flaga_niemiecStowarzyszenie BONA FIDES i organizacja Schloss Bröllin z Niemiec poszukują wolontariuszy na projekt EVS w Bröllin, Fahrenwalde.
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Termin nadsyłania zgłoszeń: 24 lipca 2016

Organizacja przyjmująca : Schloss Bröllin
Miejsce: Bröllin, Fahrenwalde, Niemcy
Tytuł projektu: GRACE
Termin nadsyłania zgłoszeń: 24/07/2016
Czas trwania wolontariatu: September 2016 – March 2017 (6 miesięcy)
Ilość wolnych miejsc: 2 wolontariuszy z Polski

Stowarzyszenie Schloss Bröllin wspierające badania sztuki międzynarodowej zostało założone w 1992 przez grupę kreatywnych i zaangażowanych osób. Stowarzyszenie aktywnie promuje pionerskie, międzydyscyplinarne projekty artystyczne i łączy artystów, naukowców, producentów a także organizatorów na poziomie międzynarodowym. Niektórzy artyści zamieszkują Zamek w Broellinie, realizując długoterminowe projekty w dziedzinie sztuki performatywnej i plastycznej. Zadaniem wolontariuszy będzie prowadzenie zamku pod względem turystycznym. Będą zajmować się niewielkimi naprawami, renowacjami, prowadzeniem ogrodu oraz pomocą w przygotowaniu hotelu zlokalizowanego w Zamku na przyjazd gości.

Description of organisation
Schloss Bröllin, today known as international research location, is an 800-year-old estate, located approx. 120 km northeast of Berlin close to Pasewalk (and approx. 45 km away from Szczecin/Poland. The closeness to the border nurtures exchange with this EU country, and is cultivated and part of daily life). As a cultural estate in a rural area of Mecklengburg- Western Pommerania, the rural district of Uecker-Randow, it is a magnet for scores of visitors and provides for enrichment in intercultural activity in an economically underdeveloped region.
The association of Schloss Bröllin, founded in 1992, considers itself a patron of interdisciplinary and new forward-looking art projects, primarily in the area of dance, theatre, performance, as well as object and installation art. The association brings together artists, scholars, producers, organisers and other projects on a broad international level.
The grounds consist of cobblestone and constitute a self contained overall ensemble. With several dance studios, production and seminar rooms, as well as overnight accommodation and catering facilities (on a total area of 45 000 m²), the estate offers space for artists to rehearse, experiment, train and relax.
For volunteers and employees of the Schloss there is the possibility for retreat as well as socialising with guests and visitors in the common rooms or, in summer, at the evening bonfire. The accommodation is homely and plain. Residents live in their own rooms and share a bathroom. In winter we are responsible for heating our rooms with the use of a coal and wood stove. Schloss Bröllin is a special place. Initially these basic on-site conditions may seem a little daunting but you will soon be charmed by the nature that surrounds the place. In addition to contact with the residents and employees there is a regular exchange of contact with international guests.
With the new strategic marketing adjustments that commenced approx the internationality of Schloss Bröllin and its value for the cultural development of the region Mecklenburg – Vorpommern beyond its already existing status will continue to be promoted.

Proposed Activities
The main objective of the project is the active involvement of our volunteers in the process of developing a relevant connection between East and West; Germay and Poland. To this end they shall work within a varied capacity at Scloss bröllin eV. Regionally, we are located near the Polish border where we share many years of experience with our Polish partners and with whom we work to counter time and again reservations and preconceptions amongst our two regions. One of the main goals of the project is to experience the varied cultural and social conditions in the various countries of Europe, with which we are confronted in our everyday work.From the moment they arrive our volunteers can improve their independence of character, ability to work autonomously as well as sociability and team spirit.

Three fields of actions:

1. Garden work
We have a huge garden and a green house, in means of sustainebility and quality we try to shift to homegrown and organic food. Experience within garden work and agriculture is advantageous.

About 3 years ago volunteers of schloss broellin started to slowly recover an area that was formerly used as a garden but had been abandoned a couple of years. Since the beginning of using the area a green house and several beds had been installed.
The long term goal is to provide a significant amount of food for the inhabitants and the guests of Bröllin and reduce the amount of food coming from industrial agriculture in order to establish and use nutrient circles with the local accumulated biological waste, and create rich soils without artificial manure.

The work involves typical garden work according to the principles of  permaculture and biodynamics. As to this point roughly a 30% of the available area also includes the reclamation of grassland and establish further beds.
Particular Projects without a specific timeframe are the building of a shed for tools, fences to protect the garden from deer, a chickenhouse and a pizza oven. Another and constant task is the caring for green structures of the waste premisses of Bröllin fe. cutting grass, cutting Trees and trimming shrubs. In Fall fruits are collected and processed for jam or juice.

2. Assistance in booking and caring for guests
 This means to be a contact person for our guests, receive their needs and requirements (also in the phase before their actual stay) – be there as a link between the groups/guests and the team of Bröllin.

This is one of the main tasks. when we have groups rotating it means getting the rooms ready. While having the guests it also means assisting in the kitchen with cooking and cleaning. One of the dutys everybody is doing in a rotation system is also hosting the bar.

The person doing this job should be fluent in English and ideally German and very ideally master a third language. Also this job requires certain social skills.

3. Construction
We have been renovating during the last two years and we are not yet finished – we have lot of work inside the main house but also on securing and renovating structures on the premisses. Future building sites would be the main kitchen we will hopefully renovate at the end of the year. Experience in construction ist adavantageous. We have permanent renovation works going on securing and renovating structures on the premises. Support in those works can occure when needed.

As in summer we are usually hosting guests 24/7 we have shifting workdays respectively weekends to have people in charge also on saturday/sunday. Of cause those things are agreed beforehand at meetings to organize the work and of cause everybody will have two consecuent days off per week.

Volunteer profile

We are looking for people interested in gardening work and familiar with the basics of permaculture. Sophisticated knowledge in fe. arboriculture or botany are advantageous. As we are comunicating mostly english – fluent english is mandatory.

The volunteers and other residents of Bröllin are living together in a community based in a shared flat at the mansion. We have common bathrooms and kitchen. The cleaning and other aspects of community life are organized amongst the inhabitants in weekly meetings. Therefore you should bring certain disposition for living in a community.

The rooms are mostly equipped with a central heating and wifi.

We look forward to hearing from you.