flaga-e1419606043990Stowarzyszenie Bona Fides i Organizacja Arci Strauss zapraszają do udziału w szkoleniu pt. Social Media to Activate Youth and Communities w Nicolosi na Sycylii w termine 5-12 października 2016. Liczba miejsc ograniczona!

Termin nadsyłania zgłoszeń: 17 lipca 2016

Aby wziąć udział w rekrutacji prosimy o wypełnienie specjalnego formularza zgłoszeniowego: PARTICIPANTS_APPLICATION_FORM i przysłanie swojego CV w j. angielskim na adres: natalia@bonafides.pl

Szczegóły poniżej.


The project will be held in Nicolosi – Sicily from  5th to 12th October, 2016 (travel days included),  and will involve 32 participants. 

Each organization will participate with 2 participants. The project covers 100% of food and accommodations cost,  while travel costs are related to travel distance.


The participants will be divided into rooms of 3 guests, separated by gender. Note that, to develop integration, participants of the same nationality will be divided in different rooms.

Social Media to Activate Youth and Communities is a training course based in part on non-formal and in part on the principles of hands-on learning and transfer of skills, however according to non-formal technics . Nowadays, it is vital for young people and civil society youth organizations to grasp the work of social media, not only because they are tools of free promotion of one’s activities and projects, but also because they are now the most powerful tools that activate communities behind a cause.
The course will present to the participants the basics of communication, public speaking, influence, persuasion and rhetoric and how this applies to social media and how messages and values are transmitted to the public and audience. The TC will consider the sociology and psychology of mass communication, as well as analyze the most recent existing movements that have made extensive use of social media, which have proved to be essential for their success.
The most important part of the TC includes strong elements of practice and hands-on transfer of knowledge, in which everything that has been learned during the sessions can be put into practice through the development of a media strategy and its implementation under the support and the coaching of the international trainers. In fact, the training course is aimed at youth workers, young activists, members of youth organizations who may face difficulties in promoting their work and values among the general public and audience and to who wants to gain more knowledge of the issues considered.

The project, which will take place in Sicily in Nicolosi, a small town at the foot of Etna volcano, will have great impact on the ability of the participants to reflect on the new dynamics that characterize the “social media” in Europe and, through the use of methods non-formal learning will provide them with the skills and tools to approach it with confidence and creativity, so that it could fall into multiple personal opportunities. For this reasons, the TC will have a deep impact on the participants and will give a great contribution to:
– Develop bases on communication, public communication, influence, persuasion and rhetoric and how this applies to social media and how messages and values are transmitted to the general public and audience;
– Develop the skills and abilities of youth workers to support the active participation of young people in the context of the local communities, through the use of instruments and methods of social media.
– Examine the possibilities for use of social media for youth activism;
– Reflect on the non-formal education, of its methods and the applicability of them within social networks;
– Develop creative and attractive ways to leverage social media for youth activism, with particular attention to civil engagement;
– Identify opportunities for engagement of local communities and design and develop action plans for the use of social media in the local contexts of reference.

The training course, through activities based on the methods of non-formal learning, will directly involve 32 youth workers from 16 countries 2 participants per each organization (Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Italy, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Serbia, Spain and Turkey) and will last nine days, from 5th to 12th October 2016 (including travel days).

Accommodations are at the Biancaneve Hotel, a nice hotel in Nicolosi which is a charming town at the foot of the Etna Volcano. The hotel is surrounded by picturesque pine trees and has been built in classic Mediterranean style in full compliance with the Natural Park. The hotel completely renovated offers a wide range of services. It has a comfortable meeting room, breakfast room and bar. It has rooms with air conditioning, private bathroom, free WI-FI. We will give you an access password during the first day of the seminar. The whole structure, apart from some rooms, is at the disposal of the seminar’s participants. You will be divided in nice comforting rooms of 3 bed placements. The division will be by gender. Beds are provided with sheets, while the bathrooms are provided with towels. CHECK-OUT TIME: 11.00AM
We please you to don’t be too loud after 11 pm, as the hotel will host many other guests.
We please you to do not smoke inside the room or in the other common spaces of the hotel such as activity room, social room, etc.
We please you to respect the pace of the workshops and to do not be late for the activities
We only ask you to bring personal things such as your sandals, shampoos etc.
For things to run smoothly, we kindly ask you to oblige by these guidelines.
Please refrain from making changes or suggestions impossible for us to meet.
Finally, we kindly ask you to keep your hotel room clean.

Hotel Biancaneve
Via Etnea, 163
95030 Nicolosi (CT)
Tel. +39 095 911176 / 095 911194
Fax. +39 095 911194
E-Mail: info@hotel-biancaneve.com
Web.site www.hotel-biancaneve.com

All meals will be served at the restaurant in the Biancaneve Hotel.
Breakfast will be served as a buffet. It includes coffee, tea milk, biscuits, cereals, yogurt, fruit, jams, croissants etc. In Italy, breakfast is generally on the light side. It is very sweet oriented and it offers salty foods too.
Lunch will be served in Biancaneve Hotel with a wide range of traditional Sicilian/Italian foods. Meals will always include mixed vegetables, salads, breads and fruit.
If anyone is on a special food diet due to health problems or has special needs regarding your daily nutrition, (gluten free food, no pork ect.) please feel free to let us know in advance through the application form. We will inform the restaurant to prepare a menu’ for those participants who are on a special food diet.
Non-alcoholic drinks will be served during lunch.
Dinner will be served at the Biancaneve Hotel and it will have the same characteristics of the lunch