litttttBona Fides Association and the Lithuanian European Foundation of Human Rights are looking for polish volunteers to join their European Voluntary Service project in Vilnius, Lithuania.  In order to apply, please send your CV in the Europass form and a motivation letter to all these addresses:, and Please, write in the title ”EVS in Lithuania”

Receiving organization:  Europos Zmogaus Teisiu Fondas (European Foundation of Human Rights)

Location:   Vilnius, Lithuania

Deadline:   10/05/2019

Duration:   10 months

Start:  May 2019

Main topics: 

– Minorities

– Home affairs and justice law

– EU Citizenship, EU awareness and Democracy

Project description:

The main goals of the project are the following:

– Developing and improving volunteers’ decision making, organizational, team and personal skills as well as civic, digital and other competencies;

– Preparing a competitive young specialist for EU labour market; 

-Improving the process of social cohesion in the local community;

-Improving skills of working in an international environment;

-Bringing actions, which stimulate vulnerable groups’ participation in social life, increasing the sense of initiative and entrepreneurship;

-Promoting voluntary service and Erasmus + possibilities;

-Bringing international volunteers into direct contact with the local community;

-Dissemination of the local community, policymakers and educational institutions.

The main activities will be organizing, writing reports and analysis; cooperation with local community and authorities; running the publication campaign; promoting Erasmus +, researching, analysing and operating data, writing reports and press releases, social media management, preparing the organisation’s newsletter, attending local conferences, meetings, seminars.

The volunteer will acquire new skills or improve his / her competences (working in a team, digital competencies, language skills, international skills, and learning to learn). The project will increase the opportunities for professional and career development for the volunteer. The volunteer, as well as the organization workers, interns and lawyers working in the organization, will be able to work in an international environment.

ACCOMMODATION: The volunteer will be accommodated in a fully-equipped place.

MEALS: Volunteers will receive money for food. 

POCKET MONEY: The volunteer will receive a grant for every day of the project.

DAYS OFF: The volunteer will have two consecutive days off per month (apart from weekends).

TRAVEL COSTS: They will be completely covered by the Polish National Agency.

About the volunteer:

We are looking for people who are passionate about human and minority rights. In the account will be taken with the personal characteristics, motivation and interest, as follows:

– interest in human rights / international law / human rights education / anti-discrimination / minorities;

– knowledge of non-formal educational methods is preferable;

– creativity by implementing a different kind of projects with youth;

– willingness to work in a multicultural environment, gain new skills and learn new things;

– flexibility in taking a different kind of task;

– ability to adapt to a new environment, to work on your own and in a team

How to apply? 

Everybody should create a Europass CV (  link  ) and a motivational letter and send them to: and In the title, it should be written: “EVS in Vilnius, LITHUANIA (Human Rights) – application”.