Bona Fides Association and “H2O” – Associação de Jovens de Arrouquelas are looking for Polish volunteers (18-30 yo) and a team leader (30+ no age limit) to join a Youth Exchange “ERASMUS+ CONNECTING EUROPEAN YOUTH THROUGH SPORTS“ in Arrouquelas, Portugal!

Dates: 1 – 10 September 2024


Our Association, founded in 1996 by a group of young people who lived in the parish of Arrouquelas, emerged from the need to fill the lack of opportunities in the village for young people.

We made use of the chemical symbol of water to create our association. Since water is one of the essential and vital goods for the continuation and growth of life, “H2O” – Arrouquelas Youth Association emerges as a vital source for youth to feel represented in our small parish, encouraging young people to participate actively in the community and seeking to provide the necessary conditions for the creation and development of ideas, activities and projects.

Young people are our main focus, we aim to provide them with the necessary tools to feel confident and self-assured, involving them in our associative work and projects.

In this way, we aim to make young people prepared for the various challenges they will face throughout their lives, to be able to solve them and to find ways and means to become active and dynamic citizens, who think autonomously, seeking to benefit the community and not just the individual.

Every year, besides the ESC (European Solidarity Corps), we realize projects like Youth Exchanges, Training Courses, Work Camps and Teams.


This original and creative international youth exchange project will involve young people from European countries.

The project will take place in our small village of Arrouquelas, with around 800 inhabitants, in the most European village in Portugal. Young people, aged between 18 and 30, will explore Europe’s cultural diversity, from a perspective of tolerance, through sporting activities, study visits and debates over 10 days. Each country will be represented by 4 participants + 1 leader.

Accommodation will be in tents at the Arrouquelas village festival center.

The main aim with this project is to connect young people from the various European countries through group dynamics based on non-formal education, with outdoor activities, promoting tolerance between young people from different parts of Europe. The activities will be related to themed workshops, outdoor, sports and study visits.

We want this project to be about sharing with the community, achieving the definition and identification of the meanings of European citizenship, with a special focus on sporting values/cultural context, promoting tolerance. Young people will have the opportunity to share positive experiences, teaching each other cultural secrets, minimizing differences and highlighting similarities.


Fostering Inter-Cultural Understanding: Facilitating dialogue and interaction among young people from diverse European backgrounds to foster mutual understanding and appreciation of cultural differences through sports activities.

Promoting European Values: Emphasizing the importance of European values such as inclusivity, diversity, teamwork, and respect through active participation in sports and cultural exchange activities.

Encouraging Healthy Lifestyles:
Inspiring young participants to adopt and promote healthy lifestyles by engaging in various sports and fitness activities during the exchange program.

Developing Leadership Skills: Providing opportunities for young leaders to develop leadership skills, teamwork abilities, and cross-cultural communication competencies through organizing and participating in sports-based initiatives.

Cultivating European Citizenship:
Encouraging participants to explore the concept of European citizenship by reflecting on shared values, traditions, and identities, thereby promoting a sense of belonging to the broader European community.

Creating Lasting Connections: Facilitating the establishment of enduring friendships, networks, and collaborations among participants from different countries, fostering a sense of unity and solidarity across borders.

Empowering Community Engagement: Equipping participants with the knowledge, skills, and motivation to actively engage with their local communities, promoting social cohesion, and positive societal change through sports-based initiatives and cultural exchange projects.


Experiential Learning:
Employing a hands-on approach where participants actively engage in sports activities, cultural workshops, and interactive discussions to facilitate experiential learning and skill development.

Multinational Teams:
Organizing participants into multinational teams to encourage collaboration, cooperation, and cross-cultural exchange, fostering a sense of unity and understanding among diverse European youth.

Sports-based Activities:
Designing a diverse range of sports-based activities including surfing, yoga, fitness, traditional games, and dance, providing opportunities for participants to explore different sporting traditions and techniques while promoting physical well-being and teamwork.

Cultural Workshops:
Facilitating interactive cultural workshops where participants share insights into their respective cultural heritage, traditions, and values, fostering mutual respect, appreciation, and cross-cultural understanding among participants.

Debates and Discussions:
Organizing informal debates and discussions on topics related to European identity, citizenship, and the role of sports in promoting social cohesion, encouraging participants to critically reflect on their own perspectives and assumptions.

Community Engagement:
Engaging with the local community through outreach initiatives, volunteering opportunities, and visits to local sports organizations and businesses, promoting intergenerational dialogue, cultural exchange, and social integration.

Reflection and Evaluation:
Incorporating regular reflection sessions where participants can critically reflect on their experiences, insights, and learning outcomes, fostering personal growth, self-awareness, and continuous improvement throughout the project duration.

Peer Learning and Mentoring:
Encouraging peer learning and mentoring among participants, where experienced leaders guide and support younger participants, fostering a sense of responsibility, empowerment, and leadership development within the group.

Inclusive and Participatory Approach:
Ensuring that all activities and discussions are inclusive, participatory, and accessible to all participants, regardless of their background, abilities, or prior experience, promoting a supportive and inclusive learning environment for everyone involved.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided to all participants during the project.

The participants will be living in tents inside of the village. All safety issues are guaranteed, the tents have 2 bedrooms, each participant will share the rooms with another participant, the tent will be shared by gender. There will be showers and toilets shared by gender.

The place of accommodation is inside the village (in community place. We will build the camp, it will be only for our participants), reason why everyone is expected to respect all the inhabitants, with a way of being responsible.


Download the Infopack for more details


Please send your CV and a motivation letter (in English) to and or contact us for any further information! Please write “Youth Exchange in Portugal” in the title of your e-mail.