bariBona Fides Association and Appoggiati a Me Onlus Associazione are looking for volunteers to join our project in Molfetta, Italy. To apply please send us your CV, cover letter and the application form attached below, to these emails:, with the subject: “ESC volunteering for Associazione Appoggiati a me”.

Application form_October2018.docx


Location: Molfetta, Italy

Duration: 9 months

Mobility Period: September 2019 – May 2020

Deadline: As soon as possible


Associazione “Appoggiati a me Onlus”

It was born in March 2014 because of the commitment of a group of parents – united by the need to fill the gaps of public welfare in terms of disability and the desire to build a sustainable life project overtime for a future of real social inclusion of own children.

The association aims to:

  • Improve the autonomy and social inclusion of future adults with disabilities through intensive individualized actions taken as earlier as possible.
  • Build a network of good practices with public administrations, private bodies, other associations.

Most of the target group are children/adolescents diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, but there are also motor disabilities. The association makes its own experience available, providing families with legal support and fiscal matters on issues related to disability. It creates awareness events, free information seminars and training projects for teachers and professionals.

The organization count on the support of man volunteers, professionals and friends committed to supporting of the integration of disabled in daily life.


Proposed activities for volunteers 

As a volunteer, you will have the chance to support the teachers and staff, enriching the daily activities of the students. You can: 

  • Present your own culture and country 
  • Support in the preparation of weekly activities, f. i. collect some materials, take care that everything is ready, etc 
  • Support the project “scuola di lavoro”, where the pupils learn how to perform easy secretarial activities, print something, using PC, etc. 
  • Supporting and assisting kids in the recreational activities on weekends 
  • Help the staff in the theatre lab. 
  • Support disabled in sport activities and swimming pool.
  • Participate in the training session for expert and professionals. 
  • Participate and organize complementary activities with other volunteers, such as international evening, literature contest, language workshops, etc. 
  • Help in practical and creative work. 
  • Take part in cultural and activities and trips.


Profile of volunteer

  • Candidates from Poland between 18-30 years old, and registered in the ESC portal.
  • Must be very motivated and committed to the voluntary activity.
  • Interested in the topic of the project


Food and accommodation 

As a volunteer, you will live in a flat together with 3 other volunteers, in the city of Molfetta close to the hosting organization. The accommodation will be provided in double room with a shared bathroom and kitchen. The lodging choice will be always decided by the InCo and it is not possible for you to choose your own accommodation. 

You will receive an extra pocket money of 150 euros for buying food. In this way you are free to cook in your fully equipped flat. 


Useful links 

Here you can find the page of “Appoggiati a me Onlus”: 

Here you can find the website of InCo, the coordinating organization:

If you would like to know more about the ESC volunteering experience, check out the blog of the volunteers: