation in cultural events, etc.).
  • – Development of entertainment and leisure time actions (theatre, sports, sociocultural animation).
  • – Logistical and administrative support.
  • – Analysis and studies in the field of migration.
  • – Support in food bank.
  • – Participation in communitarian events.


  • – Playground activities.
  • – Canteen support.
  • – Development of recreational and sports activities with children and adolescents.
  • – Development of activities in the field of music, theater and dance.
  • – Support for teachers.
  • – Support Conflict Management Group.
  • – Support for CAF activities.


  • – Handicrafts, dance, games, gymnastics, etc.
  • – Help in meals time.
  • – Activities during holidays related to special events (ex: Christmas theatre play, build Carnival masks, games with Easter eggs, Summer camps, birthday parties, religious events, etc.).
  • – Support in the reception/division of food donated.
  • – Support in the distribution of food to poor families.
  • – Organization of workshops to empower the families supported by the food bank.


  • – Participating in the support to the study and playful activities with the children and summer camps.
  • – Dynamizing and to accompanying the activities with the seniors and helping in the daycare.
  • – Providing logistics support to the grocery store as well as in the service to the users.
  • – Supporting in the bar.
  • – Supporting the project Re-coopera (reception and sorting of donations, support to the fair and store).


  • – Collaborate in adapted workshops (ceramics, painting, decorating, etc.).
  • – Feeding & hygiene routines (help to give meals to residents).
  • – Therapeutic and leisure time activities (traditional games, newspaper, playroom, etc.).
  • – Sports activities (boccia, water adapted activities, etc.).
  • – Recreational activities (tours, walkings, parties, etc.).


  • – Animate and implement leisure time activities (ex: sports, music, singing, dance, theatre, handicrafts, watching movies, thematic conversations, etc.).
  • – Accompany children in outside activities of the foster home (ex: go to the doctor, take children to/from school/playground/cultural places, etc.)
  • – Motivate children/youngsters to study (ex: English language tutoring, Maths …) and to complete their objectives (ex: with creative methods like games, music, quiz, etc.) and assist them in computers (ex: internet search, Word, Excel, Power point, etc.).
  • – Propose and implement specific activities related to the period of the holidays/ weekends (ex: Christmas theatre play, build Carnival masks, games with Easter eggs, Summer camps, birthdays, etc.).
  • – Help with the meals.
  • – Help with events of fundraising (fairs, concerts, etc).
  • – Help children and youngsters to organize the house and the rooms.
  • – Help to improve the facilities of the house.

Organisation of offers from the community IN ALL VACANCIES:

Volunteers will also do tasks of Divulgation of Erasmus + (in schools, Universities, youth clubs and youth events), organization of exhibitions, presentations and conversations with Portuguese young people or future volunteers to motivate young people to be more active or give visibility to their project. Inform young people about the volunteering experience as a EVS/ volunteer in Portugal and provide information about some aspects of the volunteer’s country (ex: culture, language, cultural places, etc.).In these activities, the volunteer must use the clothes provided to that activity (t-shirt, cap, etc).

The volunteer will not be involved in all these activities, it will depend of the motivation of the volunteer and the need of volunteers in each activity along the project, beside those the activities the volunteer will have the chance to implement personal project, the time that those will take will depend of the activities proposed by the volunteer.



ProAtlântico will provide accommodation always shared. The bedroom will be placed in a University Residence, or in a Hostel, or in a family house, at Casa Europa or in a flat. The place of the accommodation will be decided by ProAtlântico according to the availability. There might be different solutions found for each volunteer. In the accommodations provided by ProAtlântico the volunteer will live always in multiple bedrooms with fully equipped kitchen, toilet, and laundry machine. The costs with electricity, water, TV (4 channels) and wireless Internet (it will be available in the accommodation but not necessarily in the bedroom) are covered by ProAtlântico.


During working time, ProAtlântico will provide food.
Meals are based on Mediterranean diet, so Vegan meals or other special food needs aren’t possible to arrange.
The volunteer will receive also 5,00 Euros per day to cover out-of-working-time-food.


The trip to from Poland to Portugal and back will be reimbursed. The volunteers will have a monthly ticket reimbursed by ProAtlantico. Oeiras has a wide web of buses to reach every part of the city and they ride quite often.

Pocket money

You will have a pocket money to manage during the month, this money will be given to you in the first 10 days of each month, by bank transfer or live money.

Vacation and days off

You will have 2 days off per week, usually at weekends, except if you have some activity in one of those days, in that case we can reschedule the days off. You will also have 2 days’ vacation per month that you can use or accumulate with other months to have a bigger vacation period.


The profile of the volunteer will have general requirements: proactive, motivated to work in a social housing environment, with sense of responsibility, like to work in a team, flexible, with handwork skills, with communication ability, mature to work with social and economic disadvantaged community.

A high motivation to work with children, young people and elderly and special interest on music, dance, theatre, sports, cooking, computers, handicrafts, gardening, history, photography, arts, can be an added value, since these areas their fields of interest and will be the way to reach their attention.

The volunteer has to be between 18 and 30 years, with: good integration capability; willingness to share experiences and cultural habits.

Check information about the project on European Solidarity Corps portal: https://youth.europa.eu/solidarity/placement/33200_en