AustriaStowarzyszenie Bona Fides i InfoEck – Jugendinfo Tirol poszukują wolontariuszy na zaakceptowany projekt EVS w Tirol, Austria.
Zgłoszenia (CV oraz list motywacyjny w języku angielskim) prosimy przesyłać na wszystkie trzy adresy mailowe:; i W tytule maila proszę wpisać: “EVS in Tirol, Austria”.

Deadline: 31/08/2018

Organizacja przyjmująca: InfoEck – Jugendinfo Tirol
Deadline: 31/08/2018
Daty aktywności: beginning of October 2018 – July 2019

Topics: Youth centre work, Children and youth, Youth leisure, Participation

Tasks & Activities of the volunteer: The volunteer will be engaged in a variety of tasks and  activities, 35 hours per week, on five days per week. The volunteer is supported by the team and will participate in team meetings. The main tasks and activities of the volunteer in this project are:

– The most important “activity” is to get in contact with the young visitors at the youth centre. It is important that the person likes to play and communicate with youngsters and like to listen. Each of us in the team is some kind of a “role model”, also the volunteer.

– Involvement in leisure activities with our visitors (for example: table tennis, cooking, baking, handicraft, creative workshops, football, helping with their homework, workshops on different topics like health, self-esteem etc.)

– Occasionally, we host parties in the youth centre or organise open-air events – the volunteer will be able to participate in both.

– The volunteer is warmly invited to provide information and workshops about his/her country of origin and share own culture with our youth centre.

– The volunteer can help the young visitors to get the courage to participate in some international programme too, so that our visitors get an Idea of different lifestyles and the diversity in the world.

Hostin Organization: Located in Jenbach, Tyrol, Austria “POINT” focuses on the areas of leisure activities (indoor & outdoor activities, sport activities, cultural events, health etc.), information and counseling of youth who live in and around Jenbach. The main emphasis being put on organising meaningful ways for young people to spend their free time. The visitors are between 10 and 18 years old. We provide a safe place where we try to meet their needs. We support a respectful atmosphere and a convenient location where everybody is welcome, with no distinctions of their religion, background, nationality, gender. We try to offer a secure environment for our young visitors and provide different possibilities to spend their spare time in a meaningful way. There is a regular weekly programme and additionally we also offer internet, music, dancing, different games, football and basketball, tabletop. We regularly organise parties and projects for and with young people. Consulting and accompanying young people in their individual needs like finding a job, dealing with conflicts in their families and offering decent information concerning drug abuse, sexuality, education… are other important issues in our work. We always work in teams (pairs), both in the youth centre and on the street in public spaces. They are supported by youth workers and can talk to them about their interests and needs.

Location, Housing, Funding: “Point” is located in the community Jenbach, with about 7.000 inhabitants. Jenbach lies between Ziller-valley (“Zillertal”) and Achensee, two touristic areas that are famous for winter and summer sports. Hiking and Skiing is very common here. Innsbruck, the capital town of Tirol (40km away) is an interesting and nice town where young folks like to meet and to party. Jenbach lies on the main route of the local train system so everybody can easily reach Innsbruck. Schwaz, the capital town of the district, is quite close and offers many bars and a concert hall and in summer it is easy to reach with a bicyle (8 Km). We offer a flat where the volunteer will live on his or her own in Jenbach. Transportation to work is not needed; everything is within walking-distance. Public transport is easily accessible and well organized. The volunteer will be able to eat lunch and dinner at the local social centre seven days a week. For the breakfasts, weekend days and holidays as well as for cooking dinner for him/herself once in a while, the volunteer will receive enough extra money. This project is funded by the EU-programme “Erasmus+: Youth in Action”. The volunteering project is financed by the EU and the hosting organisation. The volunteer will receive a monthly pocket money of Euro 120. The volunteer will also receive insurance, a funded German course and some travel support money (for the journey to the project and inside Tyrol).

Profile of the volunteer: We want to open up our volunteering position to young people from different backgrounds and with different lifestyles from EU and EEA countries. We are looking to add diversity to our organisation. We would be happy to host a volunteer who: is interested in learning more about our youth work and who is open to working with children and youths; is open-minded and creative; is willing to work in a team and reflect her/his work; is motivated to learn German (and some Tyrolean German dialect); -brings her/his own culture and interests into the project; is ready to volunteer for 10 months starting in October 2018.

How to apply: If interested, please send your CV in English to the Bona Fides Association’s EVS coordinator Magdalena Bigewska (, EVS coordinator Mariachiara ( and to the Hosting organisation ( no later than the 31st of May. Write in the title: “EVS in Tirol, Austria”.