2009585-flaga-moldawii-657-323Stowarzyszenie BONA FIDES i organizacja Advit z Mołdawii poszukują wolontariuszy na różne projekty EVS w różnych miastach tego kraju.
Zgłoszenia (CV i list motywacyjny w j. angielskim) prosimy przesyłać na adres natalia@bonafides.pl oraz advit_ewb@yahoo.com (dokumenty należy przesłać na oba adresy mailowe). W tytule wiadomości należy podać nazwę organizacji przyjmującej do której na stanowisko wolontariusz się aplikuje. Wiadomości zatytułowane w inny sposób nie będą brane pod uwagę.

Termin nadsyłania zgłoszeń: 12 grudnia 2015

Do wiadomości w treści maila prosimy dodawać poniższą informację:
Sending association:
Bona Fides Association (Stowarzyszenie Aktywności Obywatelskiej Bona Fides)
Acronym: SAO Bona Fides
ul. Warszawska 19
40-009 Katowice
PIC: 947802812
EI referance number: 2013-PL-100
EVS coordinator
Natalia Podbielska

Organizacje przyjmujące:  Association for the Protection of Homeless animals “ALGA”; Centre for Assistance and Protection for Victims and Potential Victims of Trafficking in Human Beings (CAP), Independent Journalism Centre, Charity Association New Life, Moldovan Institute for Human Rights, OWH Studio, International Center for Protection and Promotion of Women Rights La Strada, Charity Centre for Refugees, EcoViso
Miejsce: Kiszyniów, Republika Mołdawii
Termin nadsyłania zgłoszeń: 12/12/2015
Czas trwania wolontariatu:  9-12 miesięcy


1.  Association for the Protection of Homeless animals “ALGA
From May 2016 for 9-12 months or
From Sep 2016 for 9-12 months

Association for the Protection of Stray Animals ALGA is a non-profit organization, created in 2006. It is run solely by volunteers, who are dedicating their time, money and effort to contribute towards solving humanely the stray animal problem in our city and country.
The main objectives of the Association are:
– implement humane methods on dog population management at local and national level;
– protecting street animals from cruel and inhumane treatment;
– creating necessary conditions for a good coexistence of people and animals.
The main role of the EVS volunteer is to take care of dogs and work together on the promotion of animal rights in Moldova. Therefore, the volunteer will develop critical thinking on the proposed issue, will develop research and writing skills, organizational skills, PR and media communication skills. Also, he/she will get in a closer contact with the Moldovan community understanding their mentality and help them to find solutions for the management of the dog population. In this context we will propose the volunteer the following basic activities:
– research and analysis of information about the situation with animals rights in Moldova;
– writing articles on various issues related to animals rights and ALGA activities for ALGA web-page, for social networks(FB, etc.), for local newspapers and Internet info portals;
-creation of posters and leaflets on the topic of animals rights and activities of ALGA and distribution of materials to the locals;
– doing PR and various media work, meeting with media representatives and giving interviews about ALGA work and the situation with animals rights in the home countries of EVS volunteers;
– helping in organizing events such as concerts with local artists, in order to raise awareness on the problem of animals rights and to fundraise money for the association activities for animals;
– organizing meetings with children in schools to inform them how to take care of animals and how to respect animals rights;
– updating website about current residents of the two shelters, helping to search for the hosting families for the dogs in Moldova and outside of Moldova;
– taking pictures of the hosted dogs and help to create the portfolios for every dog;
– finding hosting families for puppies;
– assisting ALGA team and working together with local volunteers on the international dog exhibitions organized Chisinau;
-suggesting events to organize for the international Day of Animals Rights;
– delivering their own ideas on how to promote the animals rights in Moldova and do some fundraising for the animals.

The second direction of work will be helping the ALGA team to take care of the dogs in the two shelters, therefore volunteer will be able to face the reality, understand better the problem of stray dogs in Moldova, develop team work competences, learn more about how to take care of the dogs and cats:
– to play and take out for walks the animals (under supervision of the shelter workers;
– to feed the animals, clean and take care of the cages and territory of the shelters;

2. Centre for Assistance and Protection for Victims and Potential Victims of Trafficking in Human Beings (CAP)
From May 2016 for 9-12 months

Centre for Assistance and Protection for Victims and Potential Victims of Trafficking in Human Beings (CAP) is the first contact point in Moldova for the persons returning home after a dreadful trafficking experience abroad. The Center, which has been operational since 2001, provides crisis interventions in a safe and friendly environment. During theIir stay at the shelter, residents can benefit from a range of “in-house” services.
The Centre offers
• Temporary Residence
• Psychological Counselling
• Social Support Medical Assistance
• Legal Support
• Recreational Activities
Volunteer will support the implementation of:
– social activities with beneficiaries of the CAP: manual work, sport activities, writing workshops, ice-breakers ( for community life), life skills activities ( managing a budget, developing self-confidence, self-knowledge, discussing about values, human rights, communication abilities….), sensitization about AIDS, familial planning;
– Accompanying beneficiaries to different places (for juridical procedures, vocational school, shopping….)
– Office support for staff
– Implementation of new services in the shelter (library, partnership with sports’ hall);
– Cultural excursions (theatre, museum, cinema, events in Chisinau…)
– Helping with the surveys (+ analysis of the results.) f.e. evaluation of the quality of the services
– Preparing events for the local volunteers

3.  Independent Journalism Centre
From May 2016+9-12 months
The Independent Journalism Center (IJC) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that provides assistance to journalists and media institutions in the Republic of Moldova. IJC sees its mission in supporting professional journalism and aims at contributing to the consolidation of a qualitative, independent and impartial press.
Our main activities are:
Media Law and Policy: (Offers consulting services in the field of media legislation, offers in-court representation, provides legislation analysis/expertise, monitors abuses of the freedom of expression and the rights of journalists);
Assistance and Professionalization of Media: (Works out and implements training programs for journalists and trainers from different media, participation of foreign and local experts, administers different journalistic competitions, organizes annual survey “Ten Journalists of the Year”.) Training: (Works out and implements IJC Graduate Journalism Program – the Chisinau School of Advanced Journalism (www.scoaladejurnalism.md));
Research and Publications: (Publishes a biannual analytical bulletin Mass Media in the Republic of Moldova, in Romanian, Russian and English, manages content of the web portal Moldova Azi (www.azi.md), commissions surveys and polls on relevant issues, etc., offers journalists Internet access and a library that contains around 50 publications from the Republic of Moldova and special literature from abroad) IJC also hosts the Press Club, meetings which are organized together with the Committee for Press Freedom.

The proposed activities for the volunteer are:
– supporting the IJC staff in preparing the weekly discussion club meetings at the Chisinau School of Advanced Journalism. The volunteer will help the academic coordinator with developing the agenda, inviting guests, moderating these informal discussions on various topics. The working language is English, Russian or Romanian; therefore it is important that the volunteer speaks at least one of these languages. When the invitees will not speak English, the meetings will be organised by the academic coordinator.
– helping the IJC program coordinators with organising short-term training programs for journalists on various topics: the volunteer will be involved in meeting foreign experts and accompanying them for sightseeing, will help with writing press releases after the event etc. Other concrete assignments could be: collecting feedback from the participants and following the event in order to assist in the preparation of the final report; setting-up a data-base of contacts, etc.
– participating in documentation of our programs (making photos, videos), helping IJC coordinators with designing posters, leaflets, and maintaining the English version of our website.
– contributing to editing and distributing the Media in Moldova analytical magazine: writing analytical articles on international developments in the media field and proofreading the English version of the magazine.
– contributing to maintaining the English version of the web portal Azi.Md: writing articles, taking and editing pictures, editing English version of news reports. Help the program coordinator with editing the English version of the Media News in Moldova bi-monthly newsletter.
– lobbying and providing relevant information to the IJC potential partner organizations. The volunteer could play a role in liaising with partners after a potential project has been identified. He could research it as well as seek possible funding opportunities. This would broaden the young person’s awareness of the project initiation cycle, its development and timetable of deadlines.
– we also will let the volunteer carry through his/her own ideas, s/he can work out his own programs, and/or s/he can improve our programs with new ideas.

4. Charity Association New Life (knowledge of Russian is essential!)
From May 2016 for 9-12 months

Association “New Life” is a charity organization. Our target group are people from socially excluded and vulunrable groups. “New Life” works to educate youth groups, schools and family groups on issues surrounding HIV/AIDS. We do this by running workshops, education programmes and campaigns. Trained staff front a successful programme which also supports indivduals and families affected by HIV/AIDS in Moldova.
We offer our beneficiaries opportunity to be involved in the sport group and courses of the Romanian language. Our beneficiaries can also come to us to sew, to watch TV, we offer for their disposal the washing machine. We provide our beneficiaries consultation from the psychologist, lawyer, social support, self-help groups, consultations “equal to equal”.
We have a small team of paid staff but relay on volunteers to support most of the work that they carry out especially in the prevention work that they do.
The volunteer will be helping “New Life” in the following activities:
• HIV/AIDs prevention work with youth.
Concrete tasks in this work area are: communicating with members of these groups, assistance in designing methods of work, participation in outreach activities, as well as collecting data on services provided.
• Assistance in designing the social program for people living with HIV/AIDS and providing psychosocial support and help.
Concrete tasks in this work area are : organizing excursions and cultural events (cinema, theatre etc.), assisting in writing articles for the web-sites, assisting in designing and delivering training programmes, assisting in organizing meetings of self- support
• Participation in our HIV/AIDS, reproductive health and substance abuse peer education program.
Concrete tasks in this work are: meeting with volunteers who do peer education program, contacting and meeting school authorities where education is to be conducted, designing the program of lectures/workshops, delivering lectures/workshops, evaluating lectures/workshops. Volunteer will undergo any relevant training in relation to these issues.
• Assistance to our staff in conducting campaigns.
Concrete tasks in this work are: assisting in designing promotional material for campaigns we organize, esp. 1st December campaign, as well as specific info material for certain vulnerable populations (such as Roma, etc), distributing info material with other volunteers
• Active membership in our youth club, where they will give their specific input and open new opportunities for learning (for both himself/herself and our volunteers).
Concrete tasks in this work are: preparing programs for meetings, delivering workshops, designing and implementing other activities for youth. These activities and tasks and its scope can of course be rearranged in accordance with volunteers’ personal preferences. Volunteers will be involved in fundraising, through preparing project proposals, applying for sponsorships etc. Thus, they will have the opportunity to think of a project of their own and to get full support from the staff and other volunteers for its realization.

5. Moldovan Institute for Human Rights (educational or working background in Human rights is essential!)
From June 2016 + 9-12 months
Moldovan Institute for Human Rights (IDOM) is an independent, non-profit organization founded in 2007 by a group of lawyers and defenders of human rights. The members of IDOM are experienced in monitoring the respect for human rights and the honoring of obligations which the Republic of Moldova accepted before the OSCE, the United Nations and the Council of Europe.The major aim of IDOM is to contribute to the education, promotion and defense of rights and liberties guaranteed by national and international legislation. The advocacy and litigation done by IDOM benefits not only certain specific groups, but the whole society. IDOM is concerned with the strongest violations of human rights, provoked by the ignorance of superior values such as individual liberty, social justice and equality and non-discrimination.
IDOM activities:
• Monitoring of diverse state institutions in order to track and practically eliminate the abuse of human rights;
• Judicial consultation on Human rights issues;
• Analysis of the legal framework;
• Strategic litigation (at national and international instance – European Court of Human Rights, UN Committees and others;
• Public Policy Analysis;
• Human Rights Education;
• Lobby;
In the team of IDOM we have professional lawyers and social workers. We also have a person appointed that is responsible for volunteer’s network of IDOM: national and international volunteers, This person introduces volunteers to institute’s work and activities, together with volunteers makes the activities plans and working schedules. Every project of IDOM has its own coordinator. Volunteer’s coordinator and project coordinators collaborate and assist volunteers in implementation of both daily office activities and special projects’ activities.

The volunteers will have the opportunity to get involved in various aspects of IDOM’s activities, such as:
• Trying to raise awareness of the organization by writing applications for possible funding opportunities, volunteer will be giving some applications and he will be asked to help with filling, proof-reading (in case if volunteers mother tongue is english), or give some ideas for activites that can be described in the application form.
• The volunteer will also manage there own personal project, such as arranging seminars, study visits and conferences, which focus on democracy in Moldova and greater awareness of human rights issues. The volunteer will be given a specific assignment and function in the preparation and execution phases of the event. They will get acquainted first-hand with all the organizational and logistic stages of a successful training event. Involvement in such activities brings multicultural exposure to the volunteers, as well as a feeling of recognition. Concrete assignments will include the following: the collection of information on the seminar/training topic in the participants’ countries; collecting feedback from the participants and follow the event in order to assist in the preparation of the final report; setting-up a data-base of contacts, etc. Determining this assignment would depend on the volunteers’ interest and particular skills.
• The volunteer will also follow European policy developments in the Moldovan youth sector and preparing European projects. For which, the volunteer will be liaising with IDOM partners after a potential project have been identified. They could research it as well as seek possible funding opportunities. This would broaden the volunteer’s awareness of the project initiation cycle, its development and timetable of deadlines. Concrete activities could be writing the IDOM Newsletter and updating the IDOM website.
• The volunteer will assist with research projects. In particular, they will help IDOM in finding partners and creating new projects in Europe and the rest of the world. IDOM has a strong interest in establishing new partnerships with the countries where they do not have partner organizations. The tasks related to this activity are to identify the institutions, the local groups and organizations as well as any other parties involved in the implementation of (Inter)-Governmental programmers. Information of the sort would provide links to potential future partners. The volunteer’s task would be to assist in this research by contacting the different agencies, institutions etc, thus finding out about current priorities and activities in the respective countries.
• The volunteer will manage a clear-cut project :in line with their skills, personal interests and goals; this will also be an opportunity for them to develop their own ideas or initiative.

6. Charity Centre for Refugees
From June 2016+9-12 months

Charity Centre for Refugees (CCR) was created on the initiative of some volunteers with the support of UNHCR Branch Office in the Republic of Moldova in October 1999. The Charity Centre is a non-political, non-governmental and non-profit organisation.
CCR’s main objectives are to provide cultural, moral and material assistance to refugees and asylum seekers in the Republic of Moldova and to assist them integrating into the Moldovan society.
CCR’s main activities are services to refugees and asylum seekers in the Republic of Moldova, so that they could come and discuss their common interests and problems, participate in different events, meetings, seminars, etc. CCR organises international, national, cultural and religious celebrations for refugees and asylum seekers and their children like the International Women’s Day, the International Children’s Day, World Refugee Day, New Year (Novroz), Christian and Moslem holidays, Christmas, Easter, Martisor and etc.The Charity Centre collaborates with Bureau of Migration and Asylum, besides that CCR is in cooperation with TAC – Temporary Accommodation Centre for refugees where refugees live in a community until the decision about their situation is taken. The volunteer will have opportunity to visit TAC on regular basis where assist on art workshop and organize the workshops for refugee women and children.

Typical working week of the volunteer could consist of following activities:
Monday to Friday:
Individual assistance to the beneficiaries of the Charity Centre and to its staff.
Planning of events. Preparation for the pottery workshop at the State Reception Centre for Refugees and Asylum Seekers; Discussions with the supervisor. Individual assistance to the beneficiaries of the Charity Centre and to its staff. Planning of and preparation for events. Assistance to the supervisor; Visit to State Reception Centre for Refugees and Asylum Seekers. Pottery workshop. Help in coordinating pottery workshop;
Making Power-Point presentations, articles for blog. Preparing workshops. Looking for fundraising opportunities Making Power-Point presentations, articles for blog. Preparing workshops. Looking for fundraising opportunities Making Power-Point presentations, articles for blog. Preparing workshops. Looking for fundraising opportunities Making Power-Point presentations, articles for blog. Preparing workshops. Looking for fundraising opportunities
Besides this the volunteer will be offered to visit TAC (Temporary Accommodation Center for refugees) once per week (Monday or Saturday) and different workshops and activities will be held there. The role of every volunteer is to help in many areas, so any volunteer can find satisfaction.

7.  OWH Studio – Movie/Film Project
From June 2016+9-12 months
Our intention is to eliminate the barriers between people with different cultures, different native languages and interests. During our 17 years experience as an NGO in the cinema field, we have learnt on our own what they always say – art is strong way to unite people. We intend to stay close to what we are good at. The cinema is a multidisciplinary domain and the final video output is the work of several departments, people with different backgrounds, skills, tastes and personalities. In the end it’s one film. We are interested in future international collaborations with young people and active organizations in order to develop new ideas, concepts and partnerships. We are interested in offering more possibilities to the young people in Moldova and this can be made by the great power of information. Youth exchange is a non-traditional and secure way of learning by communication and team work. It is something that inspires people, form personalities and stays with them.
Since, 2001, we organize CRONOGRAF – an international documentary film festival in Chisinau, the Republic of Moldova. During these 13 years, we made connections with dozens of volunteers that got involved and helped our team: local volunteers and international volunteers that contacted us from their own initiative and came in Moldova and became part of our base team.
Besides CRONOGRAF, the future projects we intend to work on are cross-sectoral: project related to cinema and culture in general with the participation of young people from completely other spheres of activity.
Our Studio has a variety of projects to coordinate through the year. Accodring to the time of arrival of volunteer, he/she will be involved into the current on-going project. Besides that there is a certain list of tasks that volunteer can do regardless time and current project flow.The activities are:
–       Being  part of a press bureau during International Documentary Film- Festival IDFF CRONOGRAF, that OWH TV Studio organizes every year in spring. Volunteer will be part of the organizational team and will work on the concept development of the festival and will assist in logistics and videos production, will take interviews of the participants of festival, will write articles about the films and activities of the festival, will take photos of the events .
–       Being part of the creative team of OWH TV Studio: social videos and creative documentaries production. Volunteer will have to elaborate concept of videos and documentaries, will organize in working groups and brainstorming, will take part in the filming team of the social documentary, will do the film image and film directing assistance , volunteer can also play a role of actor in film making or assistant in the technical team of film elaboration.
–       Writing and producing cultural projects / cinema trainings: volunteer will search for possible grants programme within the audio-visual production field, will develop and write projects and apply for granting of the developed projects.
–       Assisting in seminars and training organized by OWH in the field of audio-visual production both on national and international levels.
–       Being part of the organizational team: Volunteer will assist in film screenings, what includes assisting in logistics, organization of film screening, helping with equipment, etc.

8. International Center for Protection and Promotion of Women Rights La Strada(knowledge of Romanian is essential)
From May +9-12 months

The International Center “La Strada” is a part of the international network of Prevention of Trafficking in Women in Central and Eastern Europe that includes 9 organizations in 9 countries (that are the origin countries as well as the destination one) implementing the La Strada Program Prevention of Traffic in Women in Central and Eastern Europe (The Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Republic of Moldova, Byelorussia, Macedonia, Bosnia & Herzegovina).
Being founded in 2001, the International Center for Women Rights Protection and Promotion “La Strada”, has imposed in the Republic of Moldova’ social life and for now possess an unique experience and competence in following areas of work:
– Prevention of Domestic Violence
– Promotion Safety online for children
– commercial sexual exploitation of children.
Also we are involved in different prevention program that:
• Educate the potential migrants with regard to migration and danger of human trafficking
• Optimize the national resources for prevent domestic violence.
• Facilitate the access to quality based and secure assistance
• Monitor of the situation in Moldova in the field of trafficking of human beings, commercial sexual exploitation of children and domestic violence
• Provide assistance to the national decision factors
Local volunteers along with EVS volunteers are involved in the following activities:
• Seminars in schools and universities on prevention of human trafficking, physical abuse once/twice per week
• Flash mobs to raise public awareness on prevention and combating of human trafficking, physical abuse through the course of the year
• Social Campaigns through the course of the year
• Organizing competitions for pupils who study in orphanages through the course of the year
We have 19 full staff members and 27 local volunteers in Chisinau.
We work with children, youth and adults depending on the topic from urban and rural areas, in Chisinau and all around Moldova.
he volunteer’s task could be different depending on ability and willingness to engage:

1. Helping in organizing social projects with local volunteers: organization, monitoring, perform photographic documentation, perform evaluation of projects ( e.g. meetings, trainings, courses). The work will be out and indoor.
2. The work in the office: to lead correspondence by e- mail, technical assistance.
3. Promotional activities: updating web page, participation in social events, writing articles, taking photos, creating and printing a bulletin, creation of promotional materials: videos, leaflets, posters.
4. Activities for fundraising in support of our direct services (an EVS volunteer with clerical skills can serve our foundation by helping in the office with simple administrative duties; fundraising responsibilities can range from preparing mailings or thank you letters to organizing fundraising events and contacting possible donors);
5. Running their own activities, e.g. presentation of the culture of their country, hobby) for different local volunteer groups and institutions.

9.  Ecovisio:
From May-June for 9-12 months
•       EcoViso focuses its work on youth empowerment and environmental education and action. Through such programs as ActivEco-Sustainability in Action, Social Entrepreneurship, Climate LaunchPad and Eco-village Moldova we help young people develop leadership, networking and project management skills to address environmental issues and bring social innovation to their communities.
Support EcoVisio staff and members in the following: – event management (organizing youth trainings, Eco-fairs, workshops, etc.) – fundraising and grant-writing (help organize local fundraisers, research funding opportunities, help write project proposals) – contributing to the development of a Resource Center for environmental education in Riscova that will focus on practical trainings and sharing sustainable practices in the areas of eco-construction, organic gardening, energy efficiency and more.