slovakia-flag-stdThe Bona Fides Association and the Slovakian organization „ECCSR DOBRO” are looking for volunteers for the „ECCSR ” project.

The Applications (CV and cover letter) should be sent to: and In the title of the email, please write: „EVS in Bratislava, Slovakia, ECCSR  – application”


Receiving organization  : ECCSR DOBRO

Location : Bratislava, Slovakia

Deadline  : 26/09/2018

Duration  : 10 months

Mobility period : from 1st October 2018 to 31st July 2019 (the detailed dates can be changed but the number of days of the volunteering period stays always the same)

ECCSR an umbrella organization with its 12 member has diverse activities thanks to its programs and working groups. Member churches offer to the volunteers various activities in its members´ movement. The volunteers might be also helping the coordinator of the volunteer program. (3 volunteers/11 months).
The volunteers will be doing their activities at the senior house helping elderly; center for mentally and physically disabled helping disabled,   social centers with low-threshold program for kids and teenagers helping with free time activities. The volunteers also might be involved in other activities that our members provide. Minimum requirement EN language (intermediate),  volunteer with some experience from the church life /activities/is welcomed;  from any country.

International voluntary service – exchanging program

ECCSR has been working in this area (coordinating, hosting and sending volunteers) since 2005. Since that time we have been coordinating more then 130 volunteers from EU and USA. In Slovakia we cooperate with the hosting placements where our volunteers are placed during their stay. The main program that covers the costs of the project is EVS (European voluntary service) or some other special programs of our sending partners (Germany).
Besides the regular working activities at the center the volunteer can experience life with the other international volunteers that are coordinated by ECCSR. We provide 3 extra seminars (on arrival + Intensive Slovak language course; midterm and evaluation). We accompany the volunteers through the long life learning process that is the main reason for hosting the volunteers through our organization. Though we are the church based organization we are open for any volunteer. However we put a big stress on volunteers who respect the Christian principles which are the basic of our service and some of our hosting placements and volunteers.

Accomodation, transport from the residence to the job placement, food and pocket money will be provided by the Organization.

Selection process
ECCSR focuses on finding out what each young person offers (his/her abilities) and where he/she can imagine spending 11 or 12 months. During recruiting process ECCSR tries to talk individually with each candidate about his/her gifts, talents, skills and passions trying to find out the motivation and the best match with the hosting placement as possible. Recruitment process is done carefully with spending some time with each candidate for E+ volunteering. We want to find out his/her motivation, expectations. We try to have a personal contact with everyone, if needed one to one confidential conversation etc. Interview can give us more information about applicant’s level of the commitment. All organizations maintain the overall accessibility of E+ volunteering for all young people, without prejudice related to ethnic group, religion, sexual orientation or political opinion. When decision is done both, the volunteer and the hosting organization with the coordination of ECCSR, have to approve the final decision. Only after the both sides give a positive approval, the volunteer is accepted in the program and is consecutively prepared for his or her stay in the volunteering program in Slovakia.

For more informations about the selection phase check ECCSR page.