worg austriaBona Fides Association and Solidarity Tracks are looking for volunteers (only for EU countries OR Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland) to join their European Voluntary Service project in Tirol, Austria. To apply please send your Curriculum Vitae and cover letter to the following emails:  mariachiara@bonafides.pl, k.zychowicz@bonafides.pl and solidaritytracksgr@gmail.com  Please, write in the title ”EVS in Wörgl_Tirol – application”


  • Location: Wörgl, Tirol, Austria
  • Deadline: 19/08/2019
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Mobility period: September 2019 until August 2020


BETA (Berufliche Eingliederung Training Ausbildung) is a project of the associationVolkshilfe Tirol (https://volkshilfe.tirol/hilfe-angebot/arbeit-integration/beta/) located in Wörgl, Austria.

BETA qualifies young people between 16 and 24 years for work and for finding a job. Most of the youngsters who come to BETA are school drop-outs, have attended special schools for people with learning difficulties, have achieved only poor school marks or very bad reports and they face difficulties in finding a job.

About 10 youngsters are employed at BETA for one year at the same time. During this year they have the possibility to learn a lot of things and to acquire job qualifications for their future. Soft and hard skills are taught through working with wood, metal, doing gardening, in working as a caretaker or in fulfilling simple office duties. All these activities focus on the most realistic job situations; sometimes the youngsters even work as interns for real companies. The youngsters are also trained in applying for a job. The goal is that after this year the youngsters find an employment at a company where they have completed an internship or practical training during the year.The youngsters often lack basic mathematics, German or English skills and need to be trained in these, as well as in social, organizational and other skills.


The volunteer will be involved in the one-year-development process of the 10 young persons who are supported by BETA. The volunteer will get to know and participate in BETA’s work.

The volunteer should assist the youngsters in their preparation for working life and will get to know the working areas. The volunteer’s role is to support the trainer’s team in the daily work with the youngsters – examples are: talking to the teenagers, especially training school subjects (Maths, German, English…) on a daily basis, helping them with easy tasks when using the computers (e.g. writing CVs and job applications, researching…), assist

them in doing school exercises, monitoring some orders of external partners, social training, welcoming new youth to BETA, playing and healthy lifestyle (healthy food awareness). Furthermore, the volunteer could accompany the youngsters when they work in the gardening or in the sheltered workshops. The volunteer can also implement special offers and activities for the youngsters.

*Getting in contact with the target group / supporting them in their tasks:

The volunteer will be a young contact person for the youngsters – a person they can talk to, a person who is interested in their work and with whom they can share their thoughts. There could be many approaches to getting in contact with our young people. The volunteer will find out his own approach to the work, supported by employees.

The volunteer might accompany the youngsters when they go on excursions or if they have a job interview. As most of the teenagers have some problems in integrate themselves in a social environment, the volunteer could be a helping hand in teaching social skills.

With the group of 10 youngsters, the volunteer can learn to be a kind mediator if conflicts between young group members occur. The volunteer also has the chance to cook with the youngsters and raise their awareness on health topics. If the volunteer has awareness for gender problems the volunteer is welcome to implement such issues in the daily work as well. There will always be the support of the whole team of BETA.

*  Developing own ideas:

BETA’s daily work has the big goal to support and empower young people to use their resources. We would like to invite the volunteer to develop and implement a few of his/her own ideas during the project. The volunteer’s projects can be of different kinds and can either happen spontaneously or be sustainable (doing a special workshop, developing documentation material, organising an excursion, doing a creative or participative project, health or cooking project…).



We are looking for a volunteer who identifies with the project description and is willing to enrich our team. We are open to host a volunteer who is a youngster with low educational background or jobless youngsters and young people with similar economic difficulties.

  • You are open, friendly and interested in communicating with youngsters
  • Beginner German skills are important, as our youngsters do not speak much English
  • You are interested in working with young unemployed people and in social work
  • Mechanical skills, computer skills or creativity would be appreciated, as the project can offer manual working tasks
  • Be ready to bring in your own background, ideas and interests into the project

Be ready to live in a small town and to live on your own next to the hosting organisation’s office building!

Only for EU residents and people who live in Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.


The volunteer will have a studio apartment in the hosting organisation’s building in the centre of Wörgl. The town Wörgl lies in the middle of the Alps and there are warm summers and cold winters. There are several possibilities for summer and winter sports. Wörgl has good infrastructure, numerous bars and stores or outdoor and indoor facilities for leisure time and good train connections to Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol. Innsbruck is at only 30 minutes by train. Local people speak a German dialect (“Tirolerisch”). The majority of people in Tyrol can speak English, especially young people.

The volunteer will receive monthly 450 EUR. This includes pocket money and money for food.