The Bona Fides Association and the Latvian organization “Siguldas Alternativa izglītība ” are looking for the “EVS 4 sustainable life” project (Creative Center of Sigulda) project.  

The Applications (CV and cover letter) should be sent to :, and In the title of the email, please write: “EVS in Sigulda, LATVIA (Creative Center of Sigulda) – application”


Receiving organization  : Siguldas Alternativa izglītība

Location  : Sigulda, LATVIA

Deadline  : 26/09/2018  

Duration  : 12 months   

Mobility period : 11/10/2018 – 5/10/2019 OR 26/9/2018 – 29/9/2019

Tasks of the volunteer  :

Creative Centre of Sigulda is local public institutions founded by Sigulda City Counci and offer pre-school and non-formal education programs for children and youth. There are 3 different sections:

  1. Children’s group “Chestnut” (age 2-7) is working with small groups, focusing on each child’s individual capacity building to prepare them for school. Parents always have an opportunity to participate in classes, learning the basics of playing as well as receive staff recommendations for children’s development.
  2. School-age children’s center “Idea House” (age 7-12) brings together children after school for spending their free time in meaningful, cognitive and actively atmosphere. “Idea House” is a safe place for children after school, here they can do their homeworks, meet with friends, drink some tea, play a variety of board games, Lego, participate in creative workshops. Under supervision of 3 teachers children can learn new skills, working with different materials and creating useful things – souvenirs, gifts and congratulations.
  3. Youth Initiative Centre “Objective” brings together creative and active young people (age 12-20) to spend their free time useful and implement new practical ideas. There is possible to learn English for free or play the guitar, organize different seminars and lectures on topics of youth interests. The group of young people named “Sigulda Multi movement”, which is dealing with the street gymnastics, combining athletic gymnastics, hip-hop culture, “Parkour” movement, as well as further sports events, became very popular. The youth from the Centre is actively involved in voluntary work for local community. They are involved in organization of educational, cultural and sports events, as well as in various charity events and visits to the elderly. More than 174 volunteer certificates have already been issued in last 5 years.

Since 2012 the Creative Centre of Sigulda organizes summer day camps for kids and youngsters like “Your summer club”, “Feelings researcher laboratory”. In 2014 was organized day camp “Your interest circle” for children from social risk families, as well as environmental camp “Eco-village construction” for teenagers.

For more information you can see here:  “Interešu izglītība” and (in Latvian).

Requirements to  youngster : More independent, creative, active youngster with leadership, planning and organizational skills, loving children or youngsters, getting fun from spending time together with children or youngsters. The skills of using Social media, Photoshop will be counted as good for youngster.

The main activities or tasks of volunteers will include daily assistance to CCS’ staff while doing educational, creative, and leisure time activities with the children / youngsters after school (for example, help in doing homework’s, playing games, painting, crafts, modeling, etc.); and as a part of CCS’ team volunteers will have opportunity to take part in arrangement of annual Latvian festivals (Michael, Martin, Christmas, Easter, Midsummer etc.), CCS’s summer activities (day camps, music and art festivals, street gymnastics etc.), afternoon parties, music or foreign language clubs, etc. In Youth Initiative Centre “Objective” volunteer is more independent and can realize his/her own ideas together with youngsters – organizing activities, trekking, cycling trips, teaching languages, making art etc. Volunteers will be involved in all process – planning and organizing of activities, evaluation and feedback.

What we can offer:  You will be able to choose to work with children or with youngsters (or both), fun, independence in your work, active daily life, great team members, healthy life-style, participating in many workshops offered by the organization or making your own ideas, a lot of friends.

Accommodation and funding :

Accommodation-rented and well equipped rooms or flat in the city / separate or shared room in a host family (the living space will have the equipment necessary for the coexistence of the volunteer) / youth hostel

Transportation-within the city – by foot or bicycle. Public transport available very often to Rīga, Cēsis

  • Transportation from airport at the beginning and to the airport at the end, to Arrival and Midterm training is paid.
  • Transportation to other hosting organizations in Latvia is paid 2 times per  EVS period.

Pocket money-EUR 90 per month for household, hygiene, medical goods.

Food-150 EUR per month to shop at grocery stores or coffee shops (but no alcohol, cigarettes, household, hygiene or medical goods). The volunteers have to collect recipes for the food and make expenses report every month. It will be possible to have meals (breakfast, tea break and lunch) in some hosting organizations!


Insurance-EVS insurance plan:ttps:// For European Union citizens with EHIC, the medical expenses will be reimbursed in their home country. We are suggesting checking the possibilities, in order to get reimbursement in your National Health Department before EVS.

Communications – prepaid telephone card with limited amount (for calls in Latvia, Limited Internet)

Free time-EVS volunteers have 2 additional free days per months. In case of infection / health problems, volunteers are allowed to stay 3 days without doctor’s notice. EVS volunteers will be informed about the city (dancing, theater, trekking, music, sports, etc.) See also: http: //tourism.sigulda .lv /

Participants’ profiles  :                                                                                

– be available for the duration of the volunteering period and pre-departure training;

– strong motivation for work in a different area;

– work requires psychological and physical resistance, patience and compassion;

– volunteers must be active, flexible, creative, responsible, with good communication skills, ready for teamwork;

– volunteers must be

– volunteers should be ready for independent life, winter season, open to living for people from different countries.

How to apply  :

The Applications (CV and cover letter) should be sent to :, and no later than August, 25th. In the title of the email, please write: “EVS in Sigulda, LATVIA (Waldorf kindergarten of Sigulda) – application”