Copy of Template for promotion (2)Bona Fides Association and Integrative Kindertagesstätte Biedermann are looking for Polish volunteers to join a long term EVS project  in Leipzig, Germany.The project includes sport  and cultural activities with children in a Kindergarten.

To apply: 1) send CV, motivation letter to, and  Please write „EVS in Leipzig, Biedermann” in the title. 2) full fill an application form:

Duration: 12 months

Mobility period: 06/01/2020 to 04/01/2021

Deadline: 30/09/2019


The integrative Kindergarten Biedermannstrasse is an integrative partly open institution with up to 120 children in the age of 1 to 6 years. There are 8 groups with 11-18 children in each. The main goal is to design and develop the living space with children. The concept combines sport activities and art/cultiral activities. There a few children with special needs. The task of the volunteer is to support educators in the daily activities, the volunteer will work with a small group of children. The volunteer will be supported in creation of the own project. The website of the kindergarten:


  •  Education and training
  •  Creativity and culture
  •  Physical education and sport


Normally all the volunteers are living in shared flats, having their own room, but sharing a kitchen and a bathroom with 3 others volunteers. Pocket and Food money will be paid out to you as well as money to buy the local transportation monthly ticket or you just buy a bike. Leipzig is a very nice city to ride a bike. If you wish we can as well try to organise a host family.


We will help you to find a German language course which fits your needs and level. You will attend as well two seminars organised by the German National Agency, which is a great opportunity to meet other volunteers, see other German cities and reflect on your project.


Do you love working with children? Are you creative and open-minded? Do you have any interesting hobbies that you can share with others? (Music, sports, art … everything is welcome) Are you a responsible person? Do you have a lot of new ideas for fun&educative activities? Are you willing to learn German? If yes, then you are a perfect candidate for this position! Don’t hesitate to apply, we are waiting for you!