Bona Fides Association in partnership with Pi Youth Association have 2 positions for Polish participants (18-30 yo) in a long-term project in İzmir, Türkiye starting September 2024!

Place: Izmir, Turkey
2 positions from September 2024:
1) 12 months
2) 6 months
Mobility: 01.09.2024 to 31.08.2025


As Pi Youth Association, we organize trainings, workshops, and seminars for young people, especially the disadvantaged ones, in 10 different parts (districts) of İzmir in Turkey. Moreover, we try to provide opportunities for volunteers’ personal development, healthy living skills, and inclusion in social life.

The volunteer can help us with 2 different fields (depends on his/her ability and willingness):

  1. Organizing activities for the local youth; Volunteers will organize indoor/outdoor local activities (Trainings, workshops, language conversation clubs etc.) depends on his/her abilities at our organisation office, municipalities’ youth centers and primary/high schools at the city center and rural areas of Izmir.
  2. Taking part at the office team; The volunteer will support ESC/Erasmus+ departments of our office team. (Helping coordinate Erasmus+ and ESC programmes). Promoting Erasmus+ and ESC in local partners and youth centers.


– Citizenship and democratic participation
– Education and training
– Creativity and culture


Our organisation, Pi Youth Association will be in charge of all logistical matters. You will be accommodated in a flat with 4 other ESC volunteers. You will have bedroom shared with one other ESC volunteer and share the kitchen, bathroom, and other spaces in the flat with other volunteers. As an ESC volunteer, you will receive health insurance, monthly pocket money and food money, help about residence permit, Turkish language course.


In the beginning of your stay with us in Izmir, you will have a weekly meeting with your mentor to learn how everything works and you will develop your skills on the way! You will also participate in the On-Arrival and Mid-term trainings with all volunteers in Turkey as well as a training with all new volunteers hosted and coordinated by Turkish National Agency.


Send your CV and motivation letter (in English) to and
to apply for the project or contact us for further information! Write ESC in Izmir, Turkey in the title of your e-mail.