imagesStowarzyszenie Aktywności Obywatelskiej Bona Fides i włoska organizacja YouNet poszukują wolontariuszki do projektu EVS w Bolonii, we Włoszech. 

Zgłoszenia (CV i list motywacyjny w języku angielskim oraz wypełniony formularz zgłoszeniowy) prosimy kierować na adresy, i W temacie maila proszę dopisać “EVS in YouNet, Bologna”.

Termin nadsyłania zgłoszeń: 25/01/2019

Receiving organization: YouNet

Location: Bologna, ITALY

Deadline: 25/01/2019

Duration: 9 months

Mobility period:   01/2019 – 30/09/2019

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The volunteer will be actively embedded in the multi-ethnic and stimulating environment of Bologna by exploiting the activities and the network of contacts of YouNet. This will enable them to approach this context and act as protagonists thus making the most of the unique opportunity of the EVS. This close contact with the local community and the active participation in volunteering, informative and formative activities carried out by YouNet will widely enhance the growing possibility for the volunteers. Learning opportunities: An EVS experience with YouNet allows the volunteers to improve and enhance their knowledge and attitudes through non-formal education means such as interactive workshops, practical laboratories, info days etc., in which the volunteer will take part and help in the organisation. The volunteer will be involved in a European environment and will have the chance to learn about European institutions (European Commission, Council of Europe).

ACCOMMODATION, FOOD AND TRANSPORT ARRANGEMENTS: Volunteer will share the room with another volunteer (same gender) in a flat with all facilities, shared with other international volunteers. The flat is composed by 2 double bedrooms, 1 toilet, small kitchen and dining room. There are wi-fi and washing machine. The volunteer will have a monthly food allowance to buy food and basic needs. She will cook the own meals. The volunteer will have available a monthly or annual bus ticket for the city of Bologna.

We are looking for motivated and active volunteers, willing to stay for the entire period of the project.

Formularz zgłoszeniowy

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