The Bopikwizard-6f1b91d493fa46840e9a3cf0daa635cana Fides Association and the Italian organization Associazione di Promozione Sociale Joint are looking for a FEMALE volunteer for a European Solidarity Corps project in the Casa di Accoglienza Istituto Walden, in Sciacca. Interested candidates need to send an updated CV and a cover letter related to the project (both in English) together with the application questionnaire to, and

Coordinating organization: Associazione di Promozione Sociale Joint

Hosting organisation: Casa di Accoglienza Istituto Walden

Location: Sciacca, Italy

Deadline: 26/08/2019

Duration:9 months

Mobility period:  as soon as possible (June/July) – January 2020

Istituto Walden is looking for 1 female volunteer who will be supporting the educators in carrying out of the following activities:
– Afterschool activities (homework, lessons of foreign language, teaching workshops)
– Recreational workshops: cooking, theatre and music
– Linguistic workshop in the volunteers’ mother tongue
– Organization of the events: carnivals, Christmas, Easter etc
– Management of daily life in the community or in the refugees center: preparation of the food, cleaning of the rooms and common areas, taking care of children
– Helping the users of the center to get to: doctors, hospitals, gyms, swimming pools, trips, sea etc.

The profile of an ideal volunteer is:

a) motivated to work with kids and women that come from different social backgrounds, victims of abuse and bad treatments
b) has strong respect of the rules, patient and creative in order to develop the activities requested by the organization; be a determinative person, positive and proactive
c) has a good predisposition to be flexible and knows how to manage with working hours which are divided into various activities, and to know how to collaborate with educators during the eventual emergencies
d) open to understanding the process of learning and the rules of co-living in a structure
e) proactive with the capacity of management of the emergencies
f) has the capacities of programming, organization and management of the programme activities
g)open to learning new educational models for problem-solving

You can find the info pack of the hosting organisation EVS-walden-INFOPACK