Bona Fides Association is looking for Polish participants for an international ESC Team Volunteering project “Caretta Sea Turtles Nesting and Hatchlings” in Turkey!

Place: Antalya, Turkiye
Dates: 15 July – 14 September 2024
Duration: 2 months

Check out the Hosting Organization: LIDOSK:

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Caretta Caretta Nesting and Hatchings project through the European Solidarity Corps (ESC). Your participation will play a crucial role in the protection and conservation of these endangered species. Before you begin, please read through the following information.

About the Project

The Caretta Nesting and Hatchlings project is dedicated to the preservation of sea turtle nests and the care of hatchlings along the coast. Our volunteers actively contribute to the protection of these endangered species, ensuring their safe nesting and assisting hatchlings in their journey to the sea.

Working Hours

Volunteers will be actively involved from 4 am until 9 am and then again from 6 pm until 8 pm. In between, you have free time to explore your personal projects or engage in community activities.

Volunteer’s profile and application

We are looking for individuals interested in multicultural exchange and who are open to meeting, interacting, and cooperating with a wide variety of people. No specific prior experience is required, but a passion for wildlife conservation is highly valued.

Please complete this application form:
and contact your sending organisation Bona Fides at and

Thank you for your commitment to the protection of Caretta Caretta turtles, and we look forward to reviewing your application!