2a14beb1aee2d71c6fecb12f25c690f7_XLStowarzyszenie Aktywności Obywatelskiej Bona Fides i austriacka organizacja Grenzenlos – Intercultural Exchange poszukują wolontariuszy do DWÓCH projektów EVS w Austrii: we Wiedniu i w Klosterneuburg pod  Wiedniem. Zgłoszenia (CV i list motywacyjny w języku angielskim oraz formularz zgłoszeniowy ze strony: http://www.melange.at/en/application-govienna/) prosimy kierować na adresy mariachiara@bonafides.pl, k.zychowicz@bonafides.pl i office@melange.at

W temacie maila proszę dopisać odpowiednio “EVS in Grenzenlos – Potential Youth ” lub “EVS in Grenzenlos – St. Martin”.

Termin nadsyłania zgłoszeń: 15/12/2018

1. Potenzial Jugend we Wiedniu

Receiving organization: Grenzenlos – Intercultural Exchange

Location: Vienna, AUSTRIA

Deadline: 15/12/2018

Duration: 6 months

Mobility period:   05/01/2019 – 04/07/2019

What is Potenzial Jugend? We are a project for young people between 15 and 21 years with special educational needs. The aim is to integrate them in the labour market. We are working in groups up to seven people with a constant trainer.  The goal is to prepare the participants for every day working life. This means and the one hand to work in fictitious situations in the training rooms of the project and on the other hand to work in real situations in companies. The youth are able to try different types of work like gardening, working in supermarkets or in a kitchen, cleaning and so on. Additionally, we accompany the youths who accomplished to get a job in their employing companies.

Proposed activities As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to gain experience in the following fields:

  • Assistance in trainings and working situations to support trainer and youths,
  • Work in different groups of people,
  • Get to know techniques in preparing young people with special educational needs to working situations.

Additionally, we would like you also to work and reflect with our participants on the topic of cultural differences and the so-called “unknown” or “the other”. So you could join the trainings per group about once a week and give our participants insight into your cultural environment at home, but related to the topics we are working on in Potenzial Jugend, e.g. differences of the job market of your country and Austria. You will get support from the trainer team to develop your own ideas and to implement your sessions within the group.

Volunteer profile:

  • older than the target group (>20)
  • interested in work with young people with special educational needs
  • interest to learn German (our participants are not able to speak English & the working language of the trainings is German)

2. Wohnheim St.Martin w Klosterneuburg

Receiving organization: Grenzenlos – Intercultural Exchange

Location: Klosterneuburg near Vienna, AUSTRIA

Deadline: 15/12/2018

Duration: 6 months

Mobility period:   05.01.2019-05.05.2019 (flexible for 2-4 Months, short term also possible)

What is the Wohnheim St.Martin?

St.Martin is a living place for about 25 multiple handicapped adults. It is located in Klosterneuburg, a small town near Vienna. We have two living groups/communities and several practice rooms, where the clients (inhabitants of St.Martin) work during the day. Our main task is to offer housing and (re)integration into society. This is done mainly through leisure time activities and by offering a working place. People are provided training and other practices needed for working. Klosterneuburg itself is an old town located at the Danube river. You can reach the city centre of Vienna by public transport within 30 minutes. It is surrounded by the Vienna Woods (Wiener Wald), which offers great opportunities for hiking, walking and other outdoor activities. As a volunteer, you would live at St.Martin, too. This means you are provided meals together with the staff and the clients. Special food arrangements (e.g. vegetarian) are no problem. Exceptions or special arrangements regarding the house rules can be made on an individual basis. Please note, that the rooms are non-smoking rooms (fire alarm) and that you don’t forget to register guests with the project leader.

Proposed activities:

  • Give new inputs to our afternoon program!
  • Develop an own project, according to your interests, e.g. arts or music
  • Support the staff and the clients with the daily program and activities (e.g. help the clients to cook, with eating, cleaning the common room, to dress or watch TV together; maybe you are asked to help out with the personal care of the clients)!
  • Develop your own ideas as an extension of our leisure time and afternoon program.
  • If you like, make excursions with one or two clients!
  • Attend the team meetings

The relation between daily activities and the personal project will depend on your project, but about 50% will be daily activities. Your working days will be from Tuesday to Saturday (Sundays and Mondays off). These working days can be changed with the other staff.

Volunteer profile:

  • willing to and enjoy work with disabled people
  • open-mindedness
  • interest to learn German (no language skills are required, you will be invited to attend a German course during your project)