Bona Fides Association and Association “International Scout Center Rustavi” (ISCR) are looking for 1 Polish volunteer (or a resident of Poland) to join our ESC project in fields of youthwork, education and training in Rustavi, Georgia!

Location: Rustavi, Georgia
Starting: December 2023 / January 2024
Duration: 8 months

ISCR represents a voluntary educational movement for children and young people open to all without distinction of origin, race, sex, and religion. ISCR  is assisting children and young people in receiving formal and non-formal education. Activities are based on full self-governance and voluntary participation of its members. The main goal of ISCR is to develop youth work and scouting, which will contribute to the development of the young generation in achieving their full physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual potentials both as individuals and responsible citizens, and as members of their local, national, and international communities.

Association “International Scout Center Rustavi” has been officially established in 2013. Staff members of ISCR are high qualified youth workers and trainers. Most of them have several years working experience in international youth work. ISCR regularly takes part in Erasmus+ (Previous YiA) Projects: Youth Exchanges, trainings, seminars, study visits, etc. Also We are regularly hosting Erasmus+ projects in our centre.


Georgian Language classes (3 times per week during 2 month, 2 times per week next 5 month)

Office work/social media: update the Facebook page, blog, webpage of  ISCR, support local staff member (PR manager) to create promotional materials; filming, editing, publishing the ISCR regular activities; 

Support ISCR program department to implement “After school hobby educational program” (target group: youngsters from Rustavi Public Schools who will regularly visit our centre and spent their free time in interesting way).

Support ISCR program department in implementing Autumn/Spring hikes, Summer camps for the “After School Hobby Education program” youngsters; 

Networking and partnership: to spread the information around the Scout world: Scout Associations, Scout centres about ISCR and ISCR Activities. (For example: Preparing ISCR monthly newsletter and spread among “Goose Network” members, other Scout networks and Associations; 

Spreading information about Erasmus+ possibilities around Rustavi and Kvemo Kartli youngsters:
– Indoor informational campaigns hosting by ISCR, Volunteers will have chance to speak with Rustavi youngsters about ESC program, making presentations, sharing their experience, promote volunteering, promote multiculturalism.
– Outdoor informational campaigns: visiting different regional cities in Kvemo Kartli Region: Marneuli, Tetritskaro, Tsalka, Bolnisi, Dmanisi.
– Street actions – to organise outdoor ESC campaigns in different parts of Rustavi city.

Leading language conversation clubs in frame of “After school hobby educational program”: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish languages. To give chance local Georgian youth to develop language skills, break the barriers and become more intercultural. 

Leading workshops: Handicraft, pottery, Sport and Outdoor- ISCR has all the materials, equipments to support volunteer’s initiatives which will be useful for the local youngsters.

– To support program department to plan, develop and implement Erasmus+ youth mobility activities which will be co-organized by ISCR. (Helping to spread information about new project calls, find the partners organizations); After arrival, volunteers will get intensive trainings in project management offered by ISCR – it will helps them to get basic knowledge about project management, how to develop new ideas, project proposals and how to design project application and daily programs. 

ISCR cooperates with local Rustavi Schools (Number 4 and “Chiragdani”), volunteers will have chance to visit mentioned schools and lead different non-formal educational activities

Culture programs: 
– Once per month ISCR organize Cinema “Magic Later” for Rustavi kids in age 7-14, which is part of our educational program; “Magic later” is international movement and the main aim is to develop youngsters/ kids skills in cinematography, creativity; volunteer will support “Magic Later” team: to create animations, to lead the seasons in English language, to perform different heroes, make kids curious about Session.  
– To support ISCR culture/ program department to organize theatre performances, events (Location: ISCR amphitheatre) for and with involvement “After school hobby educational program” program youngsters.

Support ISCR reception
– Interview the ISCR guests (questionnaire made by ISCR guest service department), to make the report based on answers and to send ISCR guest service department; (the aim of interviews is to get information about guests satisfaction, needs, etc.) 
– Work at Reception: answer the guest questions, support and guide them; giving useful information about centre and Rustavi city, information about bars, restaurants, taxi numbers, etc. 

Activities at ISCR Scout Bar-Youth Cafe: 
– Assist local Georgian chef cook, bar-men, to bring new ideas about menu- make it more European and suitable for the guests. 
– To interview the guest, create SWOT , it will help Manager to understand the possible risks factors. 
– To plan and implement different kind thematic , cultural-educational events- daily/weekly events, games, performances, competitions; (for example: Plan the program of New year party, Baden-Powell day, Scouting day, Independence, Mom day, International kids day, International volunteering day, etc.

Activities at ISCR maintenance department
ISCR belong 4 hectare land, with several buildings and attractions; we have 5 paid workers who does manual jobs to maintain the centre facilities. Possible tasks for the volunteers:

  • – Watering the trees, cut the grass and bushes on the ISCR territory. 
  • – Support ISCR “Gardener” to plant the new tries, to make new Green decoration’s around centre. 
  • – Helping to manage storage room and equipment; Checking and giving the materials to the scout groups, making database, etc.
  • – Maintain the swimming pool,  “Georgian corner” territory , Stadium , Amphitheatre, etc.


Volunteers will stay in accommodation fully paid by the organisation, they will receive monthly pocket money and a food allowance.

There will also be a Georgian language course for volunteers, held by a professional teacher.

The European Solidarity Corps (ESC) is a part of the European Program called Erasmus+.

Erasmus+ is open to all young people, and it is a program created by the European Union for mobility inside and outside EU borders, to promote non-formal education and intercultural dialogue, and to support all kind of youngsters regardless of their level of education, of their origins and their cultural background.


To apply please send your CV and a motivation letter (in English) to: and Please, write in the title ”ESC 2 in Rustavi, Georgia”