Captured at Ljubljana on the 14 October 2016 by Freya Muller

Stowarzyszenie Aktywności Obywatelskiej Bona Fides i słoweńska organizacja Zavod Voluntariat poszukują CZTERECH wolontariuszy do projektu EVS “Itchy feet” w Lublanie, na Słowenii.

Zgłoszenia (CV i list motywacyjny w języku angielskim oraz formularz zgłoszeniowy) prosimy kierować na adresy, i W temacie maila proszę dopisać odpowiednio “EVS in Zavod Voluntariat, Slovenia” lub “EVS in Mladi Zmaji and TiPovej, Slovenia”, w zależności od pozycji, na którą chcemy zaakplikować. (więcej informacji poniżej)

Termin nadsyłania zgłoszeń: 3/12/2018

Receiving organization: Zavod Voluntariat & Mladi Zmaji and TiPovej

Location: Ljubljana, SLOVENIA

Deadline: 3/12/2018

Duration: 12 months

Mobility period:   01/03/2019 – 01/03/2020


Coordinator: Assistance in the coordination and implementation of Club of Volunteers activities and strategic EVS in rural areas. The volunteer will perform innovative promotional workshops in rural areas with local volunteers and help organise activities of Club of Volunteers with the help of other EVS volunteers.
Graphic Designer: Assistance in designing promotional material for the EVS project and Zavod Voluntariat, recording and designing promotional activities, recording stories of former international volunteers, and carrying out activities within the project and the Club of volunteers.
Placement Officer: Support in the management of incoming and outgoing SCI volunteers, organising and facilitating activities for workcamp organisers and management of their initiatives, assistance in the preparation of volunteer records and agreement on cooperation, implementation of activities within the project and the Club of Volunteers.





The volunteer will be in charge of contacts with young people, finding and supporting local youth initiatives, helping young people in the process “from idea to reality”, and working on the project “Green Ljubljana” – creating an incubator of quality of urban life, education, support and implementation of local initiatives and help in transferring the acquired knowledge into partially privileged areas.



What do we offer and what will you gain

– a warm welcome and orientation day(s) after arriving to Ljubljana;

– training on the topic of non-formal education, global education and international volunteering;

– a challenging and fulfilling placement;

– lots of opportunities to join our activities and meet new people;

– nice colleagues;

– Slovene language course;

– a mentor who will give you all the needed personal support;

– paid accommodation in a shared house with your own room;

– covered travel expenses, insurance and a budget for food and pocket money.