RosjaBona Fides Association and the KROODO Center “Initiative” are looking for polish volunteers to join their EVS project in Russia. In order to apply, the Curriculum Vitae and cover letter have to be sent to the following emails:, and  Please, write in the title ”EVS in Russia”

Location: Petrozavodsk – northwest of Russia

Dates: 09/2019 – 03/2020 (6 months) (flexible dates)


This wonderful inscription approximately means:

We are very happy to share with you the opportunity of living and working together. The program coordinators will do their best for the success of the project. We expect everyone to be ready to accept difficulties with an open mind and a good sense of humour.

About Hosting Organization
Karelian Regional Public Youth educational organization Centre “Initiative” (KROODO Centre “Initiative”) was established in 2003. KROODO “Center “Initiative” is a Karelian regional non-profit youth educational organization specializing in foreign languages courses for Petrozavodsk citizens, in Russian courses for foreigners, in educational, exchange and volunteer programs abroad and in volunteer projects in Karelia. The Centre “Initiative” has good experience of implementing local social projects aimed at promoting volunteering and intercultural communication. The mission of the organization is to help young people realize their potentials for successful integration into modern society. In terms of structure, KROODO Centre “Initiative” has three departments:
1. Language studio – volunteering activities in Petrozavodsk, language courses of foreign languages for Russians, summer camps for children;
2. Education and exchange programs abroad;
3. “Enjoy Russian” language school: courses of the Russian language for foreign students.
“Center “Initiative” is located in Petrozavodsk. Petrozavodsk is the capital of the Republic of Karelia. It is located in the north-west of Russia, on the banks of Lake Onega, some 400 km away from Saint-Petersburg and 1,100 km away from Moscow and 700 km away from Helsinki. Local time is Moscow. The foundation of Petrozavodsk is connected with the name of the emperor Peter The Great. In 1703, the same year a new Russian capital Saint Petersburg was built, on the empty shores of Lososinka river, Petrovsky Plant was founded. Modern Petrozavodsk is a multifaceted and diverse city. It is interesting for its architecture and art, international festivals and sporting events, active, cultural and educational programs. The tourism industry in the city is developing dynamically. There are a lot of new cafes and restaurants, hotels and entertainment centres offering a modern service.
Usually, ESC volunteers are accommodated in a host family (1 person per 1 room). Living in a Russian family helps the participants to understand Russian way of life and traditions, practice the language in an informal setting 24 hours a day and improve it, get to know what is Russian hospitality. Many of our participants make friends with their new families and keep in touch with them.
There is a number of host families we’ve been working with. They live around the city. Some of them have small or grown-up children living with them, in some families, you can meet just husband and wife, a mother with a child or babushka (old lady) living with pets or alone and etc. But each of them is really glad to welcome students.
Before arrival to Petrozavodsk the participants fill in a special questionnaire, including information about his/her own wishes (attitude to pets, babies, etc.), language (family speak just Russian or foreign languages as well), any allergies, etc.
There is always a separate room with all necessary furniture and Internet access in the host family. The participants can use the kitchen and all facilities and are provided with necessary kitchen equipment and bed-linen.

Volunteers will participate in the following activities:

– preparing the events of the “Language Club” for young and adult people (choosing the main theme, making up the scenario, looking for interesting materials, preparing some decorations). The volunteer will be responsible for running this Club, that will be held once per week in the Hosting Organization. The Language Club will include discussions about topics, movies, games…
– assist the teachers’ lessons in the KROODO “Center “Initiative” language centre in Petrozavodsk.
– support the staff of the season 1-week camps for children: during the camp children aged 5 – 16 learn English and improve their language skills. Children are placed in groups 5-7 years old, 7-10 years old, 11-13 years old, 14-16 years old. Camp time-schedule: 10.00-13.00 – English lessons, 13.00-14.30 – lunchtime, leisure time, 14.30-17.00 – Intercultural activities, cultural and entertainment events. The volunteer will provide help in English language teaching and take part in the development and implementation of various intercultural activities for children and teens.
– for the local community, the volunteer will be involved in the organization of some famous events (Russian, foreign and universal) of the city (eg. Halloween, Christmas, New Year, the International Women’s day, etc.).
– preparing and carrying classes of English and native volunteer’s language for the local community, to give them the possibility to learn a new language.
– preparing and carrying out the events for schoolchildren (every week KROODO Center “Initiative” organizes new activities for schoolchildren who attend the centre in the afternoons after school. Among them, for example, the volunteer will collaborate in the organization of theatrical performances, discussions clubs, movie clubs, decoration clubs, food parties (where she’ll also have the chance to prepare some typical national dishes).
– organizing the work of the English Discussion Club (choosing topics, leading the discussions), open to the local people, invited to KROODO “Center “Initiative” to have English conversations and debates about a different topic every week.
– running workshops about his/her own country and its traditions to local people.
– running presentations about the European Solidarity Corps and present the opportunities it offers to youngsters to local people.
– shooting a video clip devoted to ESC, cultures, countries, sightseeing.
In all his/her activities, the volunteer will always have all necessary facilities: computer, laptops, notebooks, printer, stationery (paper, scissors and etc.), and any other tool she might require in her activities-planning.
Free time.
The volunteer won’t be left alone during his/her free time. The mentors and the members of KROODO Center “Initiative” will be available to possibly involve the volunteer into the social and cultural life of the city (e.g. visiting theatres, cinemas, museums, concerts, night clubs and so on). The mentor and the members of KROODO “Center “Initiative” will also introduce the volunteer to local volunteers, especially to other EVS\ESC volunteers operating in the region also in other organizations.
The daily work with children and youth offers a wide variety of exchange possibilities (music and songs, dance, storytelling, literature …). Creating an open mind and an interest in discovering other languages and countries is achieved so in a very natural way based on a daily contact and exchange – it becomes a sort of natural effect of becoming familiar with each other.
Everyday activities besides work:
Russian volunteers and mentors try to involve the volunteers into the social and cultural life of the city.
They offer the EVS volunteers different activities, such as visiting theatres, cinemas, museums, concerts, night clubs and so on. There are also a lot of interesting activities in the School of the Russian language “Enjoy Russian” for example “Food party”, “Welcome party”, excursions and so on, EVS volunteers may join them.
Volunteers have a choice: they can stay in Petrozavodsk and enjoy their holidays here as there are a lot of places to visit in Karelia or visit other places in Russia (St. Petersburg and Velikiy Novgorod are the nearest cultural cities), we are ready to consult them on travelling opportunities. They can use 2 days per month separately or accumulate them and use in future. It is up to them to decide what is better.
The project will give the experience of international work for the volunteers, as well as practice in communication with people from different background. During the project, the volunteers will practice public presentation skills, project management, individual consulting, and work in a team. Besides, volunteers will improve their linguistic skills. The project will help volunteers to break stereotypes.
We appreciate:
– motivation to work with children and youth
– readiness to learn Russian and to communicate in Russian; (knowledge of Russian is advisable, but not obligatory. Russian language courses will be given for free).
– readiness to promote culture;
– organizing skills; creativity and artistic skills (drawing, singing, dancing) are welcome.