Copy of Template for promotion (4) Association and VICOLOCORTO  are looking for Polish citizens, or residents in Poland, to join our ESC project at the Olympic Table Tennis Centre in the Senigallia , Italy. In order to apply, please send us your CV and Cover Letter to the following mails:, and




Location: Senigallia, Italy

Duration: 10 months

Mobility period: 02 Sep 2019 – 27 Jun 2020

Deadline: 26.08.2019



Sport activities in the field of table tennis in Senigallia (AN).


The Olympic Table Tennis Centre focuses on sport for both young people and adults, Italians or foreigners and disabled people. The volunteers are involved in the activities organised by the Centre like the school for beginners, courses for adults, sports promotion, the promotion of a correct lifestyle and the fight against inequality. In addition, volunteers are also involved in teamwork activities and social life by organizing socialization events and intercultural exchanges.


VICOLOCORTO is a cultural youth association founded in 2006. It is non-profit, non-party and apolitical. The association specializes in youth work and international mobility. It is based in Pesaro and works at a regional level (Regione Marche) cooperating with private and public institutions.

The main feature of the association is the spirit and the possibility of travelling in Europe (even if not only) that we offer to youngsters through European youth programs. Furthermore, Vicolocorto is very active also locally thanks to events, workshops and English conversation meetings which are organized by youngsters for youngsters so that everybody can have a chance to prepare before going abroad.

In particular, the association deals with European Voluntary Service (EVS) which is medium or long term voluntary work abroad (from some weeks to 12 months) funded by the European program Erasmus+. We both send Italian volunteers abroad and host young Europeans in our territory.