dsc_1880-1-Bona Fides Association and  the MJC organization, are looking for polish volunteers to join their European Solidarity Corps project in a Youth and Cultural Center in Elbeuf. The application forms, Curriculum Vitae and cover letter have to be sent to the following mails:  mariachiara@bonafides.pl, k.zychowicz@bonafides.pl,  international@mjc-elbeuf.fr and  Please, write in the title ”ESC in France”



  • Location: Region of Elbeuf – Normandie (France)
  • Deadline: as soon as possible
  • Duration: 7 months
  • Mobility period: From 03/2019 to 15/09/2019


The MJC is a nonprofit organization based in Normandie, which promotes a non formal education. Their main goal is the development of active citizenship for young people and adults through the implementation of social and cultural activities and fight against any kind of exclusion.

There are many projects for a diversified public: children, young people and adults, we have different actions with educational, cultural or social aims.

The organization is a place where all the multicultural and social differences are represented. We develop meetings for a better understanding, we consider the activities as a tool to live better together beyond the social, economic and cultural situations.

This are some of the tasks of the volunteers:

  • Could be involved in many project in the MJC including social, educational and culturalactivities.
  • French classes, cultural workshops and visits, social escorting.
  • Leisure activities for children and teenagers during holidays of after school.
  • Events: «Village des Sciences» (event promoting the discovery of Science), intercultural week, «Village des Associations» (event promoting local civil society), sustainable development week, initiative and citizenship week, International Volunteers day.
  • Multimedia lab: access to Internet, office and video traineeship, games workshop, mobile computers, Web TV.
  • Scientific, technological and environmental activities for children and young people: CNRS club, «small scientific» club, scientific or environmental animations within school or youth groups, organization of youth workshops.
  • Support for the local civil society and development of initiative among the young people: help and advice for organization, training.
  • School coaching: for children from the first year of kindergarten through primary and secondary school: help with homework, cultural and pedagogical workshops, introduction to English, educational outings and visits. Training, meeting and exchange days for the school coaches of the district. For families: links with the school establishments and familial outings.
  • Web TV and video workshops.
  • Administrative tasks as communication (flyers, advertisements, etc.).

We have many possibilities for involving the volunteers in a project because we receive  internships and volunteers all the time and it depends on their profile and the topic they are interested and motivated in.


An accommodation will be rented and the volunteer will live in a shared flat. Food and pocket money, health insurance, transport card and French course (4 h/week) are covered and financed by the European Commission.


We are looking for one motivated youth (18 – 30 years) with some experience co-working with youth or migrants. Some basic French will be appreciated but it is not obligatory.

Depending on the profile (skills, knowledge, hobbies and passions) of the volunteer, he/she will be involved in relevant activities.