Bona Fides Association has an opportunity for Polish volunteers (citizens or residents of Poland, aged 18-30 yo) to join a long-term volunteering project with Kölner Freiwilligen Agentur in Köln, Germany!

Place: Köln (Cologne), Germany
Start: October 1st, 2024
Duration: 11-12 months

International Volunteering in Cologne

Our intention is that young people commit themselves to doing something for the common good by carrying out full-time voluntary work in social, cultural, ecological or sports associations and organisations in Cologne.

The Cologne Volunteer Center is a local coordinating organisation and we coordinate several hosting projects in Köln/Germany.

Our partner organisations come from cities that are twinned with Cologne: Barcelona (Spain), Cluj-Napoca (Rumänien), Cork (Ireland), Istanbul (Turkey), Lille (France), Liverpool (Great Britain), Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Tel Aviv (Israel) and Thessaloniki (Greece), Torino (Italy) and Wolgograd (Russia).

The International Voluntary Service is being sponsored by the European Union (European Solidarity Corps), The City Council of Cologne, Annemarie-und-Helmut-Börner-Foundation and private sponsors.

Available Place

01. Working in the Jewish kindergarten (IFD German)
The Roonis – a Jewish daycare center – is looking for volunteers to support the educational team. 

02. Support for seniors (IFD German)
The ALTENZENTRUM PORZ-URBACH belongs to the Catholic parish of Christ the King. It is located in the Porz-Urbach district of Cologne. The modern and spacious facility has four focal points in… 

03. Working at the boarding school (IFD German)
The International Peace School Cologne is looking for volunteers who would like to get involved in the boarding school for the students of the bilingual school. 

04. Assistance in teaching and technology management (IFD …)
The International Peace School Cologne is looking for volunteers who would like to get involved in a variety of ways in a bilingual school. 

05. Leisure activities in the children and youth center (IFD …)
The Don Bosco Club is a Catholic institution for open children and youth work. It includes differentiated offers for leisure education, youth social work and… 

06. Supporting work in a Jewish kindergarten (IFD English)
DIE ROONIS is a Jewish kindergarten for children from 1 to 3 years of age, comparable to the ‘Pe’uton’ in Israel. 10 to 12 children are being taken care of from Monday to Friday by 3 nursery school…


If you are interested in a 11/12-month-service, have good German knowledge and are under the age of 30, please fill in the application form in German language and send your application to us. Please also send your CV (in German) to and