castres-2804947_960_720Bona Fides Association and Ludothèque Castraise are looking for volunteers (Polish citizens or residents of Poland) to join their European Voluntary Service project in Castres, France. To apply please send your Curriculum Vitae and motivation letter to the following emails:, and  Please, write in the title “EVS in Castres”.

  • Location: Castres, France
  • Deadline: as soon as possible
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Mobility period: beginning of September 2019 – end of August 2020


Ludothèque Castraise is situated near the town center. The Ludothèque is a non-profit association (Law 1901), approved by the Ministry of Sport as an association for youth education. Its zone of intervention is in Castres but also in the south of Tarn. It mainly welcomes children whose parents work nearby the town center. The public is very diverse with participants from different levels of society and different nationalities.

The main objective of the project is to allow children and youngsters to discover and to explore other ways of life. To help them think for themselves. To let them experience other cultures, and to develop meeting spaces based on the principles of tolerance, secularism and acceptance.

Other goals are:

  • To make a large number of games and toys accessible to everybody;
  • To stimulate the sense of responsibility and the inter-age and inter-district dialogue, with the help of games or toys;
  • To educate about games and toys from the past as well as from the present, and to promote games from both France and other countries and regions.

The association makes animation about games and toys available for everybody during the day, welcoming families and the public to join them.

In Wednesdays and during school holidays they organize a youth center, and during school periods they offer help with homework every evening.


Work is from Monday to Friday, but the schedule will be different in during the year. During school holidays the volunteer will do more than 35h a week and during school period less than 35h.

“Centre de Loisirs” (Leisure Centre)

  • Reception for parents and children
  • Taking into account the wishes of the children
  • Organization and planning of activities for the kids
  • Animation using games and toys from the Ludothèque
  • Being with the children during excursions
  • Managing groups of children for outside activities

“Cité de Jeux” (Games City)

  • Reception and animation of groups
  • To develop the service game on the spot and loan of maintenance
  • To repair and organize games and toys
  • To spread information on the web (blog, facebook)
  • Help children with their homework
  • Meetings with the supervisory staff

The European volunteer will help the children of the center discover the culture of their country through manual activities, music, songs and games together with the animation team.

We want to develop a consciousness about Europe and promote internationality by the practice of leisure activities; that’s why we think it’s important to host volunteers.

The volunteer will have to animate and put European dynamics into the “Cité du Jeux” (lending of games, and games on the spot) by suggesting new activities, and by informing the public on our internet cites.


No special qualifications are needed to participate in the different activities of our project. However, these are two important requirements for you to get the most out of your volunteering experience:

  • The wish to work in a team together with children, and to be motivated to perform the various activities that our structure is proposing to the volunteer
  • The volunteers will be sharing a flat, so he or she must respect and be tolerant with the others and be responsible and autonomous for the common duties.



You will be sharing a flat with two other volunteers .The flat is located near the city and the Ludotèque. It’s composed of three single bedrooms , kitchen and a living room, all of which are fully equipped with bed sheets and blankets, towels, washing maching, oven, microwave, etc.

Food, transport and pocket money:

The volunteers will receive pocket money (180 €) and money for food. The volunteers are preparing their meals themselves, except for Wednesdays when you will have lunch together with the kids.

The public transportation in town (bus) is free and every volunteer will have their own bicycle.