Do you know what you can do during your ESC project? If you are wondering read Aidana’s and Krystian’s impressions! They took part in project in Zavod Manipura – a small NGO with many years of experiences in international volunteering for young people.

Solidarity activities in Zavod Manipura organization are focused on different topics – we support charity organizations, help in the local community, support environmental organisations, NGOs for animals in need, we help elderly and families in need and we organize workshops for children, for young people and for people with special needs. Next to the international volunteering projects we offer trainings for youth workers, trainings for parents, experiential learning projects, psychological counselling and psychotherapy.

Aidana’s memories

We are already used to this place and our company of volunteers that we can’t believe that this is really the last week😄

The whole period of the project is going in the best way, we arrived without expectations, but as soon as we arrived we immediately felt the coziness, the beautiful nature around us, the openness and kindness of our volunteers :) Also the mentors are very nice people, always open and ready to support us, for that they have a lot of respect and gratitude. All the activities that of the project are held in the same way as it was described in our info-package, when you read it is different, but when you do it live you get involved in these works, it is very fun and exciting☺️

Krystian’s impressions

I wanted to share my general impressions, considering the project is almost finished I can share some insights. First of all, I would like to express my gratitude for this experience. We created an amazing family, for two months only, but it doesn’t change the strength of our bond. We’ve become close friends and will try to keep in touch and meet up after the project. The activities helped us to grow. We were helping young people to find the motivation to keep going in hardest moments of their lives. We supported people with mental disabilities, who not only trusted us, but were very engaging and grateful for our presence. We worked on eco farms, when we could enjoy the sun and company of horses. We were giving a hand to Natalja (a wonderful person, who created a sanctuary for animals out of nothing) with animals, which were rescued from cruel abuse. But I must say the thing I enjoyed the most was the time we spent by ourselves, especially travelling, which we did in every way possible (train, bus, by foot, even hitchhiking). We vistied not only beautiful, natural places in Slovenia, but also Budapest, Vienna and Venice. When it’s time to say goodbye, I’m getting regretful that it’s almost over, but at the same time I feel happy to have experienced so many beautiful things with beautiful people that my co-volunteers were.

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