P1090669Zachęcamy do przeczytania podsumowania projektu  wolontariusza europejskiego Giorgiego Turkadze, który spędził rok w Katowicach, pracując w naszej organizacji – Stowarzyszeniu BONA FIDES.

“Life is an adventure – It has always been the motto of my life, so now I want to tell you about the country which has given me the biggest number of memories in my life than any other ever. I still remember my first day in Poland and my expectations, excitement, hunger of collecting memories. Now when I look back and sum the year up, I have a smile of confidence and satisfaction playing on my face. The first place which I have visited in Poland was McDonalds in Galeria Katowicka, I still remember my reaction when I saw the last floor with full of fast-food companies and I remember also how much I had
spent in the first month to check out all of them. During the first day, the workers of our hosting organization cared a lot for us as we were provided with food, drinks and everything what was needed. EVS experience have changed a lot of times, have shaped my personality in different ways possible, have made several influences. First two months I spent in Ligota Dormitory which is a beautiful place to live but far from city center. During my stay I was sharing flat with Spanish project-mate from whom I learned some
interesting things about Spain, life – Its really worthy experience to live with someone having different background, culture, traditions, you just need to observe, smile and respect – That’s where personal growth start. Our EVS team was completed with the people from Italy, Georgia and Spain. More or less, I have got more information about these European countries. Apart from the cultural and personal development, which comes from the moment when you stay out from your country and comfort zone alone, my project activities have developed my skills and approaches to many different things in life. My activities have included giving English lessons, going for monitoring tourist information centers and city halls in Silesia, making presentations about EVS and Georgia, working with children and etc. All of them have improved my skills in other ways.
The country and city has met my expectations, I have travelled a lot in Poland and Silesia, as it was a part of my project. I have also visited the capitals of some border countries and they really impressed me, helped me to grow, get mature and well-rounded person.
Moreover, I have been a volunteer on some different music festivals and evens which were carried out in Katowice, I have made my dreams come true and have attended my favourite bands and this fact really make me proud of myself as I have managed to do it even with the lack of resources. To sum up. My EVS experience have been outstanding as I have developed personally, psychologically, have become more aware, well-organized and, on the other hand, I have collected lots of good memories in Katowice which will live with me all life.”