adanaThe Bona Fides Association and the Turkish Mediterranean Education and Development Association are looking for the    “Knowledge of Talasia ”    project. The Applications (CV and cover letter) and applications should be sent to:, and In the title of the email, please write: “EVS in TURKEY – application “ 

Receiving organization: Mediterranean Education and Development Association

Location     : Adana, TURKEY

Deadline    : 20/12/2018

Duration    : 6 months

Mobility period:  AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

ABOUT US:Our Association conducts activities in the field of youth and disadvantaged groups. Our Association conducts activities to develop a consciousness while at the same time. Addition In Groups In Groups In Groups In,, Art,, city Groups Working. Working groups upon Youth. Our Association, which is a multipurpose event, and is a multipurpose event for young people. In this context, activities to be done with EVS volunteers and local volunteers will be carried out in order to draw attention to the problems of health problems. Blood diseases, as well as leukemia, thalassemia, sickle cell anemia and iron deficiency anemia. Some of these can be removed altogether by community education, while others can be healed with proper treatment. Our local volunteers and other volunteers do not know about social and environmental issues. They will perform activities to increase their motivation to disadvantaged groups. In addition, we will organize the training of young people on the train. We will provide that volunteers and social volunteers.

ABOUT PROJECT : Our volunteers will be aware of blood diseases. In order to create a healthy society, we are still living in the blood donation issue. To solve these problems is to raise the awareness of the society. Our Aim:

• To raise awareness of Blood Diseases,

• To raise awareness that diseases are a preventable disease,

• To increase the Blood Donation Awareness of the Youth,

• To bring new people into the group through cultural interactions during the project,

• Ensuring the integration of people from different countries by various methods,

• To increase awareness of joint action among young people,

• Ensuring active participation in social life,

• To enable the community to be useful to other members,

• To bring together different cultures, languages and religions,

• Ensuring that they are an active individual in the community,

• Contributing to personal development that they can use in their future lives,

• Giving volunteer awareness to young people,

• Ensuring that young people produce social projects.

Volunteers’ Tasks: The professional lessons organized for Disadvantaged young people in our organization

  • Trainings
  • Seminars
  • Meetings
  • Blood donation studies
  • Education and awareness activities for the students
  • Informing and training activities in stand opening activities.
  • In addition, they will perform motivational activities and social visits with blood-borne young people and children.

We offer to the volunteers:

• To raise awareness of our volunteers about Blood Diseases,

• Increasing the Awareness of Blood Donation of Our Volunteers,

• To give our volunteers new skills during the project,

• Ensuring the active participation of volunteers in social life,

• To ensure that our volunteers become active in society,

• Ensuring that our volunteers produce social projects,

• To achieve that our volunteers gain new personal skills,

• To gain awareness of Europeanness and active citizenship,

• To ensure that our volunteers gain self-confidence, independence and experience.

ABOUT CITY: Located in the middle of the Cukrika Plain, Adana is the fourth largest city of Turkey, nestled in the middle of the Seyhan River.

The city’s name originates in mythology, by Adanus, the son of Cronus (God of Weather, Zeus’ father).

Due to Hittites. Adana has been an important city for many centuries dating back to the Hittites. The precious River Seyhan is spanned by the ancient Taskopru (Stone Bridge) which was built by Hadrian and then repaired by Justinian. It is worth noting that 300 built and long stone bridge in Roman times was a real feat.

In the city, the 16th century Great Mosque (Ulu Camii), the Yag or Eski Mosque, the Hasan Aga Mosque, Saat Kulesi (the clock tower) built in 1882, an old covered bazaar, Bedesten or Arasta are of interest. You can also see the Ethnographic Museum where Turkish carpets, swords, manuscript books and tombstones are exhibited. The building itself is interesting as well as the church by the Crusaders. The Adana Archaeological Museum merits visiting too. Adana is also famous for its delicious Adana Kebap and other meat dishes.

The tea houses and restaurants along the Seyhan Dam and Lake provide a great view of the city.

Yumurtalik (84 kilometers from Adana) and Karatas (50 kilometers from Adana) are the nearest beaches with proper accommodation. In Yumurtalik there is an ancient harbor castle. For fishing, there is Camlik Park 30 kilometers southwest of Adana.

Misis stone bridge on Ceyhan RiverThere are some ancient cities on the road to Iskenderun which include Roman remnants. Misis is on the caravan route that came from China, India and Persia. Representing Among AD Among AD Among AD Among AD Among. Noah’s Ark. Yilanlikale at the peak dominating the River Ceyhan. Dilekkaya, the ancient Anavarza, was an important Roman Byzantine city which still preserves the old city. Castabala and Toprakkale are the historical remains.

Karatepe National Park with a neoHittite site in the Adana province, and then it was connected to Osmaniye district.

Karsan Forest, Burucek, Tekir, Horzum, Zorkum meadows are ideal for picnicking and resting.

ABOUT TRANSPORT: Our Association and your house same place. You dont need to transport. For hospital you will use bus. We will give you a bus and bus time.