BCD91A ISTANBUL, TURKEY. A night view of Eminonu waterfront, Sultanahmet and the Golden Horn. 2009.

BCD91A ISTANBUL, TURKEY. A night view of Eminonu waterfront, Sultanahmet and the Golden Horn. 2009.

Bona Fides Association and Bolu Provincial Directorate of Youth Services and Sports, are looking for polish volunteers to join their Youth Camp project in Turkey. In order to apply, please send your Curriculum Vitae and cover letter to the following emails: mariachiara@bonafides.pl, k.zychowicz@bonafides.pl, bolu@gsb.gov.tr and azizonurhanahraz@gmail.com. In the title of the e-mail, please write “Youth Camp in Bolu”. 



  • Location: Bolu, Turkey
  • Deadline: 21/07/2019
  • Duration: 2 months
  • Mobility period: From as soon as possible to 01/09/2019


• Provincial Directorate tries to promote youth and sports activities in Bolu. There are many different kinds of youth activities which we organize regularly. One of the most important activity we organize every year is Youth Camps
• Bolu Youth Camps are the biggest youth camps all around Turkey. During camps, we host 400 new campers every week (totally 4000 campers during summer),
• During Camps, there are some sportive activities (kano, paintball, cycling, trecking, matrak, orienteering, archery) cultural activities (marbling art, folk dances, traditional games…etc)
• Volunteers will work as an activity leader assistant during the project


• First Day of Camps
– Helping to registration
– Dress contribution
– Show the camp area and rooms to campers
– Helping to opening ceremony preparation

• Activity Days
– The volunteer will take Office different in different social and sportive activities every week (Kano, Archery, Bicycle, Paintball, Orienteering, Trecking, Matrak, marbling art, folk dances, games…etc)

• Trips
– There are some regular trip routes for campers. The volunteer will accompany campers during trips (Golcük, Mudurnu, Göynük, City Center, Gerede)

• Farewell Activities
– Games, Camp Fire, Closing Ceremony


Volunteer will stay in Bungalow. Bungalows are two-person. There are 2bed, toilet, sink, a heater in bungalows. Rooms are separated by gender. Showers are 100 meters far from Bungalows. The dining hall is 50 metre. The activity areas mostly 500 meters away.
Volunteers will be responsible for cleaning of own room.


• Activity dates and hours may be changed by camp director according to circumstances
• Each volunteer is expected to participate in the whole program. It’s the responsibility of each volunteer to be in time for all activities.
• By the begin as by the end of the project, each participant is obligated to put a signature on the participant list. This is necessary to prove your participation in the project.
• Only with permission of the project coordinator you are permitted to leave the area. (Volunteers don’t should forget that there is no settlement place near of camp area)
• During the activities, most of the people speak Turkish. We expect from volunteers to learn basic Turkish words. Generally, activity leaders know English. They will help you with communication.

About the Hosting Organisation:

We have quite strong relationship projects that are executed projects together with both our Ministry that is Ministry of Youth and Sports and such important public institutions as Governorship, Municipality, Provincial Directorate for national education, Abant İzzet Baysal University and also so many nongovernmental organizations
• We have 28 Sport Facilities, 2 Youth Center and 5 public service vehicles
• There’re 52 coaches in 30 different sports branches, 12 sports training specialist, 18 youth leader in our organization
• Youth Services and Sports Provincial Directorate conducts the services of the Ministry of The Youth and Sports in the provinces. It has a special budget and it does not seek profit.( annual budget is about 10 million Euro)
• Foundation of youth centres who serves to the youth and other similar facilities, youth and scouting camps, engaging in activities that will improve and advertise these facilities.
• Developing suggestions that will enable youth to engage in all parts of social life.
• Carrying out works that will protect youth from bad habits and conducting activities in this matter.
• Arranging youth activities at the national and local levels.
• Primarily supporting the projects oriented disadvantageous young and their mobility.
• Ensuring coordination and collaboration between institutions and organizations about the issues about the job field.
• Being involved in activities in the areas of education and culture that will contribute to the development of youth.
• Carrying out activities intended to raising the attention of the youth to the science, art and cultural fields and supporting the activities being done in this context.
• Carry out International Projects (Especially Erasmus+ Projects)

• Determining the politics which promote to develop young’s personal and social development, providing opportunity for youth to realize their own potential considering the needs of different youth groups, cultivating suggestions that will provide active participation in every area of social life with decision making and implementation process and carrying out activities in this direction, fulfilling coordination and collaboration in the services of relevant institutions regarding young people. Checking the performance of sports activities within plans and programme and in regulatory compliance, taking measures encouraging improvement and proliferation.
• Checking the performance of sports activities within plans and programme and in regulatory compliance, taking measures encouraging improvement and proliferation.
• Ensuring the proliferation of Youth and Sports clubs.
• Assuring the proliferation of sports to the base.
• Ensuring the meeting of community with sanitary living standards through sports.
• Arranging local, regional and national sports competitions
• Raising athletes
• The proliferation of school sports.The planning of sports activities, cultural and social activities, trainings oriented to disabled people.

Target Group

The young who live in cities whose income and education level is low and the cities migration-receiving from the outside,
• Addicted young people (narcotic drug, internet, game addiction…),
• Physically and mentally disabled youths,
• Teenage girls who are not able to continue their education and do not work,
• The young who are within the context of prisoner, convict, probation,
• The young who are in the position of longtime inpatient treatment,
• The citizens going through health problems,
• The young who need “social inclusion”,
• The young aged 8-29.