image_37 The Bona Fides Association and the Latvian organization “Siguldas Alternativa izglītība ” are looking for the “EVS 4 sustainable life” (– Ligatne’s kindergarten) project. The Applications (CV and cover letter) should be sent to :, and In the title of the email, please write: “EVS in Sigulda, LATVIA (Ligatne’s kindergarten) – application”


Receiving organization  : Siguldas Alternativa izglītība

Location  :Sigulda, LATVIA

Deadline  : 26/09/2018  

Duration  : 10-12 months   

Mobility period : 26/09/2018 – 20/09/2019 OR 25/08/2018 – 30/06/2019 (the detailed dates can be changed but the number of days of the volunteering period stays always the same)

Tasks of the volunteer

Kindergarten of Ligatne (children of age 1.5 – 7) achieve pre-school education or in primary school (children of age 6 – 9) achieve primary education. The organisation is founded and acting since 1940. Organisation is located in two houses in Augsligatne: kindergarten with 5 groups (110 children) and school with 3 classes. The kindergarten’s aim is to prepare children for elementary school, the school aim is to prepare children for secondary school. Their pedagogy is based on natural laws of surrounding world, physical activities and developing body and soul of individuality. Also they are motivating children to inquire about the world, environment, cross-culture and promoting them to become as responsible citizens with a high degree of social competence. Although their pedagogy is based on the standards of the state, their pedagogues are interested in human pedagogy and applying the methods of it in their work. The work is based on child individuality, their abilities and skills are recognised and improved. Beyond the lessons children are playing on free and creative ambiance as in kindergarten as on outside activities. They have an English language lessons, dancing lessons and opportunity to acquire skills on performing acting at concerts, competitions and theatre.

The main activities or tasks of volunteers are talking with children and colleagues in foreign language so they can learn languages in their daily life. Volunteers are organising the play lessons in foreign language for children starting from 3 years, making some methodical materials to teach them basic foreign language. Or volunteers can participate in play lessons with children as assistants to the pedagogues to speak in his/her home country language or English. Therefore children learns foreign language via plays, games, theatre and have an interest about languages, other culture, people from different countries. The volunteer can organise other activities for local inhibitions.

Requirements to youngster: Active, emphatic, calm in work with children. No previous experience in work with children but loving children, get fun from organizing activities with children, walking and participating in outside activities. Youngsters who like to teach and spend time together with children.

What we can offer: Experience in work with children together with competent colleagues, friendly team, free meals in the organization, satisfaction from the work with children and participating in Latvian traditions, festivals. The administration of the organization really takes care of the volunteers. You will be able to participate in Ligatne social life, living in beautiful place near to Riga or Cēsis.


Accommodation and funding :

Accommodation-rented and well equipped rooms or flat in the city / separate or shared room in a host family (the living space will have the equipment necessary for the coexistence of the volunteer) / youth hostel

Transportation-within the city – by foot or bicycle. Public transport available very often to Rīga, Cēsis

  • Transportation from airport at the beginning and to the airport at the end, to Arrival and Midterm training is paid.
  • Transportation to other hosting organizations in Latvia is paid 2 times per  EVS period.

Pocket money-EUR 90 per month for household, hygiene, medical goods.

Food-150 EUR per month to shop at grocery stores or coffee shops (but no alcohol, cigarettes, household, hygiene or medical goods). The volunteers have to collect recipes for the food and make expenses report every month. It will be possible to have meals (breakfast, tea break and lunch) in some hosting organizations!

Insurance-EVS insurance plan:ttps:// For European Union citizens with EHIC, the medical expenses will be reimbursed in their home country. We are suggesting checking the possibilities, in order to get reimbursement in your National Health Department before EVS.

Communications – prepaid telephone card with limited amount (for calls in Latvia, Limited Internet)

Free time-EVS volunteers have 2 additional free days per months. In case of infection / health problems, volunteers are allowed to stay 3 days without doctor’s notice. EVS volunteers will be informed about the city (dancing, theater, trekking, music, sports, etc.) See also: http: //tourism.sigulda .lv /


Participants’ profiles  :                                                                                

– be available for the duration of the volunteering period and pre-departure training;

– strong motivation for work in a different area;

– work requires psychological and physical resistance, patience and compassion;

– volunteers must be active, flexible, creative, responsible, with good communication skills, ready for teamwork;

– volunteers must be

– volunteers should be ready for independent life, winter season, open to living for people from different countries.


How to apply  :

The Applications (CV and cover letter) should be sent to :, and no later than September, 10th. In the title of the email, please write: “EVS in Sigulda, LATVIA (Ligatne’s kindergarten) – application”